Burn your negative thoughts with this candle spell!

Burn your negative thoughts with this candle spell!

Candles are beautiful. They give light, warmth and often a scent. A flame in the darkness satisfies and calms our eye. Even the smallest candle can transform a room. When we have a romantic dinner, it is exactly a candle that contributes the romantic element.

But more than that, a candle can be a symbol. In her book Candle Power: Using Candlelight For Ritual, Magic & Self-Discovery (2000, Cassell Illustrated), the author Cassandra Eason movingly writes:

“The life of man is said to be like a candle – the candle itself the mortal form, the unburned was undeveloped potential and its flame the spirit – for candles are not only light but living fire. When a candle is spent or we snuff it out, the light might be gone from our external vision and the warmth from our touch, but that light is not lost: rather, it is transformed into radiant beams that fuel the positive energies of the universe and fall as love and healing on those who gaze into a candle flame in sorrow, pain or fear.”

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Candles are Magic!

It comes as no surprise then that candles are also essential in the ceremonies, rituals and spells of many religions and traditions, such as Judaism, Christianity and Buddhism. Yet, the roots of the ritual are pagan. For example, Ancient Greeks used candles to honor the goddess Artemis’ birth on the sixth day of every lunar month. And of course, in Wiccan practices candles have a dominant role. Those who get now started can consult this book by Lisa Chamberlain: Wicca Candle Magic: A Beginner’s Guide to Practicing Wiccan Candle Magic, with Simple Candle Spells.

In a previous article of us, we have gathered all necessary information you will require for getting started with Candle Magic!

The flame will burn whatever troubles your mind

Now, for getting prepared for a spell of mind purification we need the following:

1. Choose the right candle

The color of a candle is crucial for a spell. In our article Candle Magic: Candle Colours Correspondences, we explained the properties of its candle color. White stands for purification, with blue we emphasize our wish for peace and renewal.

It is far more desirable to obtain a candle made from beeswax. Bees are important for magic and candles made from their wax is the purest you can get. You can also select plant waxes such as bayberry wax. It goes without saying that any natural product outshines any one made from petroleum products regarding its energy. Nevertheless, every candle can be used for our purposes.

Find a short, solid pillar candle, one that could be hold by the whole palm of your hand. It should not be too big and too thin because you will have to focus on its flame by looking downwards. Also avoid not naturally scented candles.

2. Find a dark room

For performing the spell, we will need a room where light gets inside. Simply said: the darkest the room is the better. The room will represent the dark side of our mental and emotional world, in which a flame will spark up.

3. Choose the right moon phase

Since our goal is to dispel our inner negativity, you should select a period when the moon is in its waning phase. This will accelerate the effects of the spell process. Witches and mages know that moon phases play a significant role, therefore take it into consideration.

4. Write down whatever troubles you

An import step in order to get rid of negative thoughts is to formulate it in a succinct and clear way. Be honest with yourself. Write down all anxieties and fears but try not to get emotional while preparing the list, don’t let these thoughts dominate your mind right now. At this point you have to recognize them.

Burning the negative thoughts

Fire is energy and so are thoughts. The day you will decide to perform the spell, be sure to be in a clear state of mind. Try to meditate and relax before you go on with it.

Sit in the middle of the room and find a position where the candle is in front of you at a height in which you can stretch slightly your arms in order to have the candle between your hands. Put the candle on the table. You can make a small wreath around it with dry twigs of herbs or small flowers.

Don’t play music and use only one candle. after concentrating through meditation for a while, light the candle. Then rub your two palms until you feel the energy. Afterwards, place your palms opposite to each other around the flame. Both palms should be in a distance that could feel the warmth of the flame. This feeling should be pleasant.

Then recite this introductory mantra:

“By the power of flame and the pure glory of fire,
let these shadows be vanished forever”

Then, start mentioning the negative thoughts one after another. In doing that, remain calm and neutral towards them. Imagine that they flow from both of your hands towards the flame where they are burnt and gone in the air. When you have mentioned all negative thoughts, spend some time regarding the flame and observe the serenity in you. finally, Leave the candle in a safe place in the dark room and exit. If possible, let the candle be burnt to the very end.


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