Can Diet affect your Psychic Abilities?

Can Diet affect your Psychic Abilities?

There is a lot of useful discussion out there about what a person should eat in order to improve their psychic abilities. For example, some people say not to eat meat, as when you eat meat you imbibe the emotions of the dead animal and this interferes with your own emotions and intuition; or to focus on eating raw foods in order to consume energy as close to the original source as possible.

Just like dieting to lose weight, the type of diet you need to enhance your psychic abilities depends on the individual. One thing that is clear is that you want to be your healthiest self, so that there is nothing interfering with your connection to the spiritual plane.

Developing a psychic diet that works for you will be an individual process requiring quite a bit of trial and error, but here are three lesser known facts about the body, psychic abilities and diet to help you on your journey.

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The Pineal Gland

What is a Pineal Gland and why is it important to psychic abilities? It is a pea-sized gland, shaped like a pinecone, that sits in the centre of the brain, level with the space just above and between our eyebrows, the area of our ´third eye´ or Ajna chakra. It is beneath the cerebral cortex, where the two hemispheres of the brain meet, in the place where the brain regulates consciousness and interprets the body’s senses. To fully optimise your psychic reading abilities, you need to keep your Pineal Gland healthy. Someone with an unhealthy Pineal Gland may have very limited psychic abilities to point where there are no visible signs they have them.

The Pineal produces Melatonin, which manages circadian rhythms, regulating when we sleep, the quality of our sleep, and the onset of puberty. Melatonin also fights against free radicals in the body, and it is a decline in Melatonin that triggers the ageing process.

Many believe that in the past the Pineal Gland functioned as a kind of eye because it is made up of cells that have the same features as the light sensitive cells found in the retina, and because the Pineal receives signals that travel down the optic nerve. This indicates that the Pineal may have acted as some kind of eye before the current eye organ developed. It is now thought to contribute significantly to how we interpret the world around us based on the input from our senses. This places the Pineal at the centre of our intuition.

In children the Pineal Gland works much harder, and is significantly larger, than in adults. The shrinkage of the Pineal Gland in adults is often connected to the loss of spiritual awareness that many suffer as they grow older. The Pineal Gland of adults are also often calcified, predominantly due to ingesting toxins, in particular fluoride.

This calcification of the Pineal Gland is thought not only to block psychic abilities, but also to cause negative emotions. Tests have shown that those with an uncalcified, open Pineal Gland are generally happier.

It is possible both to prevent further calcification of the Pineal Gland, and reverse much of the existing damage, with the right diet. The key steps are to make sure that you are drinking water that is not treated with fluoride, and to switch to non-fluoride toothpaste, in order to reduce your fluoride intake to as close to nothing as possible. To start to reverse damage done to the Pineal Gland, add detoxifying foods to your diet, such as chlorella, spirulina, wheatgrass, oregano oil, raw apple cider vinegar and pure cacao.

Water and Hydration

Ensuring that you are properly hydrated is probably one of the easiest and most effective ways to enhance your psychic abilities. It is well known that proper hydration is good for your physical health in general, but it may also increase your ability to pick up on spiritual vibrations and flow with the spiritual energy that you encounter.

Tests have shown that water responds to energy. Japanese scientist Dr Masaru Emoto conducted experiments in which he bombarded water with positive or negative energy, using stimuli such as music, prayer and the spoken word. He then froze the water and worked with a photographer to examine the resulting crystalline structures. The results were staggering in that the water bombarded with positive energy produced structures with greater symmetry and considered more aesthetically pleasing than those bombarded with negative energy.

Considering this sensitivity of water to different types of energy, it is not surprising that the water which makes up roughly 70% of our bodies would also play a role in our psychic abilities, sensing energies that we may not be consciously aware of, and sending information to the brain to be processed along with stimuli from our other senses.

For this reason, it is best that the water in our bodies is fresh and free flowing, which good hydration will facilitate.

Nourishing the Doshas

Ayurvedic medicine is one of the world’s oldest, holistic health systems, established in India more than 3,000 years ago. Ayurvedic medicine suggests that spiritual nutrition depends on your constitutional and spiritual body type, which they call your Dosha. There are three principle Dosha types, and Ayurvedic medicine recommends a diet that keeps your principle Dosha in balance, both for your general health, and to enhance your spiritual awareness.

If you aren’t sure what Dosha you are there are many in depth online tests you can take, or start with this simple free quiz.


Vayu or Vatu is an impulse principle that manages the nervous system and is linked to the element of air. Individuals that are Vayu Dosha dominant are usually tall and lean, talkative and open minded, enjoy life and the smaller things in life, but struggle to be quiet and with deep sleep.

When in balance, a Vayu will feel vibrant, enthusiastic and alert, with imaginative ideas and a quick wit. When out of balance a Vayu is restless, quick to worry, and tend to overdo it, leading to exhaustion.

To maintain balance Vayu should eat foods with a moderately heavy texture such as wild rice, wheat cereal, oils, salt and things with a sweet taste. Red meat, rye and corn should be avoided. It is also a good idea to limit (but not skip completely) astringent fruits such as pears, apples, cranberries and pomegranates.


Pitta is an energy principle that rubs the metabolic system and is linked with the elements of both fire and water. Individuals that are Pitta Dosha dominant are generally of medium build, sweat more than other people and love to eat and drink. They are also brave an ambitious, but suffer from impatience as well.

When in balance a Pitta is warm, loving and content, and enjoy taking on new challenges with intelligence and an eye for detail. When out of balance, a Pitta’s perfectionist streak can get the better of them, leading to frustration and anger.

To maintain balance Pitta should focus on bitter, sweet and astringent tastes, while going easy on fats and oils and avoiding salty and pickled foods. Green salads are a great source of balancing nutrition and apple juice is an excellent go to pick me up.


Kapha is a body-fluid principle that regulates the mucus-phlegm, or excretory, system and is linked with the elements of both water and earth. Individuals that are Kapha Dosha dominant are usually short and stout, often solitary souls that are of steady mind and are extremely dependable.

When in balance a Kapha is affectionate, patient, forgiving, and emotionally steady, and have the stamina to stick to projects. When out of balance, a Kapha can become possessive and jealous, and overindulge in things like food and alcohol.

To maintain balance Kapha should look for light foods cooked with minimal water. Leafy greens, pungent herbs and astringent fruits should feature heavily, while butter, oil and sugar should be kept to a minimum. Substitute raw honey for sugar and indulge in spicy foods regularly.

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