5 Hobbies for All Witches

5 Hobbies for All Witches

Free quality time is pretty rare nowadays. However, it is needed so that each one of us can break free from stereotypic lifestyle. Witches know, that time is endless. Yet we have to focus on now, and try make every moment count. This is why, hobbies are sacred to witches. Because some of these everyday activities can help anyone get in touch with our magical selves and tap into our ever growing power. So, these are 5 Hobbies for All Witches. You don’t have to adopt them all. But if you feel close to anyone of them, go for it! 

1. Stargazing 

They say that when we stare at the nightsky, our guardian angel holds us with his wings. Frankly, I don’t know if that’s correct. Yet, I’ve felt it a couple of times. Why don’t you try it? On a still night, go out and just focus on the endless miracle of the nightsky. 

If you want to spice it up a bit, you can get yourself binoculars or a telescope and start watching the Moon and the planets. This is will give you 2 major benefits. One, you will be out in the night for a longer time, hanging around with the forces of the Night. Second of all, you will have no other distractions as you will be watching the stars in a quiet environment. 

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2. Writing 

Witchcraft requires us to read a lot. However, this can easily become a bit boring as we constantly come across the same rituals and guidelines. It goes without saying that studying witchcraft should be on the top of our everyday activities but what about our leisure time? Writing can really help us. 

It doesn’t have to be a novel or even a well-structured story. Any story would do. You see, as you write the words, you actually manifest astral energy in this plane. Through this activity, we learn how to focus on our dreams, fears and instincts and find ways to direct this energy in order to make our living magical. 

Once you start writing stories, you will soon realise that some of the things your write, are actually becoming reality. This is no coincidence. You are doing this with your magic! Keep on writing, keep on making magic! 

3. Cooking

It can also be called the kitchen-alchemy or kitchen-magic. Ever wondered why witches in the fairytales always choose food to enchant? Well, edible magic is one of the most powerful techniques – see here an example with the Apple Magic. 

Cooking is an alchemical procedure through which you transform something into something else. If you add up your intention and your emotions, the food you create instantly becomes much more enchanting and can actually act as a spell itself. This is why Kitchen Witchcraft can be applied for Love, Healing, Prophecy, Money and Protection. 

4. Jewelry Making 

You might be thinking that you are not talented enough to craft your own jewelry. However, you can use your own taste to start making things you love the most and you cannot easily find them. There is always a school or workshop nearby which can teach you the basic techniques of jewelry making. 

Starting from the simple one you can move on creating something more complex and advanced. Either way, crafting a jewel with a certain intention is actually one of the oldest forms of magic – see here more about the Magic Rings

5. Gardening 

What is a witch without herbs and roots? Well, the truth is that a well-trained witch can make it without the help of herbs, roots and flowers. However, it’s so much easier if you have some nearby. But we need to clarify something first. Witches don’t just ‘use’ herbs. They are their allies. Witches believe that in each plant, a spirit lives. This spirit is venerated by the Witch and gradually builds a strong relationship. 

Although a witch can just buy some herbs, gathering your own herbs from your garden is so much more power. You can taste and smell the difference. 

Moreover, having you own garden means something more. You can collect the herbs you need at the proper time. According to the ancient laws of Witchcraft and Alchemy, every herb has multiplied powers if collected during the time when the associated planet is at its peak. For example, Jasmine is extra powerful when Moon is in Cancer. Just make sure you don’t consume herbs and roots you don’t know. There are many toxic plants which can damage your health. Practice Magic Responsibly. 

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