Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

Astrology Today: Today the Moon moves from the introvert sign of Taurus to the extrovert sign of Gemini. Thus, we focus more on the world and people around us than on the world inside us. On the early AM it will also form some auspicious aspects with the Sun and Mars busting even more our tendency to communicate. All these happen under a triangle of the governor of Gemini with the retrograde Saturn, so Karma may knock our doors.

Past life recalling and communications with the dead are favoured. Meeting with important people for our souls is possible to happen. These can be people we’ve met and lost contact with or people we were seeking in the inner levels and haven’t met yet. These energies are on their pick today and tomorrow, but they will remain active until Sunday.

Gemini, Leo and Sagittarius should be the luckiest signs along with Aries. Aquarius is probably the only zodiac that needs extra caution.

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Outer world demands your attention and you are busy on the phone or meeting people. A love or a teacher of the past may reappear, either the same person or somebody reminding you of them.


Family, money and sex will be the main focus today. Even if you don’t engage in any such activity, your mind will be there. Do you see spirits? Can you feel them? If so, today this ability will be even greater.


Communications, interactions and engagements with people close to you will is the main subject of the day for you. If you have never felt like a “proper” Gemini, this is the day to do so. It will be mostly beneficial, but it can be a little tiresome.


Work and financial matters gain your attention today. Be careful but courageous if you need to make decisions on these subjects. Your sixth sense is extra strong right now, so it is a sound advice to listen its advice.


A very power-awakening day this is for you. You shine when you socialise, and today you’ll do both as much as possible. You feel centred and strong, brilliant and confident and your sex appeal is stronger than it was sometime now. Enjoy this day to the fullest!


Your career is still your main focus, as well as your social status. Today, though, your home and family start becoming important too. A great time to communicate with your departed ancestors, or even receive their messages through omens.


Studying is still benefited for you and you progress well and rapidly on your subjects of interest. In the same time, this is a very social day for you, and a good opportunity to reconnect with friends and acquaintances you have lost contact.


Your sexual instinct and your sixth sense are still very active, but now your financial and career matters are demanding your attention as well. If you are working in the sex industry, it will be a very lucky day. Otherwise, use your magic and intuition to promote your job.


You re-evaluate your relationship with your spouse or business partners and making it healthier and better for all parties. You also remember and reconnect with your principals and the major aspects of who you consider you are.


You still care for your job, but things seem to be more in place now. Your everyday life also gets better. If you engage in sex you might prefer to be a little more careful and safe, but enjoy it nonetheless. Your summoning and banishing spirits ability is raised.


Love life is still good and mostly satisfactory, but some old problems can resurface. Don’t worry much about them though, as they mostly appear to receive healing. If you are working on your second or third marriage, you may need to try to be a little calm today.


Still in a work and career drive today, and things go mostly well there. If you hear some bad rumours don’t take them too seriously. Home and family seem supportive.

Astrology and Magic:

Working with past lives, dead and spirits are favoured, and also is astral projection. Sex attraction and enhancing of your sexual drive are also favoured.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy your day.

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