Hints, Tips & Tricks of Witchcraft, Spirituality & Paganism – Part 2

Hints, Tips & Tricks of Witchcraft, Spirituality & Paganism - Part 2

Hints, Tips & Tricks of Witchcraft, Spirituality & Paganism: PART 2.

Nixie Vale, is here to teach us important lessons and tricks of Witchcraft. 

? Curse + Anger = Bad ?

Don’t curse or hex anyone when you are angry or upset. At times like this your emotions are controlling how you think and cursing or hexing when you’re angry… nothing good will come from it. If you are determined, wait until the anger or upset subsides and you have a cooler head.

? Travel Safe ?

When you drive there are basics that you have to abide by – no drinking and drive, no mobiles, sticking to the speed limit and y’know the normal, but there is a way to add a little magical protection for your journey.
? You can use Black Tourmaline for protection, Shungite will help keep the electronic aspects in working order. Selenite will help to raise the vibrations and remove your negative emotions.
♾ Sigils are an awesome way of adding a little extra protection to your journey. Draw the soil on some card/paper and place the either under the mats or under the seats.

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? Herbal Artisans ?

If you’re blessed with the ability, talent and love for painting, mix some essential oils, ground herbs, salt, ground crystals in with your painting, adding a different dimension, feel and energy to your art.

? Jars, jars and more jars ?

One thing a witch loves is an empty jar. Once food jars, baby food jars etc… make fabulous containers for herbs but for your spells too. (I keep my chunks of salt in an old beetroot jar. I have ash from my Samhain fire in a marmite jar. You need to make sure they are very clean if you’re using them for spells. You Don’t want a stray ingredient to weaken or negate your spell work.

? Stylin’ My Style ?

Don’t worry if you Don’t have the tools the books tell you to have, you Don’t need to have tarot cards, a cauldron, a wand or anything else. Your path is as individual as you are. You Don’t need these things because you are the most vital parts. Tools are hair that…Tools. You are the power, the driving force. You do you the best. You walk tour path the way you know best.

? Magical Ruts ?

It happens to everyone.
There are times when we all feel like we are stuck in the proverbial mud. This is okay. There is nothing wrong with you, just keep your thoughts positive and keep your vibes high and it WILL PASS. Give yourself time.

⚖ Keep it Simple ⚖

The more components you have in your spell the more likely it is that something can go awry, thing a can get forgotten, missed out or women in the wrong order. The simpler it is, the more direct your spell can be.

☯️ Balance is Key ☯️

It’s important to keep yourself and your sacred space in balance by cleansing both you and the space and staying grounded.
? Open your curtains and windows allowing fresh air and natural light in.
? Change your bedding and soft furnishings and wash them.
? Tidy the Clutter… Clutter and add a sense of chaos in your space, tidying up and “spring clean”
? Light Candles
? Play music or use a singing bowl, tuning fork or clapping will clear the air.
? Place crystals around your room such as Smoky Quartz, Selenite, Amethyst and Citrine to raise the vibrations of the room and yourself.

☘ Herbal Safety ☘

While herbs can be great in spells, cooking and for healing, hey can be equally as dangerous. Some are poisonous, toxic or can do real harm and it’s ALWAYS prudent and important to remember that. Here are some Herbal Hints.
? If you don’t know what it is, leave it alone.
? If it’s unlabbelled, leave it alone, even if you think you know what it is.
? Keep all herbs in a safe place away from children and pets.
? If a label says “Do Not Ingest” follow the advise – even if you know it’s safe. It’s better to air on the side of caution.
? Herbs can be used ad medicine, but everyone has a different reaction to them, and no herbs can heal you in the first dose. Be realistic.
?Research until your eyes bleed. It’s probably the most important piece of advice. Knowledge is your best defence against doing harm with herbs.

Let the Spirits of the Earth, Sun and Moon Guide you

*)O(* Rainbow Love, Light and Blessings *)O(*

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