Hereditary Witches – 10 Signs You Come from a Line of Witches

Hereditary Witches - 10 Signs You Come from a Line of Witches

It is no secret that all over the world, we find strong blood lines of powerful Hereditary Witches. In a very popular 90’s TV Series, “Charmed“, we saw an example of a hereditary witch who prepared the way for her three powerful granddaughters, the ‘Charmed Ones‘. According to the story, the Halliwell family descend from a powerful Salem Witch who passed her powers to her next generations. 

Bloodlines of Hereditary Witches

Of course this story is fictional. However, there are many bloodlines currently existing all over the world. Bloodlines of both Good, Neutral and Evil witches. Not all of the descendants become witches in these families. Only the most talented ones are selected and raised into a specific tradition of esoteric origin. 

Hereditary Witches like British, Irish, Greek, Hoodoo, Voodoo, Slavic, Nordic, Celtic, Arabian, Mexican, Italian, Stregherian, are passed down from one generation to another. Hereditary Witches are common in parts of the world where families live together most of their lives.

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Why do they keep their magical identity Secret? 

For two reasons. 

  1. Witches are not easily accepted in society probably because of the power they possess. Hence, these families, often try to keep this as a secret, NEVER exposing themselves or their powers, not even to their own descendants. Witch craze of the Dark Ages made witches more secretive (as if they were not secretive enough).
  2. These Bloodlines, often serve different purposes. Others serve the Light, others serve Evil purposes, others become more political or meddled with financial interests. Hence, it’s not uncommon to see Bloodlines engaging in Witch Wars. There are actually rumors, that great wars (for example the World War 2) begun as a result of Witch Wars. Remember the British Witches fighting the Nazi occultists? Or maybe think of the Crusades for example. There are many who believe that the crusaders where actually trying to search and locate powerful magical artifacts, some of them which had nothing to do with Christianity whatsoever. 

10 Signs You come from a Line of Witches

Only if a child shows specific signs of Magical Power, may the ancestor reveal their powers and wisdom. However, there are many ‘hints’ or ‘signs’ that your ancestors actually know much more that they will ever admit. 

I, myself, come from an old Bloodline of Witches. Only when I become 20 years old, my grandmother revealed the truth. The age is not standard. Other families reveal their ‘Magical Identity’ to their descendants in a young age, other prefer to keep it secret for more. 

But let’s see some signs, when we come from a Bloodline of Witches. 10 Signs that all hereditary witches should know!

1. Your Ancestors are Story Tellers

Did/do you ancestors keep telling you interesting stories and fairytales? Hereditary Witches are often raised with stories and ‘fairytales’ which are told over and over again. It is very important for their descendant to learn about the World of Witchcraft. 

Moreover, these stories often possess a certain pattern. It teaches the young witch something about their esoteric tradition or builds up their moral integrity. ‘With Great Power comes Great Responsibility’.  

2. Your Ancestors are Potion Makers

Did/do you ancestors always had a potion for everything? It is very common in Bloodlines, to craft potions for almost any condition and pass them through generations. A potion to help you study, a potion for sweet dreams or help you dream better, a potion to ease anxiety, a potion for better sex life… the list is endless. 

Secrets of Hereditary Witchcraft and the Old Religion
get the Secrets of Hereditary Witchcraft and the Old Religion

3. Your Ancestors are Dream Interpreters

Did/do your ancestors were always interested in listening to your Dreams? Witches and of course Hereditary Witches know that in our dreams we become more aware of our true nature. When the physical plane ceases to influence our judgement, our true potential might be unveiled. Moreover, the Hereditary Witches may wait for the right moment to talk to their children or grandchildren about their magical powers. This ‘right moment’ might come after a dream the child saw. A dream revealing his/her true destiny. 

4. Your Ancestors are Peculiar Advisors

Did/do your ancestors give you weird advice? My grandmother always used to give me advice which made no sense, UNLESS you’re a witch. They sounded more like superstitions to others who made laugh of her. Of course I’ve listened to them carefully. 

Advices like, do not whistle at night in forest, have always a pot of basil in your home or do not leave your hair in a brush, or always flush blood covered paper-towels made sense only when I’ve studied witchcraft.

Hereditary Witches - 10 Signs You Come from a Line of Witches

5. Your Ancestors are Amazing Cooks 

Did/do your ancestors cook in an odd way – using spices and herbs no other knows and of course uses? Kitchen Witchcraft is very popular because it’s concealed and powerful at the same time. Witches love herbs and spices and they like to use them every day to enchant the living. 

Do you keep getting amazing by their vast collection of dried herbs and exotic spices organized in glass bottles with handwritten labels? Cooking becomes a unique experience when you also employ Witchcraft…

6. Your Ancestors are Nature Lovers

Did/do your ancestors raise you to love and spend time outdoors in Nature?Hereditary Witches love to teach their heirs about the miracles of nature. New Witches are taught to recognize birds, reptiles and trees. They organise activities in the Wilds, spending much time around lakes, rivers, forests, coasts etc in order to help their heir get in touch with Nature. 

7. Your Ancestors are Lone Wolves

Did/do your ancestors love to spend time alone? They may be old and/or widowed but they have no problem staying alone at home. Somehow they manage pretty good. Witches are not afraid of being alone. In fact they prefer it for certain rituals and procedures. It’s not that they don’t enjoy the company of the ones they love. On the contrary. However they love spending time alone. 

8.  Your Ancestors are Living Calendars 

Did/do your ancestors always know what’s the current moon phase or know exactly what holiday is today? They may know the religious calendar by heart too. Witches are always attuned with the Circles of the Sun and the Moon. It is very important for witches to be up-to-date with the Zodiac. 

9. Your Ancestors performed Weird Birth, Death and Other Rituals 

Did/do your ancestors performed little rituals when a new child was born or moved to a new house, or when new Year has come? Witches, although they want to keep their practice in secret, they always try not to neglect important moments. Do they bury the placenta in a blessed grove when a new child is born? Have you noticed them covering the mirrors of the house when someone has died? 

Although they don’t talk much about what they are you doing, they insist on performing these rituals. Moreover, they want to their descendants to attend some of these rituals or maybe tell them with every little detail. 

10. You and Your Ancestors Have the Same ‘Witch Marks’

Did/do your ancestors have the same markings on their body as you? Did they keep telling you that you’ve inherited these weird spot on your body? 

As we’ve extensively explained in our Witch Marks article, it’s very common for Lines of Witches to possess the same Marks on their body as a proof of their ‘Spiritual Bloodline’. What’s even more interesting is that one might be adopted and have the same ‘Witch Marks’ too. Witch Marks is the magical imprint of a Magical Bloodline in the genetic code. 

Do your ancestors have these traits? If ‘YES’ then you are probably one of the Hereditary Witches. Who knows. Maybe one day… you’ll find dusty book of shadows in the attic!

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