Signs of Crossing and Secret Enemies

Signs of Crossing and Enemy Work

Are you hexed? Well to answer that we should definitely go back to the specific article of omens and sign of curses. However, this is not only the case. If someone tries to hex you does not mean s/he will succeed. Therefore, we created a separate article on signs of Crossing and Enemy work. Remember, that we have a great spell to ‘detect’ evil magic. These omens are hints that enemies are working behind your back! 

Enemy Work

It’s well documented that throughout ages, the witches unfortunately engaged in quarrels and witch wars. Some even believe that the witch hunting was actually a well-disguised witch war. What’s even more certain, is that some witches, in their quest to gain more power, they act against other witches. However, these dark witches don’t target only witches, but anyone who can feed from their power – material or not. This is all about cursing and crossing. 

Common traits of Enemies

  • Close to you. You work together, or spend some time at work or somewhere where you are physically not very far away. 
  • You trust them. For some reason these people have gained your trust. This is how they ‘extract’ valuable information. 
  • They seek to be more with you. In order for crossing to work, a dark witch needs to know more about the target. This is why they need to spend more time with you. 

Common Signs of Crossing (attempting to curse you)

So this brings us to the most common signs of crossing. Let’s see some of the traditional Signs of Crossing and Enemy Work. Welcome to another lesson from the School of Witchcraft.

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1. Family Heirloom missing 

  • There are some artefacts which are considered important family heirlooms. A wedding ring passed from mother to daughter, or maybe another piece of jewellery or anything considered important to the family.
  • Either this heirloom is stolen, damaged, or magically disappeared, this is considered – for many reasons – amongst the common signs of Crossing and Enemy work. These items are believed to embody the power of the family. Hence its absence, is a harbinger of bad news. 

2. Broken glasses

  • If in the same day or night, three times glasses broken, this is believed to be a clear sign of crossing. It is believed glass break in the presence of negative spirits and/or energy as they cannot absorb the power.
  • So if you happen to notice that in one day, three pieces of glass are broken, then you should consider it as a sign of crossing. 
'Spell Breaking' incense
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3. Bizarre flames, Wax drips & Black Smoke

  • Candle watching is considered a very potent way of predicting the outcome of our actions. Moreover, the way the flame interacts is believed to sum up the relevant energies of our wishes. Explosive flames or even accidents – burning our hands – is considered a sign of crossing.
  • If a candle is melting, creating several wax drips, try to see if they form letters or hint you for more information of the possible enemy. 
  • Moreover, as already discussed, black smoke coming from your candles is an omen of crossing. Should you notice this omen you should consider the possibility of enemy work.

4. Dreams of Masks, Toads and snakes.

  • It is believed that dreams associated with masks are symbols of enemies who are very close to you. So if you happen to see someone wearing a mask, keep an eye on signs that will betray this ‘enemy’. 
  • Both Toads and Snakes, although considered wise and powerful helpers in Witchcraft, are considered signs of crossing and enemy work in dream. So if it happens to see any of these animals in you sleep, pay attention to others around you. 

5. Gut feeling

Are you guts giving you a negative vibe every-time you see a person? Does your mood change when you are around him/her? Well this may be a sign of you aura trying to protect you from this madness.

6. Owls catching your attention

  • In general, Owls don’t like attention. They are careful and silent sentinels. However, if an owl tries to catch your attention by hooting or any other means, it may try to warn you of a possible danger or crossing. 
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