Predictions: New Moon in Virgo and Chiron’s activity

September 20: New Moon in Virgo and a crazy period of Chiron's activity.


General Predictions: Today the Moon meets Sun in Virgo forming the New Moon and starting a new lunar month/circle. The energies of the eclipses have now swept away completely, and a new page in our lives opens. As we’ve said yesterday, this lunar circle will be coloured by Chiron’s influences.

Chiron’s Influences and How to deal with them:

Astrological Causes:

Sun is in opposition with this teacher, and today, so is the Moon. Mercury is also forming an opposition with Chiron, and it will be accurate in the 27th of the month, but it is active now and will remain so until the 3rd of October. Venus will accurately oppose Chiron on the 10th of October. This aspect will start being active, coincidentally, on the 3rd of October, and it will remain active until the 19th of the month, which will be the day of the next New Moon. On the 1st of October Mars will also start opposing Chiron and will continue doing so until Halloween. The accurate opposition will happen on the 15th of the month. Moon, of course, will form various aspects with Chiron, but on October 17, just two days before the next New Moon, will, once again, oppose Chiron.

So, the question is not when Chiron’s influences won’t be strong or stressed during this Lunar circle, but when they will be less stressed and less stressful. Oh! And Chiron is retrograde in a zodiac of fears, hopes and unbalanced emotions. Just the right place to make a mess!

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What to expect:

Chiron has started already, and will do so more intensively during this lunar circle, calling back our past mistakes and awaken our fears and wounds about ourselves, our ego, and our lives. It will be doing so during the whole lunar circle, and a little more, so there is no escaping this influence.

What do we fear? Where do we feel weak? How have we failed ourselves and our lives? How have we sheered off our life purposes and paths? All these come to light, and not pleasantly so. In some cases the way our parents and parent figures, and especially father figures influenced us in an unwanted way, also comes to light. Our creativity, self expression and the freedom to do what we want and be who we want is now under the microscope. Our self screams and cries from within. We should be listening.

We’ll see people doubting us and our character, and we’ll be forced to question our selves and our choices. Lovers and spouses may be part of it. As this aspect goes for all of us, we may doubt our lover and spouses as well. We expect from others to understand our inner thoughts and intentions, while we are not clear about them. We also misunderstand them, as they also are not clear about their intentions and thoughts.

Befriending and Expressing Ourselves:

All these issues need healing. Despite appearances, Chiron isn’t a cruel sadist, but a strict teacher. Even the strictest teacher favours the studious pupils. So, let’s become such pupils. People willing to teach and guide us are possible to appear, and we should listen to their advice and see if and how it fits in our circumstances. Then act accordingly. But even more so, we should study ourselves.

We should try to find out and face our fears, weaknesses and failures. We should forgive and lovingly embrace these aspects of ours. Then we should try to make ourselves better to what matters. Consciously exercising self-respect and self-expression is also very helpful. Funnily, if we decide to do that, Chiron will provide us with more and more courage to continue doing so. The first steps will be difficult, but the continuation will be much easier and pleasant.

Predictions: New Moon in Virgo and Chiron's activity

Our creativity should also be one of our main focuses. This can be artistic or of any kind. Even if you think you are capable of nothing creative, this isn’t true. It’s just that the idea of what means “creativity” that has been imposed to you says you aren’t. Every person is creative. We just feel creative doing different things. Do whatever makes you feel creative. You don’t need to be good at it. You just need to feel nice and creative doing whatever you do. Even more, creativity is a form of self-expression, so double the gain.

Love life:

Facing our failures, rejections, and past problems and negative experiences of any kind concerning our love life is a very strong part of this storm of Chiron’s influences. By healing the past through forgiveness and love, we allow a better and happier present and future to manifest in our lives. This goes both for those in a relationship or a marriage, and for those seeking one.

For those seeking, try attracting a relationship that allows you to freely express yourself. Preferably not “allows” but “encourages” would be even better. For those in a relationship, try to be clear about your thoughts and intentions. Don’t expect from the other party to understand you. Even if you think what you are doing makes them obvious, explaining your thoughts and intentions won’t harm either of you. It can be a life-saver thing to do. Well… relationship-saver in fact. Also, do not assume what your partner’s thoughts and intentions are. Ask them. Encourage them to explain themselves to you.

Using the Power of the Sabbats:

Two Sabbats, the Autumn Equinox (or Spring Equinox for the Souther Hemisphere) and Halloween (or Beltain), will take place during Chiron’s excessive activity. Use the magic of the first to help and ease your healing (and if you are certain, to set new targets) and the magic of the second to clean away the debris of the problems and initiate a new, happier chapter in your life.

Today’s aspects:

Now, back to the day, the accurate conjunction between the Moon and the Sun will happen at 5:30 UT and from that moment on, Moon will be void of course until 10:06 when it will enter Libra. Avoid initiating new projects and taking important decisions during this period.

The luckiest zodiac of the day will be Libra. Virgo receives a great amount of energies both auspicious and inauspicious, so it will be a powerful and important day for you, but you are the ones who have to make it good. Pisces will be the most stressed zodiac.

Predictions for Aries:

Love life, health, psychological health and all-round happiness are challenged by Chiron’s influence during this New Moon, and the whole lunar circle, more than any other aspect of your life. Find time to work with all these aspects. This on its own can be an other challenge. Job and everyday life also receive some amount of influences, but not as strong. Practice smiling to yourself and loving yourself as much as possible.

