The Infinity Mirror Spell: Arouse the Creative Chaos within

The Infinity Mirror Spell: Arouse the Creative Chaos within

Our community knows that mirrors have strong spiritual powers. Making and Using a Magic Mirror is a task that each witch and mage should do for a fully-fledged magical performance. Through Magic Mirrors we are able to contact spirit guides, practice divination, for ritual invocation and evocation and spellcraft. And much more!

But not only magic mirrors can be used for witchcraft. “Regular” mirrors are also objects of great spiritual energy. Some, like the Argentinian author J.L. Borges, may find mirrors to be intimidating. As he wrote in his poem called “Mirrors”:

Today at the tip of so many and perplexing

- -

Wandering years under the varying moon,

I ask myself what whim of fate

Made me so fearful of a glancing mirror.

Surely, we should not be afraid of mirrors. Yet, it is valuable to be aware of their powers in order to take advantage of their magical properties.

The Infinity Mirror

Have you ever seen two mirrors reflecting each other? If in parallel positions, a pair of mirrors invokes the impression of an infinite space. As children it has been a fascinating fact. And even for artists, what is called the Infinity Mirror effect can be source of inspiration.

Just think about the fact that the seas of our “Blue Planet” is to a certain extent a reflection of the skies. So, a major part of our planet is a sort of a mirror. Or think of a smaller lake nested inside a mountain ridge how it reflects its surroundings. And metaphorically, our encounters are often a reflection of our own self. So, mirrors are everywhere. And when two mirrors face each other, a whole universe of reflections emerges.

The Creative Chaos within us

Putting two mirrors in parallel position creates a space of intensive energy. This energy is initially neutral. This means that it is not positive or negative itself. The “inter-mirror” field is charged by the ambience and what is present inside it.

This is why we are able to conduct magic utilizing the Infinity Mirror effect. Our purpose is to enhance our creative and emotional powers.

There is something inherently erotic in the usage of mirrors. Most people like observing their sexual intercourse on a mirror, because this permits us to have a better view of the bodies. Hence, we can embrace this energy. The parallel mirrors will back up our efforts for a general spiritual growth.

For preparing the Infinity Mirror Spell, we need the following conditions and objects:

Two mirrors. It would be ideal to find big ones so that your whole body could be reflected. If this is not possible, choose two smaller mirrors, but big enough so that reflect a part of your upper body. A silver frame around the mirrors would strengthen the effect of the spell but it is not necessary.

You will need three candles, preferably yellow or orange. Yellow is the color of creativity, inspiration and for developing magic powers. Orange is the color of intellect, enthusiasm and stimulation. The candles should emit enough light so that you can see yourself in the mirror.

Select a date in which the moon is in waning phase. This may sound contradictory for an act of spiritual growth but since we call upon Infinity and Chaos, we strive for controlling these powers within us and not releasing them. You should think the whole process as a silent deep to things we already conceal inside us.

On a paper, write down your wish to expand your creation and abilities. Use your own words but do not write too much. One or two sentences suffice.

The Spell

In a dim or dark room with no sun light put the mirrors in parallel. If you are standing, place the candles on a low table, if you are sitting in front of you. Two candles should point to each mirror and the other one towards you. The candles should be clearly visible in the mirrors. The written Spell can be put in the middle between the candles.

On both mirrors draw a symbol that represents you. The Infinity Symbol is what would match on the occasion, but you can select another one as well.

Stand or Sit in a way in which your face and your upper part is reflected in the mirrors. Undress your upper part.

Start meditating. Think of yourself as something limitless, something that expands. This feeling should come from inside to the ambience. Maybe being slightly intoxicated (for example with a glass of red wine) would help.

Afterwards turn your head towards the one mirror and observe the endless reflections of your face. Turn around slowly towards the other mirror. Then look straight ahead and feel this immensity within you.

Close your eyes and try to release an erotic feeling but, if possible, without having intercourse images in your head. It should be an abstract sensuality. You can caress your head and your upper body.

Take some time thinking of your spirit as travelling through the mirrors and coming back to you. Don’t stress things, just think of your self as travelling inside an endless universe in which you are always the center. When you re-open your eyes, have a look on the symbols on the mirrors and ponder over the Spell you have written down. This is a silent Spell, therefore you don’t have to utter it.


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