Jupiter’s and Saturn’s sextile – The Earth Signs

How does Jupiter's and Saturn's hexagon influence the zodiacs of the Earth?

Jupiter’s and Saturn’s sextile - The Earth Signs

Those born under the influence of the Zodiac Signs of Earth are usually very focused on the material goods. Money is important. For different reasons for each zodiac, and in different ways as well, but it is. Luckily, this sextile influences job, career and financials for all the zodiacs of earth, in different ways, but, of course, in a beneficial manner.

So, if you belong to a zodiac sign of Earth (or your ascendant is there) work on this subject if not in any other. But let’s see each one of the zodiacs.


Expansion and growth in your work is the top priority of this sextile. Jupiter gives you the opportunities and the luck. Saturn empowers your determination and encourages your hard work. Those trades are whatever one needs in the mundane world to be successful in business. Other than your personal efforts for your own success, you have the tendency to support your co-workers and partners. Keep doing so. This will benefit you in more ways than you think, even if it means some “lost” time right now.

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If your work is of consulting type in any area, your clarity of mind and your willingness to help will make you very dependable to your clients. You acquire a good name, and if you already have one, it becomes even better.

Bettering your environment of work and of living is also a trade of this aspect. If bettering your work environment isn’t in your hand, then maybe a change there, a good one, will happen and you’ll find yourself working in a better environment. This can include not only the decoration and the room in which you are working, but also the people you are working with. A change in the company you are working for is also possible. Don’t worry. If this happens it will be for the better.

Those working with their mind, even if not in a consulting type of job, are also very favoured. A strong ability to concentrate and focus is present under the influence of the sextile. The same goes for those whose job has to do with sex, investments, and magic.

Sexual fantasies needs and fetishes are becoming very strong, and so does our shame about them. But this shame is not the advisor we should listen to. On the contrary, we need to heal this shame and embrace our sexuality. Love yourself for everything you are. Satisfy your sexual desires, even if you do it mentally. The mantra for pleasure and happiness is a way to do that. Also try to talk about them more. Choose wisely the people you’ll talk about them, of course. Talk only to people who you expect they will accept you. By doing so, you’ll feel more comfortable accepting yourself. You don’t want to strengthen your shame.

Also, try new things in bed. Try things you haven’t done and experienced yet, but you always wanted to try them. Of course, play safe. Be rational, be legal, but other than that, do whatever you want to do. Even baby steps in this direction are good. As said, if you work on the blessings of the sextile, they will last – and grow – for years.

Sexual instinct and sexual energy are very important to all of us. Even more so for those born under the sign of Taurus. By accepting all aspects of our sexuality we don’t only become sexually happier. We are becoming healthier and happier in all aspects of our life. Even our magical and spiritual powers are getting stronger, and our psychology is getting better.

Health can be improved very much during this hexagon. Both bodily and psychological health. You may feel some tendency to depression. Investigate it. Find what makes you happy and what restricts your happiness. Heal what must be healed, and empower what needs empowerment. Also try to better your diet, your habits (smoking, drinking, etc) and add some kind of exercise in your daily routine. Consult your doctor or a specialist about what is the best for your case.

Venus’ activity during the sextile is very strong, and beneficial. This makes love life important for all zodiacs. Even more for you. But this also helps all aspects of your life. Venus is, after all, the ruler of your zodiac.

Venus is in your forth house right now, and will remain there for all the period it interacts with the sextile. This is a time to build a strong internal foundation. Make yourself strong and ready to enjoy life in every aspect of it. Still under the influence of the hexagon, but after its strong interaction with it, Venus will enter your fifth house of joy. Then, if you are well prepared, both love life and financials will become much better and happier. So put yourself together before this time comes, in order to enjoy the most of it when it happens.


Wealth is the main focus of this sextile for those belonging in the zodiac of Virgo. You feel the “need” to become richer and the optimism that you can actually grow as much richer as you want. And actually, the hexagon also provides you with enough luck to accomplish just that. Jupiter, after all, is in your second house.