Predictions for Taurus:

Love life is calling for your attention long time now and will continue doing so during this Lunar month even more strongly. Venus, your ruler and the general love planet interacts strongly with the Jupiter’s and Saturn’s hexagon and with Chiron and Mars. It is in your fifth house as well right now. Jupiter will enter your seventh house of love during this lunar circle, and your love planet will turn direct in a friendly zodiac. So, heal the past regarding love, and focus your energies in creating a better and happier relationship. If you are a single, odds favour you in finding a new love. By healing the past you assure a better quality of a relationship in the future. Social life, home and family also receive much influence. Work with these as well.

Predictions for Gemini:

Your place in your world is challenged. Both from the inside out and the other way around. Try to find your place and establish and fortify your position there. Looking inwards is more important in order to achieve this than looking all around you. People’s opinion about you can be distressing from time to time, and you may feel the need to prove yourself to them. This is not what you should be doing. Realising who you are and want to be, and working with yourself to achieve that is what you should do. Friends and siblings and your relationship with them also receive many unsettling energies.

Predictions for Cancer:

Money, your possessions, the security they bring to you, how secure you feel with them, and things like those are the main focus of this lunar circle. Feeling wealthy is an inner feeling. Adopt it regardless the situations. It attracts money and happiness. If you have enough money, then this feeling secures and nurtures your fortune. Friendships can also be challenged. Work with them and see which are worthy of your time. Students can find this period even more challenging. Are you studying what you wanted to study? Can you change your subject so that it’s closer to what you want? Do you have the courage to do so? These questions will surface. In some cases they may refer to past studies more than to current ones.

Predictions for Leo:

Realising the difference between ego and self is not an easy task most of the time, but it is the task Chiron puts upon you. The best job you do about it the better for the long run more than for the moment. Money is also a major aspect of influence. The way you feel about it and about your financial situation is more important than your income in fact. Realise that. By changing the way you feel about your financials the situations will start bettering easily. Your effort will still be needed, but it will seem like it’s happening on its own.

Predictions for Virgo:

Love life is a main focus of this lunar circle. Self expression through love is something possible. You are asked – not so politely – to realise that. And it is the key for a happy relationship. Your relationship with you business partners is also very much challenged this period. Establishing a position of power in all your important relationships is important. Becoming dominant is a trap you should avoid, though. All other fears will surface during this period. Some persistently, some occasionally. Work with them as much as you can. Depression is a strong tendency of the period. Fight it with all means.

Predictions for Libra:

Health, both biological and psychological, can cause some scares during the lunar circle. Act calmly but do pay attention. Ask your body and self what these problems, imaginary or real, want to teach you. What do they want you to heal and what do they want you to strengthen? This will cause a true healing that will bless your life in more aspects than just your health. Your everyday routine is also under examination. Does it give you happiness? Does it allow you to express yourself? If not, change it appropriate. Feeling secure doing what is familiar and “natural” is not always what holds true happiness.

Predictions for Scorpio:

An other zodiac that all aspects of happiness are under Chiron’s target. This includes romantic happiness, of course, but not just that. Social happiness and professional happiness are also influenced greatly by Chiron this lunar month. Work as much as possible on whatever you want to achieve on your career. The hexagon between Jupiter and Saturn also focuses on this. Chiron focuses on the problems more than on the hopes. It can bring you advisors both good and bad ones. Listen to their advices and follow these that make you fly. The ones that break your wings are neither rational, nor realistic. They are just not right for you. But in most cases, they will also be helpful if you can extract the positive, productive part out of them.

Predictions for Sagittarius:

Career, family and home are very important – and stressful – during this lunar circle. Some times more, some times less. All problems, fears and regrets about these subjects surface. Don’t let these feelings overwhelm you. Learn from them. Heal and enlighten your fears. Forgive your regrets and try to manifest your wishes in “here and now”. And, of course, solve the problems. Work from the inside out as well. Students and even more so the ones at the end of their studies, will find this period even more challenging. Some may decide, seemingly out of the blue, to change the course of their studies, or the subject of it. Do as you see fit, but ask for advice in order to make the change in a way that both benefits you the most and makes you more happy.

Predictions for Capricorn:

Friendships and the relationships with siblings are in the main focus of this month. Not obviously blessed, but this is the end goal. So work with them and heal them. New friendships can also come to your life. If you are unsatisfied with your current friends, do search for new ones. Just discover what kind of people you need to find before start searching, or you’ll end up with more unsatisfying friendships. Sex life, financials and studies of all kinds are affected by Chiron, as well. Just not as strongly.

Predictions for Aquarius:

Money, possessions, inheritances and your need to express love and care to others are all challenged this lunar circle. Work with them from inside out more than the other way around, as the problem is generated by your feelings about those subjects. The situations, unchangeable as they may seem, are only present to express what you really feel about those subjects. Your relationship with your current lover and spouse is also affected. Sex life between the two of you, too. Take good care of your special one and express yourself as clearly as possible to them. Try new things in bed as well. Things can become much better. But if the relationship is not good at all, you’ll face this truth even if you try to keep your eyes shut. Break ups are possible to happen. Sad as they may be, they are necessary for a healthier relationship to come.

Predictions for Pisces:

Just like with Leos, realising the difference between your self and your ego is the task you should focus on. Nurture, love and take good care of your self. Heal your ego. Other than that, the way your life proceeds, and especially in a daily manner, and how happy it makes you is something that will catch your attention, and maybe provoke your peace of mind. Heal whatever needs healing and be grateful for whatever you are happy with. Love life and job receive much unsettling influences too. Learn your lessons there as well. The influences are unsettling, not devastating, even if they feel this way from time to time. Health can be a little sensitive. Learn the lessons your body tries to teach you.

Astrology and Magic:

A very powerful day for all magic, as most of the New Moons. Under Chiron influences healing ourselves, expressing ourselves and nurturing ourselves are most powerful.


That’s all. Have fun and enjoy this Lunar Month (and a half).

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