Is Your Child Special ? 10 Signs You’re a Parent of a Magical Child

Is Your Child Special ? 10 Signs You're a Parent of a Magical Child

Raising a child requires sacrifices, your constant attention and much of your energy. However, things get even more tricky when the child you raise is ‘special’ and spiritually gifted. You need to be prepared so you can face the challenges of raising a gifted child. In this article we try to see signs, when the child you are raising is not ordinary. The reputation of these signs goes back in the ancient times, when people believed that a child could actually descend from deities or fairies. So, did you gave birth to a Magical Child? 

9 Signs You’ve Got a Magical Child

Let’s take a look at the following signs. 

1. Child has Vivid Dreams

Dreamworld is a very special realm. The most powerful Awakened Ones had always interesting stories to share from what they’ve experienced in a dream. Dream-walking is one of the most promising magical abilities. And it all begins like that. 

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  • Does your Child keep on waking up at night from intense dreams?
  • Does your Child tells a story?

While still a child, a powerful magician experiences intense and usually frightening dreams which may keep a child awake for many nights. Write down these experiences and pay attention to the dream. Although childish you might discover a very interesting pattern. Special numbers or colors or totem animals?

2. Child intuitively Puts hands on broken things or sick creatures to fix and heal

Healing is in fact projecting magical energy to a target, altering its force field. Hence, healing is interacting with one’s energy status. 

  • Does your child instinctively puts his/her hands on sick plants?
  • Or maybe projects the hands over a injured individual trying to heal?
  • Perhaps, this happens with broken objects with an intention to fix it or ever recharge it! 

Children who intuitively project and place their hands on injured, sick or broken people and objects are in fact trying to project their magical energy. If your child does this then it’s highly likely to be an Awakened One.  

3. Child has ‘imaginary’ friends

Spirits are all around us whether we see them or not. Hence, if someone is sensitive in receiving their stimuli, then s/he will be really busy. Magical Children, interact with these entities. Ghosts, fairies or other entities. 

  • Does your child has special ‘imaginary’ friends?
  • Do these ‘friends’ appear in both dreams and reality? 

These ‘friends’ are in fact entities who chose your child to appear. Most spirits recognize the most sensitive ones in order to successfully deliver their message or fulfill their purpose. Because children cannot explain to their parents who are they, they usually call these encounters ‘visits from friends’. 

4. Child doesn’t like crowded places

Awakened children are usually born empaths. What’s an empath? As discussed in other articles empaths are the individuals who feel what others do. Before one embraces this gift, s/he can go through a pretty rough time. 

  • Does your child avoid crowded places?
  • Children may experience headaches, dizziness or even actual physical pain if they are empaths. (Consult with the pediatrician about the symptoms). 

If your magical child is a natural empath, it means that s/he is closer to magical energy.

5. Child talks to trees and plants

Trees, flowers and herbs are living organisms. They communicate and interact with their environment in many invisible (for us) ways. Of course, this doesn’t mean that Spiritually Gifted people don’t feel ‘the ways of the trees’. 

  • Does your child talk with the roses of your garden?
  • Does your child hugs trees? 
  • Does your child talks to your herbs?

First of all WE ALL need to learn from these children. Trees and herbs feel our love. This is a very important lesson in alchemy. The qualities of trees and herbs are magnified with a special treatment. And Love is a catalyst. 

Moreover, as you have guessed, you may have given birth to a young druid. Encourage your magical child to keep on communicating with flora. 

6. Child attracts animals

As we’ve already discussed in several articles, animals have an ability to see the aura and the energy of humans. This is why some animals are attracted by certain humans. In the same way, when our energy changes, we attract or stop attracting other kinds of animals. 

  • Is your child followed by certain animals?
  • Does you child attract birds or animals ? 

Children who attract animals are considered blessed ones. In some cultures this may be a sign of a born spiritual leader. 

7. Child instinctively understands the teachings of Spiritual Leaders without even trying ?

Most teachings of major spiritual leaders and ancient philosophers (like Jesus Christ, Buddha, Hesiod, Socrates) have something in common. These patterns and the deep meaning of their teachings are obvious to only few Awakened Ones. 

  • Does your child love to read the teachings of Zen, Buddha, Jesus?
  • Does your child love philosophy? 

Children you are born special love to think of the ideas presented by ancient philosophers and spiritual leaders. If you child loves to discuss with you the meaning of religion and ancient ways you have a magical child in your hands. 

8. Child draws Symbols and Runes?

Symbols are archetypes of Magical Patterns. Each symbols has magical energy bound with it. Hence, they act as arks of ancient knowledge and beacons of magical powers. 

  • Does your child loves to draw magical symbols? (Triquetra, Pentagram, Celtic Cross etc).
  • Does your child loves to paint pyramids or other particular magically potent objects and monuments like obelisks? 

A magical child loves to experiment with symbols and runes. Why? Because it’s the first time (for this life) to sense the effect of their magical energy. Moreover, a magical child possibly carves runes and symbols for protection or other purposes. 

9. Child loves to read ancient mythology and old religions

Ancient Religions were active for millennia. They were close to nature and practice witchcraft in an obvious and effective way. Ancient priests and priestesses took oaths which may follow souls for many life-spans. 

  • Does your child loves to read about Ancient Greece, Egypt or India?
  • Is s/he fascinated by certain Gods and Goddesses? 
  • Does your child seem to know more about these times than you’ve ever explained? 

A re-incarnated ancient priest or priestess surely possesses magic of other life-spans. Hence this magical child is in fact a reborn Awakened individual who shares wisdom from the Old Religion.

10. Child has Witch Marks

Witch Marks are interesting markings on one’s body. It is believed that re-incarnated witches and ancient priests and priestesses bear special markings. Witch Marks act as witnesses of past magical experiences. 

  • Does your child have blue and red dots?
  • Or maybe port-wine stains, moles and warts which form a pattern? 
  • Maybe some scars and scratches carve a rune or a symbol on their body?

Examine the body of your child. Does something look like a Witch Mark

Whether you gave birth to a naturally Magical Child or Not, you can raise him/her to become Magical (see here more). Moreover, if your child does present these kind of signs, it’s your responsibility to further cultivate his/her talents. Raise an Awakened One. 

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