The Four Winds of Love

The Four Winds of Love

Here we are going to see a simple spell to attract a new love in your life through the power of the Four Winds of the cardinal points. Read more about wind magic here.

What you will need for the spell:

As you probably have guessed from the ingredients, we are going to make a cologne. It is true that you can use a carrier oil instead of alcohol, and produce a magical oil instead of a cologne. If this is more convenient for you, do so, but, a cologne is more airy, and this is Air Magic.

How to cast the spell:

Prepare the oil burner with water and the tea light under it. Then drop 7 drops of the Honeysuckle oil saying once:

“With this, I am summoning the power of the North Wind. Come here, now!”

Then drop 7 drops of Lavender oil saying once:

“With this, I am summoning the power of the East Wind. Come here, now!”

Do the same with the Musk oil saying once:

“With this, I am summoning the power of the South Wind. Come here, now!”

And finally with the Rose oil saying once:


“With this, I am summoning the power of the West Wind. Come here, now!”

Then, close your eyes and relax a little and cleanse your mind. Perform the balancing breathing, for even better results. When you have relaxed your mind, and the perfume of the oils have filled the atmosphere around you, start visualising the love you want in your life.

Visualise the qualities, and not a specific person, as black magic always destroys the caster.

When you have seen the qualities, and you are satisfied with the visualisation, see the Winds blowing this love your way. Open your arms and embrace it. Then, open your eyes.

Drop in the perfume bottle 7 drops of the Honeysuckle oil saying once:

“North Wind, make my fate obey.”

Drop 7 drops of the Lavender oil saying once:

“East Wind, ease the way.”

Drop 7 drops of the Musk oil saying once:

“South Wind, the passion convey.”

Finally, drop 7 drops of the Rose oil saying once:

“West Wind brings my love to me!”

Fill the bottle with the alcohol and close it with the dispenser. Shake gently until the mixture becomes homogeneous. If you have uses good quality essential oils and good quality alcohol this will be done easily. But even if you couldn’t find the best ingredients, make the mixture as homogeneous as possible. Then, hold the bottle in between your palms and repeat the whole incantations of the Four Winds 7 times.

Let the cologne rest for a few hours, in the same room while the oil burner emits the perfumes. Then, you can use it. Optionally, if you want to even more empower the mixture, before using the perfume for the first time you can do the following.

How to empower the spell:

Go out. If you can find a crossroad with the roads leading to the four cardinal directions, you can use this crossroad. If not, find a place where you have a clear view of all cardinal directions, as much as possible.

Face the North direction and spray once you cologne, saying the North’s verse. Turn to the East and spray that way, saying the East’s verse. Continue this way for South and West. Complete the circle, facing North again, and leave this way. Then, your perfume is ready for use.

How to use your perfume:

Use the perfume in a daily bases, even if you are not seeking love that day. This is done to change your fate, and summon love your way.

Hold the bottle in between your palms and say the Four Winds’ chant three times. Then, spray yourself once, and say the four verses. Repeat this three more times. This way, you have said the chant a total of 7 times, and you have sprayed yourself 4 times.

Final notes:

Of course, help your luck by going out, searching from internet, or whatever you can think will raise your opportunities to find a new love.

Finally, it is easy to make more of the cologne, but magic wise, don’t do so. You can buy more of the ingredients, of course, and have them ready to repeat the spell again when you have finished your cologne. If you need more, that is, as it is said that Air Magic works rather fast.

That’s it. Have fun, and welcome your new love in your life.

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