Hints, Tips and Tricks of Witchcraft, Spirituality & Paganism – PART 1

Hints, Tips and Tricks of Witchcraft, Spirituality & Paganism - PART 1

In the land of the Internet there are most Hints, tips and tricks of Witchcraft for both practicing, and living a magical life. This article will be a work in progress, constantly updating this list with new ideas because the craft is about learning and living.

Hints, Tips and Tricks of Witchcraft, Spirituality & Paganism – PART 1

? Cleansing a Space ?

There is a number of ways to cleanse your home, your sacred space and ritual areas.
? Smudge with Sage and other Herbs
? Sweep or Hoover the Floors
? Allow natural light to fill the room
? Wipe and Clean Surfaces
? Use Sound to Cleanse the space – using chimes, a singing bowl or clapping your hands.
?Crystals such as Smoky Quartz can absorb negative energy. Carnelian and Selenite can help cleanse a Space without requiring cleansing themself.

⛰ Always Keep Yourself Grounded

There as as many ways to ground yourself as there are witches, here are a few popular ways of grounding.
? Touch the ground with your bare hands but make sure it’s natural ground.
? Walk on the Grass
? Hug a Tree
? Carry Grounding Crystals such as Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Agate or Jasper
? Take a Shower visualising the running water connecting you to the earth.

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? Resources are Important ?

It’s important to give the resources you have with the respect they deserve, whether they are a website, a book, or a person. If you are taking notes, or writing in your BOS make sure you write down where you found the information. That way you will be able to go back to it at a later date.

? Candle Burning ?

If you are working a spell and it requires for a candle to be burned away, use a tea light as they burn for 3 and a half to 4 hours. They are smaller and more cost effective.

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? Collect the Ashes ?

If you were able to have a bonfire at Beltane or Samhain, collect some of the Ashes and take it into your home for protection over the coming year.

? Practicing when Poorly ?

When you are feeling low, rundown, lacking in energy it is wise to avoid casting spells, however magical working that is for healing yourself. It important to understand your energy, how it works and how to use it best whem you’re under the weather.

? Manifesting ?

When you are manifesting anything (money, a job, love) make sure you do everything in your power to bring your goals to life, and the Universe will do the rest. ? Don’t make the Universe do all the work, it’s your life and you won’t get anything if you do nothing. ?

? Pendulums ?

Using a Pendulum is one of the simplest forms of divination. It’s a matter of asking a yes/no question being asked and answered. You Don’t need an expensive or fancy pendulum, all you need is a weight – such as a ring – tied on a piece of string

☀️ Inspiration is EVERYWHERE ☀️

There is inspiration everywhere, in every moment, thought and action, all you need to see this inspiration is to take a moment, close tour eyes, take a few deep breaths and she  you’ve quietened mind open your eyes and see the world anew, being mindful of the signs around you.

? Strapped for Cash ?

If you’re stapled for Cash and can’t afford to buy candles for a spell, you can use birthday candles or a was crayon as a candle. As they come in packs of multiple items they are cost effective too. (See here more magic and tricks of Witchcraft with Penniless Purse) 

?‍? Live a Magical Life ?‍?

You can theorize about what it’s like to live a magical life before you eventually have LIVE a Magical life, putting everything you have learned into practice, introducing things into each day of your life.

*)O(* Rainbow Love, Light and Blessings *)O(*

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