7 Ways to Shield your Aura

7 Ways to Shield your Aura

And here we are back with the Aura. This time we are going to see how to shield your aura and protect this vibrating energy matrix that surrounds all humans but also animals and plants. Aura is our force field, our signal to the universe along with a complex system of coded information about our past, our present and of course our future. We actually have a very easy way to see your aura – and check your current status here! 

Is Aura important?

Three letters. Y E S ! It’s so important that I personally think that it’s a crime against ourselves when we do not protect it. What is so important with the Aura?

  • Our aura possesses very sensitive information about who we truly are.
  • There is coded information about our past, our present and our future.
  • Our aura vibrates differently according to our current emotions.
  • Moreover, a strong aura can help us achieve miracles in magic.
  • The aura is a way of communicating with our environment. Therefore, when our aura is cleansed and strong we can benefit from healing sessions and nature’s magic.
  • In the same way, when our aura is strong, it can prevent attacks. Hence it can repel physical and emotional illness. (Of course, when facing medical problems we should ALWAYS consult first our doctors and/or psychologists.)

How to Protect and Shield your Aura

These 7 ancient steps will help you achieve a greater balance and shield your aura. Although it would be more effective to practice them all, you can always choose some for starters. So, first things first…

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Smudging yourself daily with sacred incenses can help you cleanse and shield your aura.

What is Smudging?

Smudging is the ancient technique of cleansing and removing the parasites from your aura, by using the smoke of sacred plants, herbs and resins. Although smudging is most usually associated with the smoke of Sage, other herbs or resins could be used too. For example, you can use the smoke of frankincense which elevates the spirit (see here more scientific proof for smudging and depression).

Of course you can use herbal blends like the one we proposed you in the article on Rosemary. “Burn Frankincense along with Myrrh and Rosemary to Uplift your energy”.

Review: 'Phoenix herbal blend' of Rosarium Blends
Get here the ‘Phoenix herbal blend’ of Rosarium Blends!

Furthermore you can use more complex blends like the one we were so thrilled. It’s called Phoenix, and it comes from Rosarium Blends. It has Myrrh, Spikenard and Cinnamon, perfectly balanced to summon the powers of the Sacred Firebird, the Phoenix. Get it here!

2. Wearing black

When you are under attack, you should wear black. If you are not sure – check here to see if you have to signs of psychic attack or negativity. 

Black colour provides shielding. It’s like an invisibility cloth which can actually give you some time when you are under attack. However, you should not wear black for a long time as black shields us from all types of energy both good and evil. Therefore, we should use this colour only to fight back and repel the attack. Then we get back to any colour we like. See here more about Colour Magic and what energy each colour vibrates. 

3. Crystal Magic

Having a black tourmaline with you can help against psychic attacks. It’s quite affordable and you can wear it as a piece of jewellery or carry it with you.

Moreover, you can have a black obsidian with you. This particular stone can help you ground you energy and dispel negativity which is all over you. Learn more about obsidian here.

4. Grounding & the Hara Point

This simple technique can work miracles when our aura is under attack. Grounding is in fact ‘becoming one with Mother Earth’. Who can mess with our Great Mother? No one of course. Hence, grounding every now and then can act as a powerful ‘medicine’ against psychic attacks. Moreover, by grounding we attune ourselves with the healing energies of Nature. This is really important, when already damage is done. Learn all about Grounding – how to do it and its benefits – here! 

To ground yourself – or even better to draw energy and protection from your center of existence is a popular technique from the eastern martial arts. Let’s meet the hara point. The hara point, also known as the lower Dan Tien (dantien) in traditional Chinese medicine, is the center of our vital energy located about two inches below the navel in the lower abdomen. There are many ancient sources mentioning the hara point – often associated with martial arts and Eastern practices.

hara point - lower dan tien

However, in many spiritual and magical traditions, witches work with this energy center or focus on the lower abdomen as a source of power or grounding. Tapping into its power is rather easy. Put your left hand on it, and visualize a ball of shining orange or golden light. Like a source of energy. Now think of something that makes you feel confident and good with yourself. Or maybe an event that you are very proud and grateful of. Just spend one minute with these emotions of love, gratitude and confidence. That’s it!

5. A small Charcoal

Charcoal can help us attune with the power of our Mother Earth. As written in the article of Magical Protection: ‘A small charcoal piece in your pocket (wrapped in a paper towel so that you don’t get messy) can protect you against evil eye, curses, negative spirits, and psychic attacks. Have three of them on a white plate under your bed while sleeping to get the same results. After every use, wash the charcoal pieces under cold running water.’ 

It’s very affordable and it can help you shield you Aura!

6. Holy Water

It’s affordable and one of the most powerful magical tools ever. Making holy water is really easy and you can do it whenever you can. Of course you can also get some from your church or the temple you feel more comfortable with.

The Holy Water dispels negativity, cleanses the aura, and nourishes our spirit. Learn more about how to make and use holy water here! 

7. The Eye of Horus

One of the most powerful and ancient symbols. The Eye of Horus is actually our master tool against any dark magic. Horus is the personification of the winning of Good against all evil. The Eye of Horus is considered one of the most potent talismans against evil. It is believed to enhance our spiritual awareness and attune with the Divine Source. Get an ‘Eye of Horus’ here. 

You can actually charge the Eye of Horus for extra magical protection. It will help you shield your aura. Chant 7 times these rephrased verses from the Book of the Dead:

‘Let The Eye of Horus be my Protection,
O Osiris, Foremost of the Westerners,
let it spread its protection over me as it did with You,
may no harm come to me and no one can harm me!’

eye of horus
Get the Eye of Horus – a talisman
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