What the Shape of Your Face Reveals

What the Shape of Your Face Reveals

What does the Shape of Your Face Reveals about You, your Future and Your personality? This may come as a surprise but the ancient art of ‘reading’ one’s characteristics date back in the Yellow Emperor of Ancient China, also known as the Yellow God who lived in 2698–2598 BC. He was the first who taught that our bodies is actually (co-)shaped by our destiny and our energy. Hence one who knows the secrets of this Art can foretell someone’s behavior. Even future may be revealed but just looking at him/her. 

What the Shape of Your Face Reveals

The shape of our faces correspond to each Chinese and Western Element. This is why each face is ‘linked’ with each element. One should combine the characteristics of the shape of the face, the color of hair, the shape of fingers… etc in order to get some good results. We have already guided you through the Color of Hair. It’s now time to see what our face reveals.

What the Shape of Your Face Reveals

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1. Round Faces – Element of Water – the Time Travelers 

Typical Water Face type: Water is manifested as round faces. Moreover, the round face coexists with soft, chill skin and dark eyes. What the Water of Your Face Reveals? 

The most powerful characteristic of Water personalities, is time. Water types tend to ‘travel back in time’ and relive what they have already lived. Time and memory acts as source of wisdom, but unfortunately this can also become their trap. 

One with a round face – water type – should learn not to break free from negative memories and release the karmic burden. Moreover, Water Types usually love to organize their lives with simple smalls steps rather than taking a leap of faith. Patience is a virtue. However, they are truly resourceful when it comes to their sensual life. 

Feng Shui Masters Advice – Something You Didn’t Know: Memories are pure energy. Keeping this energy – without proper releasing – usually tends to materialization of this energy. Hence, obesity. One should learn how to banish and release the emotional impact of the energy in order to help the healthy energy flow. 

2. Square Faces – Element of Earth – the Protectors

Typical Earth Face type: Earth faces are usually square shaped with strong jawlines which coexist with a well-structured, stocky bodies. What the Earth of Your Face Reveals? 

The most powerful characteristic of Earth personalities is loyalty. These are the ones who you can trust. Moreover, their strong personalities usually provide emotional support to those around them. They are trustworthy and loyal. Unfortunately this is also something other people usually take advantage of. 

Earth types need to understand that it’s ok to do something wrong every once in a while. We are humans and we are all prone to accidents, mistakes and misunderstandings.  

Feng Shui Masters Advice – Something You Didn’t Know: Earth types usually ‘collect’ and stick to things, memories and people and never let go. This of course, although it’s very important for them, it makes it very difficult for new things, new people and new blessings to come their way. Where will you put this brand new item you’ve purchased when all your drawers are full of the old stuff? You should learn to welcome the future by making room for the New. Come on then, throw away what you no longer need. 


3. Oblong Faces – Element of Wood – the Force of Awakening

Typical Wood Face type: Their oblong faces with broadly noses and greasy skin structures usually coexist with a strong well-developed body with usual dental issues. What the Wood of Your Face Reveals? 

The most powerful characteristic of Wood is the Awakening. Wood types are a force of nature, ever creating, every moving, ever thinking. Just like the trees, they expand with their visions and their fiery will. However, the progress is not as fast as they want. Unfortunately, this is something that makes them anxious. 

Their competitive nature makes them great employees but they truly need to find some balance in order to co-operate with other. Moreover, health issues like hypertension, coronary syndrome and strokes are common to Wood types. 

Feng Shui Masters Advice – Something You Didn’t Know: It’s truly important to stick to your goal. However, in order to ALWAYS succeed, you need to somehow keep focused by let go of attachment. In this way, you will keep on nurturing your wishes but you won’t have to deal with negativity. 

4. Triangle Faces – Element of Fire – the Powerful Ones

Typical Fire Face type: Their face usually looks like a triangle with pointy forehead, prominent facial bones and wide cheekbones. Usually, this triangle coexists with bony body structure. What the Fire of Your Face Reveals? 

The most powerful characteristic of Fire is their fiery Will. When they want something, is like fire fueling their passion and they can even move mountains in order to make their dreams come true. There is nothing they cannot achieve as fire is the element with the biggest potential. However, it’s the element with the most dangerous and hazardous nature. 

Fiery natured people are assertive and aggressive, always trying to be in charge – no matter wether they realize it or not. Control however, is just a state of mind, an illusion. When they realize how pointless it is, grief haunts them. They need to put back joy in their lives every once in a while. This magically replenishes their energy. 

Feng Shui Masters Advice – Something You Didn’t Know:  Triangle-faced fire types need to learn how to focus their energy and ground themselves everyone in a while. Even the shape of their faces show that energy is focused in their forehead. Usually, this brings out head-brain issues in the fiery types. Over-exhaustion, strokes or dementia is common to these people as energy is very thick in their heads. They need to abolish excessive energy. 

5. Diamond + Rectangle Faces – Element of Metal – the Resourceful Ones

Typical Metal Face type: It’s a combination of diamond and rectangle faces with a very distinct broad forehead and shining eyes like energy of life is coming out of them. This usually coexists with a strong but not tall body. Athletic yet not that muscular or stocky with relatively smaller hands and feet and pale complexions. What the Metal of Your Face Reveals? 

The most powerful characteristic of Metal is their Resourcefulness. They make great advisors and they are extremely keen on finding solutions of every type. However, they cannot easily escape from their problems. Why? Because, these issues are usually created by themselves. 

This is when depression and insomnia kicks in. Metal types need to learn how to forgive their own selves. Yes, they’ve been in so much trouble to become what they are right now, but is it worth living a life which does not fulfills our dreams? Taking a step back to re-think our life’s goals is not losing, it’s winning. 

Feng Shui Masters Advice – Something You Didn’t Know: Their detailed and goal oriented nature usually makes them lose their life’s amazing colorful journey. Frankly, is like they always invest on the future and they keep on investing until they realize they are lost in future without living NOW. The most important advice for Metal types is to live for the present and not in a hypothetical future time. This will amplify their manifestation powers and make them even more creative. 

Tell us… What’s Your Face Type?

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