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Retrograde Mercury

Retrograde Mercury Predictions: October 31 - November 20 2019
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Retrograde Mercury Predictions: October 31 – November 20 2019

Today is no ordinary day and TONIGHT is no ordinary Halloween 🎃.  This is not only the Night of Halloween, or better ‘Samhain’. This is also the night, Mercury goes Retrograde. Few people know that in the Ancient Times, Hermes (latin Mercury) was considered a psychopomp. He was the only God who could travel to… Keep Reading

New Moon Predictions - 6 March 2019
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New Moon Predictions – 6 March 2019

General Predictions for the New Moon in Pisces: On the 6th of March, at 16:04 UT the Moon meets the Sun in Pisces, forming the New Moon. This is a unique New Moon, as Mercury turned retrograde less than a day before it, and Uranus changed its zodiac a few hours before the accurate conjunction… Keep Reading

Mercury Retrograde Hints facts tricks
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Mercury In Retrograde: Hints, Tricks and Facts

We all know and love that time of year. The time where technology goes splat and communication goes up the wazoo, but Mercury entering Retrograde isn’t all doom, gloom and communication breakdowns. I will endeavour do try and demystify Retrograde and shed some light on what happens and how you can help this time pass… Keep Reading

Do's and Don'ts for retrograde mercury
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Do’s and Don’t While Mercury Dances in Retrograde

Here are some quick fire Do’s and Don’ts for the upcoming Mercury in Retrograde. Here you can also look for my top 7 tips for Retrograde Mercury and the Opportunities that only Mercury can offer. The Mercury in Retrograde DO’s  Make sure you check and re-read all emails, letters and correspondences BEFORE you send them…. Think… Keep Reading

crystals for retrograde mercury
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Crystals & Retrograde Mercury

Mercury has into Retrograde for the next 21|(ish) days. The next few weeks are going to be tough on those who are sensitive to the energies, but there are ways to cope with this trying time. When we think about my favourite topics, Crystals, what can we use to help us through Mercury’s Retrograde phase?… Keep Reading

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