Do’s and Don’t While Mercury Dances in Retrograde

Do's and Don'ts for retrograde mercury

Here are some quick fire Do’s and Don’ts for the upcoming Mercury in Retrograde. Here you can also look for my top 7 tips for Retrograde Mercury and the Opportunities that only Mercury can offer.

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The Mercury in Retrograde DO’s 

Make sure you check and re-read all emails, letters and correspondences BEFORE you send them….

Think BEFORE you speak, ad be prepared to repeat what you said if necessary.

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Leave early for any appointments or travel arrangements, leave yourself plenty of time for delays.

Ensure you track any packages that go in the post – Mercury is the “messenger” after all.

Confirm the times and dates of any plans, meetings, or appointments.

Back up EVERYTHING digital – photos, contacts, files – before Retrograde begins.

Always expect the unexpected. Old friends and loved ones may come back into your life in unconventional ways.

Focus on reviewing, renewing, revamping all aspect of your life, revisit the past rather than moving forward.

Be forgiving! Forgive yourself, and others.

Finish processing the unresolved issues in your life.

Pause and reflect on what you have started

The Mercury in Retrograde DON’Ts

Try not to buy any new electronics unless it is absolutely necessary. Then only if they come with a good return policy

Signing any contracts without a proper review is unwise during Retrograde

Jump to conclusions, not everything is as it seems.

Shoot the messenger, they are simply carrying the message.

Leave late for any important appointments

Mix your messages – Don’t lead people on or tell lies, this will only bite your backside

Spread rumours about people, especially if you don’t have all the facts

Rant on any social space, as it can blow up in your face

Cut corners – this will only lead to more mixed or missed messages.

I hope you all have a successful and prosperous Mercury in Retrograde.

*)O(* Rainbow Love, Light and Blessings *)O(*

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