Awakening – a Survival Guide

Awakening - a Survival Guide

Spiritual Awakening is an amazing experience. We are brought before another world, full of magic and endless possibilities we didn’t believe they could ever exist. The Awakening is not always a pleasant experience although it always gets better. This has to do with how prepared we are to receive the blessing and how enslaved we actually are by the material world.

The Death and the Awakening

In most occult schools, the initiation to the Ancient Mysteries  – the Craft is always depicted as Death. We die and bury our old selves and we are reborn. This is why in all religions/cults/covens, once you’ve been initiated you’re given a new / different name. You are born again – which only means that you’ve just died honey! Hence, this is an absolute experience. Nothing can become as it was before because frankly we’ve changed.

So you want to become Awakened…

To do so, you need to cast the Triquetra Spell to Wake up Your Magical Powerwhich actually is pretty powerful. From this moment on you should experience different kinds of “signs”. Check the list of “symptoms” of the Spiritually Awakened .

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get the Silver Triquetra Charm to Wake up your Magic
get the Silver Triquetra Charm to Wake up your Magic

Turbulance with Awakening…

Depending on what road you’ll choose to Wake up you are about to receive a certain vibration of energies. Where from did you ask the powers?

NOTE: Of course if you’ve asked magical powers from Demons or other Negative entities this list does not apply because sadly you’ve been trapped. NEVER mess with Black Magic. The repercussions are always severe. Although energy might come to you, it will ultimately try to destroy you because frankly that’s what these entities want. Ask magical powers from Divine sources and High spirits. If you have already asked Demonic help ask professional guidance to break the connection AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Apollo or Persephone? Here’s when it gets tricky. 

Supposedly you did ask magical powers from let’s say Apollo, the God of the Sun. Apollo is a god who blesses and loves to help humans. His energies, although might some time feel fierce (he killed several demons and other types of enemies), they are mostly gently. Apollo will answer your prayers in a gently way – (my personal favourite – ask anything from him using his incantation)

But what happens when you ask magical powers from a different source, let’s say a chthonic deity, for example Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld. Although as a Goddess she is pure Love – as all divine and angelic entities are, her ways are much different from Apollo. She might free you from the traps you are, in a more scary way! Persephone, as mistress of Death may use otherworldly forces. Remember, a God/Goddess knows that you live forever and you’ve got so many lives ahead. This means that the Goddess Persephone, might bring you what you want, destroying simultaneously what’s rotten and bad for you.

You think that’s ok ? Think of all the things you’re attached to right now – and you should not be. Persephone cares about your spiritual evolution. She doesn’t mind if you lose something bad for you – which right now you don’t realise it and you probably are hooked from it.


You are a rich man. Your job is in front of a PC making calculations for endless hours. Lately you’ve realised that you have problem with your eyes. You are scared and you visit your doctor. The Doctor diagnoses a very severe conditions with your optical nerve. You go back to your home and you ask Persephone’s help. You want your health back! Next day, you mysteriously get fired. You get back to your home, forced to rest. Furthermore, it takes you few months to find a new job but somehow by that time your eyes are miraculously healed! Get it? Good!

Be Careful what you ask For!

Are you sure you want Persephone’s help? I mean if what you want is under Persephone’s Reign then you should ask her help. Of course anything is possible for her as goddess, thus if you feel close to her, ask anything. (I personally love her too much). However, make sure you can handle her ways. If not sure, try a more gentle God or Goddess.

Ancients were very wise. To ask for Divine Help – almost any divine help – they put themselves into a cleansing procedure first (read here how they practiced necromancy). During this procedure they slowly and gently affiliated with the specific divine source. By the time the priest/ess indicated, the blockages faded away in a harmless way.

Personal Testimony

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about the Chakras, the energy wheels from which vital energy is spread in all our body and aura. The chakras are linked with parts of our bodied and areas of our life. These wheels needs proper greasing. It’s exactly like the wheels in a machine. The energy is the pressure. If you apply pressure / force to a wheel that you’ve forgot to grease, the repercussions will be severe. Are your Chakras out of balance?

Greasing the mechanic wheels is equivalent to cleansing your chakras. If you don’t cleanse your chakras, the initiation can become a painful experience.

Although I did know that, I had to relearn it, the hard way. I was initiated to Kundalini Reiki. Kundalini is a Goddess of sacred sexuality, a fiery force which should always be respected and NOT be taken lightly. I did not cleanse my chakras properly. After my Kundalini initiation, my libido was surprisingly awakened (we are talking about million watts of horniness) and of course I suffered lumbar pain. You’ve got it. My sacral chakra needed some proper greasing!

Problems with Awakening – Initiation

As we’ve already said, the experience of Initiation changes us forever. It’s a small Death. Nothing makes sense from our previous life. Thus we may experience problems in the following areas.

1.Career and Money Issues:

Problem: Once we’ve been awakened and we can clearly see the bigger truth, we may face some difficulties there. Many people have been fired during this time. It’s probably very difficult for us to work for 8 hours straight doing something plain and meaningless just because we need the money. Thus, we lose focus on work and this might have negative results in our career.

Solution: However, do not forget that we are born in THIS world and money helps us if you we use it wisely. Try to focus back on you work. If you still find no meaning in your job try to find another but do not rush. Ground your energy and search responsibly.

2.Relationship Issues:

Problem: Yes, the awakening gives us a broader perspective on all of our relationships. During this highly activated time – spiritwise, we might understand that some of our “friends” or “lovers” actually draw us back. Toxic relationships, psychic parasites, or just unhealthy relationships. Thus, we tend to break up and urge to put an end in these relationships. There are many times which the Awakening is an almost hermetic time of our lives. This is why in many occult schools – religions, the Awakening requires a time of solitude – just like the monks.

Solution: Although we need to put the rules which should protect us, we should always remember that we do not evolve simultaneously. Some people need more time. You should explain your problems to the ones you’ve close. Do not just disappear. You can always break up with the relationships but is it necessary? Love may be the way!

3.Life and Health Issues:

Problem: Dazzled by our new powers we may become reckless. It’s true that Death is no longer scary but this doesn’t mean that we should run towards Hades and Persephone. We will die eventually and we will meet them (again) so there’s no rush.

Solution: Grounding our energy is a very helpful procedure. Not only we do not lose our Magical Powers, but we somehow make them more fertile. A neophyte is prone to accidents and mistakes. Hence a teacher, or all by yourself –  must realise that you need to slow down and explore your new powers responsibly. Guidance is very important. Ask Guidance from the divine source, your Guardian Angel, your Totem Animal, your Ancestors and find Balance!

I hope I’ve explained most traps which involve the Awakening. Tell us your Experiences! 

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