New kind of investments are possible. Sometimes a little risky, but you believe in them. Saturn’s realism usually keeps you away from too risky investments, so proceed courageously. Venus’ beneficial influence also promises a happy and lucky outcome from your choices. If something feels too good to be true, then it probably it is so. Do what feels right, not only what promises you a great profit. New financial strategies are also possible. There, again, your clarity of mind gives you the ability to make the right decisions and follow the right strategies. Also because of Venus’ offer to the sextile, financial gain from metaphysical and non conventional methods is possible. The same goes for those working in these fields.

A new home, a redecoration of the current home or a renovation are also possible to happen. Actually, if you want something like that, at least schedule it during the period of the hexagon.

The situations with family and those you consider as family are getting better during this sextile. In some cases this will happen the difficult way though. This means that problems will come to light. Pressure is greater. Whatever needs correction will be much to obvious one way or another. In some cases, moving out of the family home is possible. If this happens, this is a good thing to happen. If you intended to do such a thing, then, by all means, do it now! At the very least, start doing it now.

Divorces of the parents of a Virgo are also possible. This may not sound as a very happy development, but you should understand that it is. People who can’t really stand each other are not happy living together. It is better for them to be apart. A divorce sometimes betters the relationship between the two parties, as it releases the built up stress. It also opens the doors of new romantic happiness to come in their lives. So, yes, unpleasant as it may be, it should be considered as a good thing. Especially so if it happens under the influence of this hexagon which promises a clarity of mind and the ability to take the right life decisions for all zodiacs.


Fame in your work area is the key word of the influence of this sextile in your zodiac. A very good aspect for singers, actors, authors, publishers, politicians and whoever works in areas like those or wherever the public eye is turned on them, or that’s what is needed. Even if you are working in other kind of jobs, you’ll tend to be the main focus in your environment.

Those of you in a position of a supervisor, a manager, a boss, or anything alike, will have a very successful period too. You tend to be kind and just in the same time, and this gains the admiration and respect of those working for you. Show your kind face in such situations more than your pride and as often as you can, and you’ll gain faithful “followers” willing to work to the best of their abilities for you for years to come.

Whatever your job is, and whatever your dream job is, opportunities to evolve will appear. Your mind is clear and your expectations realistic, thanks to the influence of the sextile, so don’t hesitate to act.

During this period your schedule will be rather full. Either you make it so, or it becomes so. You can’t avoid this, so make sure you are the one who fills your schedule with whatever you think it’s better for you to do. Having fun is something you also need, and you should make sure to include this in your schedule as well.

In a more personal aspect, you feel dissatisfied from people around you. You want a fulfilling love life and in the same time you think that there is no “right one” out there. Don’t let this tendency overwhelm you. Why do people around you seem imperfect? Find out and by doing this you’ll know more clearly what you are seeking. Then focus on what you want to invite in your life. It isn’t impossible to achieve finding this someone during the period of the hexagon – especially so because of the beneficial aspects Venus forms – but it is more possible that this right one will come afterwards. Maybe even after Saturn proceeds in your zodiac on the 20th of December. But they are going to be exceptional, if you work on this issue during the period of the sextile.

Phobias and other such problems surface. They come to light in order to get healed. Work with them to the best of your ability. Even better, ask for the help of a specialist. If you work, or start working, with them now, their healing will be easier, faster and more perfect than if you leave this for a later time. Positive affirmations may also do miracles for you, if you are persistent in affirming them.

Ways of self expression that involves the body more than the mind are very helpful during this period and they will benefit you in the long run as well. Of course, before engaging with such activities consult your doctor. Try dancing or vivid sports better than yoga, chess, or other such activities that involve the mind too much. You are more optimistic during the sextile, but you have a natural tendency to pessimism during the whole time Saturn is in Sagittarius. There is no need to awaken this pessimism more intensively than you can deal with it.

Do take a look at the article about the general influences of the hexagon between Jupiter and Saturn, and also, do refer to the analysis of your ascendant as well.

That’s it. Have fun, and make the most of this beneficial aspect!

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