How to Manifest Anything You Want in the Material Plane (7 Keys)

How to Manifest Anything You Want in the Material Plane (7 Keys)
How to Manifest Anything You Want in the Material Plane (7 Keys)

You must know by now that witches believe in the Spiritual Plane where everything is possible. Whatever we think, whatever we dream of, fear of, love, hate is being created there. Where? Well, in the spiritual plane first. The question is how to manifest anything we want in the material plane. 

How to Manifest Anything

I’m pretty sure you’ve read all about the rule (or law) of attraction. Although this works just fine, witches like us, prefer to approach the manifestation procedure in another, more magical way. You see, the materialization procedure can take some time in order to make things right. Hence, we are here, to make things right! 

F.A.Q. on Manifestation

Let’s take a look on a couple of things you like to ask us on manifestation.

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What can you Materialize? 

The answer is simple. ANYTHING you may want. Even if this is extremely unbelievable or even stupid, we as humans, have the ability to materialize anything we want. All these bizarre things you see in our World are probably results of intense magic. 

Why isn’t there any instant Manifestation? 

Don’t be mistaken. Powerful witches can materialize anything they want instantly. However this takes a lot of practice and devotion. Moreover, Witches with such power, lose interest over the material plane and tend to focus on Spiritual which is eternal and MUCH more rejoicing. 

The 7 Keys of Manifestation

To proceed with the Keys of Manifestation you have to understand that Witches succeed because their power is attuned with the Cosmic Spirits. Furthermore, Witches love to use the power of the Moon to get what they want. Why? Because the Lunar Energies versatile and extremely handy. 

So first things first. Study carefully this article on Moon and its Magic. 

Now, we begin the Manifestation procedure in Waning Time of the Moon. Let’s say what we want is money and we have decided to materialize more Wealth in our Reality. This is how we proceed. 

Key no1. Liberation from the Past– Waning Moon

Letting go of the past is the key ingredient to any success. Let’s see some things that could delay or distract our manifestation rituals:

  • We are afraid of what we ask. (For example if we have learned all rich people are evil, because riches are Satan’s instruments etc, we should probably want to stay away from the horned devil right? So first things first. We need to re-programme our mind by healing this negative thought.)
  • We actually want to ask something else. (For example, we think that if we are rich we are going to be more charming to other men and finally get married to a powerful and sexy man. Alright, although I can see the point, why don’t we get to the chase immediately? Do a manifestation ritual to get a nice man to love you. Focus on what you REALLY want.)
  • Something is holding you back. (For example, you believe that if you get rich you will lose your friends because you will move away etc. Heal this thought. You can be with anyone you want and there is always a choice.)

So, to manifest anything you want, you need to let go of these useless thoughts. Right?

Key no2. Make your Body a Vessel of Cosmic Energy – Waning Moon 

Make your body a Vessel of Cosmic Energy. Make yourself a Powerful Tool of magic. To do so, you need to dispel all the negative energies that block your chakras. 

To do so you need to unblock all your chakras with this simple meditation. It is explained in the award winning cartoon show, ‘Avatar, the Last Airbender’. Here you are going to find our article on this majestic meditation. 

Watch the AMAZING video and read our article to understand more tricks and how to do it. 

Key no3. Gratitude, the Essence of Manifestation – Waning Moon

To make room for what you ask of, you need to create a magnetic polarity to attract alike energies. Gratitude is the energy that links things we enjoyed. 

Pick a day before the New Moon to write down ALL the things that make you feel grateful. What did you enjoy? Write them down and give some time to re-live these grateful moments. Thank the Universe (or God, Gods, Goddesses, Angels, spirits etc). Say ‘Thank You’ out loud.

Key no4. Focus – Waxing Moon

Now that you made room for something new and blessed you need to focus on what you want. 

Write down exactly what you want. Pay attention on details. For example.

  • How much money do you need?
  • What will you do with them?
  • How does it make you feel now you’ve got this amount of money? 

Key no5. Visualization – Waxing Moon

Take some time to ‘feel’ how if feels like getting what you want. Close your eyes and live the moments after you succeed on your goal. For example, now that you’ve got the money you asked, how is you life? Visualize speaking with the ones you love, explaining them you current reality. Pay attention to their reactions. Make this experience as real as possible. Visualization speeds up manifestation. To Manifest Anything you want, you need to ‘see’ it first with you spiritual eyes.

Key no6. Mastic Gum – Waxing Moon

It would be preferred to do all steps while you burn some Mastic Gum on a charcoal. This amazing greek resin will dispel negative thought a bring minty fresh clarity in your mind. Mastic Gum is preferred in materialization rituals because it brings clarity and optimism.

Mastic Gum. A Majestic Resin
Mastic Gum. A Majestic Resin

It is believed to speed up manifestation. The Mastic’s Gum aroma is believed to raise our vibrations and help us attune with the Source of all Light. It has been used for millennia to conjure and materialize forces of Good Magic. 

Mastic Gum – 0.6oz, by Krinos
Mastic Gum – 0.6oz, by Krinos

Key no7. Time & Omens – Waxing Moon

Set a realistic and clear goal for the procedure to complete. One year or one month that’s up to you. What is the most appropriate time for you ? Write it down and make sure you stick to this goal. As time goes by write down that is pointing to that direction. For example, have you got a raise? Have you been promoted? Did you find money accidentally or won the lottery? Write all you success and thank the universe. 

You’ve set something in motion. Magic is not breathing around you. Attune with your goal. Moreover, pay attention to the omens that may be presented all over you. The Universe might show you the way. Dream, Omens, Animals, Teachers… this is how the Universe helps us find our way. 

You can Manifest Anything you Want. But, What do you want to Manifest?

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