7 Very Simple Magic Tricks for Prosperity

7 Very Simple Magic Tricks for Prosperity

7 Very Simple Magic Tricks for Prosperity

There is a large amount of money and prosperity related spells in every magical tradition. Amongst them, there is also a great amount of relatively simple ways to enhance your prosperity. I say “relatively” as, while they are indeed simple methods, they employ magical formulas, and this, for some, is a disadvantage on its own. In this article we are going to see some very simple magic tricks you can cast with very simple, everyday means.

Trick 1:

On a Sunday morning, preferably a sunny one, boil 3 table spoons of dried chamomile in 3lt water. Yes, the chamomile should be in the water from the beginning. When the water starts boiling, lower the fire and let it keep boiling until the water is reduced by half. Let it cool down, and strain the chamomile. Bottle the water.

Use this water daily for washing your face on a morning and your hands before living for work. If you are working from home, wash your hands with it before starting working. When I say “wash”, I mean you wash yourself in a ordinary way, and then you use the chamomile water.

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Trick 2:

Prepare basil water and lavender water the same way you prepared the chamomile water in the previous trick. There is no need to be a Sunday, though. Use them as a floor wash for your place of working, or your home. Use the lavender water when closing, and the basil water when opening.

Again, you mop the floor the way you would do, and as a final touch, you do it with the lavender or basil water. Use about a cup of the empowered water in a bucket of clean water.

Trick 3:

Are you keeping money in your home, office, or store? Keep them in a metal box. An iron, or tin box will work the best. In actual fact, a golden one will work the best, but I guess, if you can afford a golden box, you don’t really need this trick.

Have your credit cards, bankbooks and the like in such a box as well.

Trick 4:

Have a green stone in or on your cash register. You can use an azurite, or an other green crystal related with money, but a simple green stone will work just as nicely. You can’t find a naturally green stone? Find a light grey one and paint it green. It will work just as nicely. You can also have such a green stone in your metal box of the previous trick.

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If you are going to use a crystal anyway, citrine is not a green crystal, but it does the best job when used this way, according to my personal experience.

Trick 5:

Have a small chestnut in your wallet or purse. For even better results wrap it in a money bill. You don’t need to use a big one. Additionally, anoint it with ‘Money Flow oil’ or ‘Prosperity oil depending on what you wish.

Green is the money colour, so if the bill is green is even better. $1 bill is green, but this isn’t the case for Euros or other currencies. Print a fake one, if you can. Most nowadays printers will recognise you are trying to print a bank note and they won’t allow it. Change the bill in a way that it cannot be mistaken for a real one. It will do the trick. After all, you want to cast a spell, not to commit a crime.

Trick 6:

Does your work needs for you to travel? To raise the possibilities for your journey to be fruitful every time use marjoram. Grind the dried herb, preferably by means of a stone mortar. If you don’t have and can’t easily acquire a stone mortar and pestle, try using two stones instead. Make the powder as fine as possible. Bottle the powder in a clear glass jar and leave it under the sunlight for 9 days. Wrap it during the night. If a day is cloudy, it doesn’t count as one of the 9 days. If this happens, keep the jar wrapped during that day.

After the 9 days, use this powder in your shoes before embarking for your journey. It is said that profit will come from it, even in unexpected ways.

Trick 7:

On a Monday take a small portion of dried damiana. Grind it to powder, anyway you like and can. Wrap it in a green or red paper, and carry it with you all the time. On next Sunday night, burn the talisman and make a new one on Monday morning.

This is said to bring both good luck and financial gain. Are you a Taurus or a Libra? Try creating the talisman on a Friday instead of a Monday. You’ll burn it on a Thursday, of course.

That’s all. Have fun, and enjoy a prosperous life.

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