5 Magical Opportunities with Retrograde Mercury (Rx)


Well… we all have been tortured in the past while Mercury – the God and Planet of Communication and Travelling – was retrograde. Misunderstandings, sudden losses, fights, delays and mysterious breakups haunt these 3-4 times of the year. But getting to know more about Mercury will give us the power to perceive more about our lives and the opportunities that rise with every retrograde course of this small but fast Planet.

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Retrograde Mercury: Blessing or Curse?

The Planets of Astrology can all be retrograde apart from the Sun and the Moon. Mercury happens to go retrograde 3 to 4 times per year for about 3 weeks each time. This is the time when we should all be extra cautious when we sign contracts as we can easily be deceived. Moreover, we should be very careful when we talk as we can be misunderstood or when we drive as we are prone to accidents. But really, what is going on with Mercury?

You must be wondering why is this all happening. Can it really be that bad? Well my dear readers, this is why Mercury (the Latin equivalent of ancient Greek God Hermes, the God of communication, travelling and information – the messenger of the Gods – read more here) is symbolically visiting the Underworld. Only few Gods, apart from Hermes, have the power to be in the Realm of the Dead and the Realm of the Living, as it would change the balance of the Realms. However Hermes could and he delivered messages between Hades and entities of the Underworld to Zeus & other Olympian Gods while he also accompanied the Souls to the Otherworlds. So when Planet Mercury – who was related to the God – was retrograde, we believe He focuses all his energy in the Underworld (or Otherworlds) rather than the Land of the Living. This is why, without his brightness we are unable to cope with everyday situations. Hermes no longer can bless our minds.

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But what does He bless? Hermes – Mercury, when retrograde blesses our inner self. Astrologers like to say that when Retrograde Mercury, Universe helps us do things that start with Re. Relaxing our bodies and minds, Restarting our lives, Re-evaluating our goals, Re-storing missing things or qualities, Refreshing our home/wardrobe etc. This is why we have selected 5 Golden Opportunities which rise every time of Retrograde Mercury. 5 Magical Opportunities.

Tip no1: Allow Mercury to travel you to OtherWorlds

Our minds work already in a rather peculiar way. This is why it is not tuned in “reality” but in alternative realities. It is easier for us to tune into other Realms of existence and travel there using the magic of Mercury. You are going to need the “Egyptian Magic” candle by Magical Recipes Online, a magical concoction which empowers plants and herbs which correspond to the magical powers of Isis and the Ancient Egyptian Religion. (Get our enchanted Candle from our Shop) The qualities of the candle help us charge the candle with our Purpose. Our candle is made by precious essential oil which can help our mind open its spiritual Gates. Alternatively you can use a Purple Candle.

Carve the Symbol of Mercury on the Candle like on the picture. Light up the Candle for two hours before going to sleep. Meditate on your ability to travel to other Worlds. Visualise a Gate, a huge golden Gate, this is the Gate which can take you to other Worlds. Visualise yourself carving the Symbol of Hermes – Mercury on the Gate and “see” this Gate opening and taking you where you want to go! Pass the Gate and observe.Extinguish the flame. Repeat for 7 days. First thing on the morning, right down your experience. Which brings us to the next tip!

Tip no2: Go back to your Old Journals of Magic, Dream Journals & Books of Shadows

Retrograde Mercury is great if you are looking for something lost. But even if you are not looking for something lost you will be amazed to find something that you probably left behind and it is really valuable to you.

Read your Book of Shadows, see what you”ve done the past years. See when you succeeded, relive these precious moments and refuel your passion for Magic. Read your Dream Journal, remember those inspirational dreams that made your Daydream and nurture your soul. Read your Old Journals to see how wonderful your life is and trust Universe once again. Everything happens for a reason. Dust off your Journals then. Now be ready to dust off some more…

Tip no3: Organise and Clean your room & home!

Make room for the New, Make Room for the Exciting New! When Retrograde Mercury, it”s really fortunate to throw away things that bother you. Go to your closet and look at your clothes. Do you really need all these? Organise your Wardrobe. Look at the part of the Wardrobe you felt till now it”s pointless to even look at. Now that you”ve organised and cleaned your house look for Feng Shui and Sacred Geomancy ideas to rejuvenate the energy of your House. Look for Magical Ideas. Smudge with Sage and Lavender your house to banish negative Vibes and drive away maleficent entities.

Get yourself the “Radiant Health” Candle by Magical Recipes Online, a powerful Alchemical Combination to enlighten the atmosphere and repair the Vital Energy of your house.

Look for more in the Internet and your local Magical Store. You may find treasures! Its the energy I”m talking about! Which also brings us to the next tip!

Tip no4: Trust your Karma

What goes around, comes around. It”s the big Karma law that makes the Earth spin. Even though the times with Retrograde Mercury are linked with unfortunate events you should also know that during Retrograde Mercury we are opened to Karma. If for some reason the Universe owes you Good Luck, now it will be the time to give it to you. Open yourself to Good Luck but never exaggerate. Just be opened to the endless possibilities! Live for now and watch with clarity what is going on around you. Observe little details of your everyday life. Mercury can help you perceive things that you could never imagine. Things that happen, things that are going to happen and things that happened in the past. And this brings us to the last advice for your now…

Tip no5: Explore your Past & your Past Lives

Since Mercury is in the Underworld, He can help you explore your past Lives. Go and try Hypnosis. I can tell you that Hypnosis is a perfect way to explore your past. An experience Hypnotist can help you travel back to time and “recall” times of your life and therefore overcome obstacles you now face. The Hypnotist can also help you go back in time, explore your past Lives and tap into powers and abilities you once possessed and now forgotten. Death helps us cleanse our memories from events we could not bear to live with. Unfortunately Death also takes all other memories and only the strongest ones survive in forms of instincts.

An experienced Hypnotist can help you got back to the memories that can really help you. You can achieve that also by Meditation but it will take more time to practice. You will find many articles in our Magazine to help you practice the Art of Meditation and Self-Hypnosis. Finally you can try the “Rainbow Aura Quartz” amulet which helps us cleanse ourselves and our Auras from any negative imprinting of our past Lives and helps us go on.

To Learn More about the Mercury and understand even more you can Read about Mercury in India and Vedic Astrology here. Let”s Make every time Mercury is Retrograde an opportunity for Amazing Experiences.

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