7 Daily Habits of Witches – One for Each Day

7 Daily Habits of Witches - One for Each Day

Do you believe that magic is a complicated system of rituals designed only for the ones who have plenty of time and money to study and practice their spells? Well, of course Magic can become complicated, but all Real Witches would agree, that there is amazing power in your everyday routine. These are the Habits of Witches from which we can absorb tremendous amounts of energy and can transform your life. 

  • This is a One-Week program which if done and repeated properly, is powerful enough to turn you into a magical being who radiates power!

1. Star Gazing (Monday)

They say that when we look at the stars, our Guardian Angel look back at us. Of course this is just an expression as our Guardian Angel never leaves us and is always aware of our thoughts and prayers. However, this ancient tip, shows us that ‘star gazing’ is an excellent tool to attune with the higher realms.

Children, who are much more sensitive to magical powers, instinctively look at the stars for Hours. Witches love to gaze at the stars both for astrological and magical purposes. 

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Method: This might be the most ancient of the Habits of Witches. Go somewhere where you feel safe and there is minimum artificial light. If you live in a city try the rooftop etc. Get  yourself comfortable and look at the stars. Repeat it for 10 minutes every night. Do nothing but look at the stars. Go back to your bed. 

2. Re-Charge your Energy (Tuesday)

Modern people are often exhausted by everyday chores and challenging schedule. This ancient method of re-charging with crystals is used to filter your energy through the amethyst – or quartz – and receive a boost of M.C.E (Magical Crystal Energy).

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Method: To perform this you need to sit comfortably barefoot. Preferably do that outdoor in the woods – park – garden. However, you can do it wherever you want. Get yourself 2 amethysts (or quartzes) like in the picture. One amethyst draws energy from the Universe, one amethyst radiates yours. 

With every breath you take you receive blessings through your left hand amethyst (if you are right-handed – if not reverse hands), and every time you breathe out, you radiate energy from your right amethyst. Repeat for 5 minutes. 

3. Travel Somewhere (Wednesday)

Old Witches say that ‘each journey, long or short distance, is in fact a magical endeavor’. Traveling and moving is associated with Mercury – Hermes the God of Communication and Occult arts. Hence, every time we go somewhere we actually  havre a spiritual experience. This journey, lifts our spirit and our vibrations.

Method: Without rushing decide to go somewhere only to enjoy the journey. You don’t have to go somewhere far. You can jump up to a bus you’ve never been, or go on foot somewhere you haven’t been before. A different neighborhood, or the lake, or a park. Enjoy the ride. Try to feel the energy of this new place! 

4. Become a Beacon of Gratitude (Thursday)

When you smile the whole world smiles back at you. Gratitude is the Key to manifestation! Optimism and enthusiasm is ‘infectious’. By radiating this type of energy you actually become aware of the Karmic circle. This changes everything. Just one smile can turn the Karmic wheel and change your ‘reality’. 

Method. Today, just try to be consciously optimistic and enthusiastic for everything you love. Show gratitude to what you have and what experiences you had in the past. Hence, show the Universe what turns you on and thank it back for giving it to you. Repeat all day.

5. Animal Instinct (Friday)

Animals have the ability to observe the occult better than us. Wether you found out which is your totem animal – or not – this is a day to hang out with animals. Raise your awareness towards them. Show them how much you love them. This will enhance your relation with Mother Nature which actually is the 

Method: Give some water and/or food to homeless animals.  Spot a bird. Or a cat, a dog, an owl. Raise your awareness all day. How animals are behaving? Do they come to you? What are they looking? Try to observe them for 5-10 minutes. This is one of the most rewarding habits of Witches.

6. Tree Friends (Saturday)

Today, is the day of Saturn, hence the Earth. Trees are usually associated with the Earth and Saturn as they grow slowly. Let me remind you that Saturn is considered to be the ‘planet of the Witches’. Moreover, Saturn is believed to bestow unimaginable powers to those who are patient enough to grow them. This is the day for grounding your energy and attuning with Trees, Saturn’s (and Witches’) best friends.

Method: This is my favorite of all Habits of Witches. Just for 5 minutes, go and hug or touch or speak or sit on a tree. Pick one healthy – preferably old tree. Old Trees are believed to be inhabited by Spirits of Nature. Hence this ‘ritual’ will become more rewarding. 

Think of nothing. Let you mind rest. Feel the energy of the tree uniting with you. Let all darkness flow under the earth. Tree is here to help you empty your negativity and abolish your excessive energy. 5-10 minutes are enough. 

7. Meditation with Golden Light (Sunday)

The Golden Light is the light of the Sun and the Solar Deities. This is why most offerings to the solar gods are golden, implying the magical golden light which is attributed to the Solar Realm. This light is powerful enough to help you awaken your magical powers. Hence, this is included in the favorite habits of Witches.

Method: This is a simplified Raja Yoga ritual. Sit comfortably. Visualize a source of Golden Light above your head in the skies. Now visualise, that there is a smaller golden glowing sphere of energy inside your mind. This sphere is being lifted up slowly towards the Great Source of Golden Energy – the Solar Deity. Slowly approach the Great Source and once you reach it become one with it. Become one with the Solar Deity. 

See yourself glowing like never before. Feel the power in you! Slowly now the smaller glowing sphere descends back to your head knowing that you can always get back there and enjoy tons of love, affection and real power! 

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