A spell to disperse grief and sorrow

A spell to disperse grief and sorrow

Life is not all about mirth and joy. This is something that every mortal human being knows. A life can be sometimes full of sorrow and distress. But even in an otherwise blissful life, we will have to face some moments of anguish or sadness. It will be impossible to avoid the loss of a loved person such as our parents or dear friends, failures at work, concern about our children or matters of heart.

In fact, without woes life would not be complete. Sadness is given to us in order to become stronger. It is a challenge we have to go through so that we get wiser.

Yet, when sorrow becomes unbearable, it is also reasonable to ask for some magical assistance. Getting in harmony with nature and her powers is the best way to get stronger and cope with any difficulties. For these hard moments, cast the following spell.

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What will you need:

A cauldron (like this) or any container that is nonflammable!

A black taper candle.

Five short white pillar candles. You can also use tealights in order to reduce the costs.

Soil, enough to hold the black candle.

A copper or bronze-colored coin such as a penny or a 1, 2 or 5 Dollar / Euro / Pound Cent.

Sea Salt

Water and a glass of Red Wine or Grape Juice (about 175 ml)

Casting the Spell

Since our goal is to let the sorrow fade away, cast this spell during the waning phase of the moon. The best day for performing the spell is on Saturday, the day of Saturnus

  1. Place the white pillar candles on a table in a formation of a pentagram. The area inside the candles will serve as your altar. You can clean this area with the cleaning incense you fancy, before you start with the spell.
  2. Place the cauldron in the middle of the area the white candles define. Put inside the soil and then place upon it the black taper candle.
  3. Light the white candles firstly. Spend some minutes meditating before you also light the black candle, saying the following words:


Light upon grief,

Cast out all pain,

Tears to be lost,

Happiness gained


iv. Hide the coin inside the soil pile, saying:


This is the price I pay

let the sadness fade away


v. Sprinkle the sea salt on the soil and some water, saying:


These are the tears I’ve shed

Drift away and never return


vi. Raise the glass of Red wine, saying:


A toast to sorrows gone

Now happiness come along!


Now drink the half of the glass and pour the remainder onto the soil, saying:


The earth to soak up

the last of the cup


vii. Let the black candle burn out entirely. When done, close the cauldron and let it there as long as the white candles still burn. Then, bring the cauldron to a dark place for a whole moon phase. When this is completed, take the cauldron out of your home and bury the soil with its content away during the evening or night, when no daylight is present.


The Spell was inspired by the wonderful work of Ann-Marie Gallagher under the title The Spells Bible.


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