7 Ways to attract positive Magical Energy in your life

7 Ways to attract positive Magical Energy in your life

Our world is vibrating with energy, frequencies of different emotions and feelings, thoughts and ideas, simple words and full length discussions, images and multiple ways of communication. Each and every single person’s reality is different yet we all live and breathe and most of the time ‘play’ with the same rules. However, some of us may face harder times connecting with the frequencies that make us feel good about ourselves and the world we live in. In the past we have seen ways to identify when negative energy is around us (click here for the link) and ways to cleanse any negativity (click here for the link) but what is equally important is to identify ways to fill the ‘void’ with positive energy and change our lives for the best.

7 Ways to attract positive Magical Energy in your life

Let’s have a look on how we can attract positive energy in our lives and live a positive witchy life that can help us evolve and bring forward the best parts of ourselves:

1. Focus on the person you want to be

Believe it or not one of the easiest ways to bring positive energy in your life is to change your present thinking. One way to do that is to identify the qualities of the person you want to be and start behaving as such now. Most of the time, all of us living in our human sphere, we make plans and have ideas about the future but we never implement them in the present. For example, I always want to be a more grateful person, because I realise that by expressing gratitude I feel an energy of accomplishment, a kindness that lifts me up and makes me feel that I have enough. And with that feeling in my heart, I feel safe. But I always notice that I forget to do that. So the trick is to implement this quality in the present, stop being lazy take a notebook and write down why and for what and to whom you feel grateful. The moment you do so you empower yourself, you attract that energy and something is happening.

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2. Learn to attract positive energy every day

Let’s be clear, change does not happen easily or at least it is different for everyone. Like a habit it takes time to stop what we were doing incorrectly, it takes planning to add it in our daily routine and it requires determination in order to make it happen on a daily basis. To cut a long story short, change is not for the lazy. Instead, it requires you to take action, however, by starting to attract positive energy through meditation, visualisation, prayer, spellcasting, behavioural and psychological change, believe me change is happening, but you have to build on that every single day. By daily implementation this change becomes you, the same way you start a diet and you become slimmer day after day. Anything can happen, you hold the key and the door.

3. Become what you admire

Most of the time we find easy to admire another person and see qualities in them which we think are amazing, yet most of the time we fail to identify what are those qualities we have that make us unique, special and so damn breathtaking! A simple exercise which was taught to me by a shaman friend is to take a sheet of paper and name 5-10 people (famous or not that famous) that you admire. Take your time and think who will be in your top 10. Then after you identify your list write in a separate sheet the reasons you find them so special. Read out loud the reasons you find those people so admirable.

Interpretation and the learning point of this exercise, is that the qualities you admire in others you already have in yourself. There are aspects of yourself which may have been neglected but at the same time once you start paying attention to them once again and nourish them then they will grow, and you will grow with them. Here is your easy shamanic exercise for the day that is promised to lift your psychology and empower you to be the amazing person you want to be.

4. Examine your life – or the Unexamined life is not worth living

Want to bring positivity in your life? Then it is time to examine your past, your present and your future. As I outlined above, life is a learning curve and believe it or not all the answers lie in us or around us. The moment we understand more about ourselves, what we are doing right, what we can change, what we can let go again a change is happening, simply due to this realisation. We choose who we want to be. The real question is are we doing this more consciously or unconsciously.

By looking into our lives, the beautiful, the happy, the funny, the painful and the miserable we learn from these experiences, we analyse what has happened, what decisions and actions we made and what brought us to this stage of our lives. By going through this phase, we gain power, the power of mercy and forgiveness, the power to acquire wisdom from our mistakes and the tremendous power to create change only to name a few. You guys and gals are a powerhouse of Wisdom, simply find the courage to tap back into yourselves.

5. Take responsibility for your commitments

By taking responsibility for our commitments, including our desire to attract positive energy and change, we show maturity. We show to ourselves, others, the Universe-Cosmos-Gods (you name it) that this desire to feel and become better is not a casual thing, but instead we are willing to go through a journey, a unique experience that entails mistakes and learning curves but after all we recognise that whatever we are going through now, it has been our choice and we recognise that the benefits surpass the obstacles and that the energy we invest is for a goal that worths it.

6. Ask for help

Oh my God! That is the number one rookie mistake that we do 99% of the time. We never ask for help. This is either we think that we are alone, no one is willing to help and no one hear us or simply if you are as fool as I am we believe that we are the only ones to blame if we fail. Goodness gracious! One thing that I have learnt and still learning- the Hard Way- is that all Higher Spiritual Forces want us to succeed, the only person who can really make us fail is ourselves, and the moment we are afraid or we are thinking it as the possibility we feed that fear with our energy and we manifest it.

So word of advise, stop being afraid and be confident that the Universe and all your Guardians want you to be successful, happy and accomplished. The second lesson learnt is that our human consciousness, our minds, cannot most of the time perceive things in a very panoramic way. We are focusing on the mundane, what is currently going on and we fail to see the bigger picture and this is only one of the reasons why we need to turn to our Spiritual Guides for help. Believe me the benefits are multiple. Now how to do that? There are many ways. Prayer and spell casting are two of those, want an even easier one, simply talk to them or if you are not good with talking write them a letter. Trust me they will reply, actually they will pour all their energy to assist because they realise that your Happiness is their Happiness, and this really is Wisdom.

7. Connecting with our environment

Our environment is built to be harmonious, to live in balance and the Cosmos is happy to share this balance with us. Take a walk in nature, go in a park, lay down near the sea or next to a stream of water. Connect with that energy that surrounds us – Why? Because all this energy is ‘positive’ energy that can help us install positive change in our lives. We live under a lot of stress, some how we have managed to make this a reality, well as I have mentioned it is time for a change. Make this happen by connecting with who we truly are and the harmony in our environment. Learn from that connection and believe me that miracles will happen.

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