A Simple Prosperity Ritual

A simple seven day ritual to attract money and prosperity

A Simple Prosperity Ritual

Here we are going to see a very simple prosperity ritual to attract more wealth in your life. The best day to start this ritual is on a Sunday, but depending on your job, Wednesday or Thursday can be better.

Whatever day you start the ritual, you’ll need seven days to complete it. There is a power in such rituals of seven, eight or nine consecutive days, and this ritual makes use of the power of seven.

What do you need:

To perform this ritual you only need a green candle than burns at least 8 hours, some money drawing incense and some money drawing oil. You can buy a ready-made Money Drawing formula for both the incense and the oil, or, if you prefer, you can use a herbal incense and oil of such properties.

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Musk, as an oil, is well known for its power of attracting money and clients. Basil is also well known for the same reason, and you can have it both as an incense and as an oil. Benzoin is also good for the same reasons, although I consider it not as powerful on its own. Combine it, though, with an other money drawing oil and incense and it will empower it many times over.

Do you feel that there are problems and blocks in your achieving your money goals? Add some Road Opener to your money drawing oil. Are you in haste for good results? Add some Fast Luck in it.

Set a simple altar in your home, or in your place of work, if this is possible. Keep in mind though that this altar should remain as is for seven consecutive days, so it should be at a place that people won’t disturb it.

This altar needs only to have the green candle and the incense burner. You can, of course, add symbols and pictures of prosperity. You can also add the statue, or picture of a divine being of prosperity you trust, and you want to invoke their help in your ritual. These are up to you. As I said, this is a very simple and basic ritual.

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The simple prosperity ritual

Now, the first morning, anoint the candle with the oil, and then put it in its holder. Light the incense and the candle. Say, if you are invoking a being’s help, a prayer to this divine being to help you meet your goals.

Then, meditate for half an hour seeing yourself enjoying the prosperity you are asking for. See yourself receiving and enjoying this in a present time. Don’t visualise yourself in a year, or ten years from now. Visualise yourself in the present time receiving, and enjoying the prosperity. When you finish your meditation let the candle burn for an other half hour.

After the meditation and while the candle is still burning, add 7 drops of the money drawing oil to a cup with some clean water and stir clockwise. Of course, oil and water don’t mix, no matter how well you stir, but for just a few moments they will… combine. Sprinkle this water on your altar, money charms, wallet, money bills and coins, home, office, etc. Of course, on your self too. You can keep stirring the water, so that the oil “mixes” with it again and again.

Each day, repeat the same procedure. Only difference, you don’t anoint the candle each day. This is done on the first day only. The last day, you let the candle burn out completely.

Of course, always take all fire safety precautions and never let candles burning unattended.

That’s it. As simple as that. Have fun and enjoy your prosperous life.

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