Pearls; The June Birthstone

Pearls; The June Birthstone

Pearls aren’t your run-of-the-mill gemstone because they are actually an organic compound from a defence system against irritants inside shellfish such as oysters and mussels.

The Birthstone for June is Pearl.

This defence system activates when an irritant such as a spec of dirt or sand gets inside the shell. The Oyster (or Mussel) will secrete a layer of a substance called Nacre to surround the irritant. The layers will build up and form a Pearl. When light hits the overlapping layers is when the Pearl’s magical lustre really comes to life. Pearls symbolise purity, innocence and faith; they are known to enhance personal integrity too. Pearls helps to clear your mind before meditation so you mind is clean and clear for picking up messages from Spirit or the Universe. It’s said that Cleopatra only drank wine with crushed pearls in to protect from being poisoned.

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Pearl’s Magical Properties!

  • Pearls are closely connected to both the Moon and the oceans.
  • They are also very strongly associated with sincerity, honesty, truth and integrity.
  • Wearing them can help you attune yourself with the “flow of life” but will also act as an anchoring point which will allow you to reflect on your energy and your actions.
  • For centuries Pearls have been a symbol for purity; fostering a charitable nature along with a high degree of personal integrity – meaning if you say something you will follow it through.
  • Pearls work well to balance the energy and emotions of even the most watery of the star signs,
  • Pearls are often considered to be the ultimate physical realisation of Divine Feminine Energy of the Universe.
  • Every Pearl absorbs energy like a sponge absorbs water so they should always be worn with caution; how you feel while you are working with pearls is the energy they will absorb and store until they are cleansed and used again.
  • They are also believed to magnify the power in us.

It’s said that Cleopatra only drank wine with crushed pearls in to protect from being poisoned.

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The use of pearls for magical purposes can be divided into two separate schools of thought.

  • The first is that because they originated from a living creature they carry a debt of life for their removal and potential harm to the creature.
  • The second is that because they originate from a living creature they carry the energy of the living being, making it one of the more powerful substances to work with.

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