Native American Healing Ritual

Native American Healing Ritual

Healing Rituals have been part of every religion and belief system since antiquity. Self-preservation is such a powerful instinct which when combined with true magic can achieve miracles. Therefore, we can find beautiful healing secrets in most traditions. Native American Healing practices are considered one of the most powerful ones. Probably because they are bold and true. 

Native American Healing Practices

The basic concept of Native American Healing is that when a problem comes our way, we should alter our behaviour towards nature, other people and of course ourselves. I’ve received the healing magic of Native American tradition and the truth is that it was pretty scary. The practitioner told me that in order to be be healed I should be reborn – hence my old self should die.

You do realise how much this freaked me out. Although, he didn’t not mean that I should kill myself – suicide and murder are considered terrible mistakes in Native American Belief system, as most religions. The practitioner explained to me that I should let some of my past habits die. That’s what he meant. 

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DISCLAIMER: When we engage in any kind of healing ceremonies, spells and rituals we are doing it along with the advice of our Medical Doctors. If our doctors advice us to rest and not do anything – even a healing spell – we listen to them and follow their instructions. Modern Medicine can do miracles. Magic though, can help us in this process (find the best doctor, empower the medication, put us back on the right karmic track etc…). 

A Native American Healing Chant

There are teachers and bright Native American Healers who can help you. Locate some. (Soon, our new upcoming service will help you locate practitioners of any kind – STAY TUNED). However, why don’t you try this simple ritual? 

Mother, sing me a song, that will ease my pain, 

Mend broken bones, bring wholeness again. 

Catch my babies, when they are born, 

Sing my death song, teach me how to mourn.

Native American Healing Prayer
Native American Healing Prayer

Show me the Medicine of the healing herbs, 

The value of spirit, the way I can serve. 

Mother, heal my heart so that I can see

The gifts of yours that can live through me.

And remember… this Halloween, we’ve got a HUGE surprise for you… stay tuned! 

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