Which Famous Witch are you based on Zodiac Signs

Which Famous Witch are you based on Zodiac Signs

Witches and magic is amongst favourite themes in Hollywood. Most popular series portray in their own way the paths of Old Religion and Witchcraft. As more and more ‘magical’ TV Series and movies air, we stumble upon different personalities and diverse ways of thinking and practicing magic. Each famous Witch has something you unique and something really important to tell us.  Some of the creators of these series have admitted that they had a special zodiac sign in mind when writing the plot. Well, some of them actually studies Witchcraft!

Which Famous Witch are you based on Zodiac Signs

Nonetheless, we decided to give you a fun and interesting article writing about why each famous Witch corresponds to a Zodiac Sign. It fun because let’s face it, we love these TV Series & Movies. Moreover, it’s interesting because each of them had flaws and opportunities like everyone. 

At this point I should tell you that choosing female characters was done in purpose to align with the archetypes. Of course

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Learning how they dealt with these, we can actually empower our Magic and avoid similar troubles and mistakes. So, please join us, in learning more about each famous witch and how they correspond to each zodiac sign!

Which Famous Witch are you based on Zodiac Signs

Aries: Prue (Charmed)

We all know and loved Prue Halliwell. She is the oldest (the first born) of the Charmed ones and has always been considered the bravest and most powerful of all three ones. In fact, this is the Witch everyone depended on when going was getting tough. 

However, Prue was trying to much not to show her sensitive side as most Aries do. Although we all know they are brave and bold, what we don’t realise is that they hide a very warm heart inside and wonderful sensitive side. Only when they manage to accept and embrace it, they will truly become who they are meant to.

Taurus: Freya (Witches of East End) 

Freya Beauchamp is a main character in Witches of East End. She radiates magic and is considered in the show a truly powerful witch. Much like her aunt she is a caring and tough woman who loves to use her talents to help other in need – especially the ones she truly cares for. 

She is sensitive and sensual, exactly like a typical Taurus. She is very emotional and unafraid to show her true colors. However, she has a breaking point when she refuses to accept changes and pursue her true happiness. A typical Taurus can act like this and sacrifice his/her pleasure because they “don’t feel it’s right”. Embrace your sensuality and get closer to your heart where your true power really dwells! 

Gemini: Sabrina (Chilling adventures of Sabrina) 

In a not-that-interesting at first sight – town of Greendale, there lived a girl who is half-witch, half-mortal, who, on her 16th birthday, would have to choose between two worlds: the witch world of her family, and the human world of her friends. Although she doesn’t actually accept none of her both natures, she acts as if she is a master of both. 

Like a typical Gemini can perform in many modes as they are extremely versatile. Their brains work overtime and can manage to cope with diverse subjects successfully. However, the fact that they can work with many things at the same time, doesn’t mean they should. Geminis may lose themselves in the many things they can actually become – actually forgetting who they are meant to be! 

Cancer: Samantha (Bewitched)

Samantha Stephens is a typical American housewife who is also a really powerful witch (in disguise). She is a truly loving and caring person and hanging with her gives you a lot of positive emotional feedback. Moreover, she is supportive and protective exactly like a typical Cancer.

However, she has a soft spot for her family, he heritage and the ones she love. Thus she can easily lose control when something or someone threatens them. Cancer, we all come with baggage. No matter where we come from, we need to make our own way. Embrace the truth of your heritage, but don’t get trapped in it. Create your own legacy!  

Leo: Fiona Goode (American Horror Story – Coven)

Fiona Goode is not just a famous Witch. She is the Supreme Witch of the coven of the Salem descendants. Supreme feels like Queen of the Witches, the most powerful of them all. Fiona enjoys her fame, her power and her image. Everyone respects and probably fears her power, trying to rule in a bold and absolute way. 

More like every Leo, she is very protective with her family and the ones she love and is ready to jump in every battle especially when her ‘image’ is threatened. Leo, this famous Witch wants to remind you that although you should enjoy your power, you should embrace that nothing in this world lasts forever. Therefore, you have to make peace with changes. 

Virgo: Cordelia Goode (American Horror Story – Coven)

Cordelia Goode is the Headmistress of Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies and a bright member of the Coven. Unfortunately, she slaves for everyone without realising or embracing her true potential. She is extremely talented and her powers can actually surpass the greatest witch alive, her mother! 

Like a typical Virgo, Cordelia is humble and she likes it. She doesn’t like to show off her powers but this doesn’t let her embrace her true potential. In fact she loses time doubting herself and poisoning her destiny. Dear Virgo stop doing that. Embrace the fact that you are divine! 

Libra: Galadriel (Lord of the Rings)

Lady Galadriel was the co-ruler and Lady of Lothl√≥rien. However, she refused to take royal title, as she only saw herself as the Guardian of The Golden Wood. Galadriel is the ‘Witch of the Forest’ who blends within the woods, the birds and the soil of the forest. 

Galadriel most of the times is a wonderful person whose beauty (of the apperence and her heart) surpasses everyone. However, instead of embracing them,  she tries to suppress her instincts. Unfortunately, this makes her lose control in the worst possible moment. Libra, you need love acknowledge and embrace your instincts. It’s ok to fear and lust for something. Embracing yourself leads to true power! 

Scorpio: Nancy (The Craft)

One of our favourite movies! Nancy Downs is one of the main characters of The Craft and probably the most powerful one. Although she acts like a troubled young girl she is really sensitive and enthusiastic. Her strong personal magnetism is the source of all her power. She knows and loves it! 

However, by not facing what really bothers her leads Nancy to continuous pursuit for power! Eventually this brings her to a breaking point because she forgot her truly loving and amazing nature. Scorpio, do not fear to see your life as it truly is. Do not look for power because all you need is already in you and your personal magnetism. 

Sagittarius: Alyssa (The Order, Netflix) 

As Alyssa grew up, she remembered that her family always forced her to be what they expected of her. Alyssa finally decided to go to Belgrave to escape from them, and there she was selected to enter The Order. She is a very bright and active student, really talented and multi-achiever. 

However, she refuses to see that education and her academic progress is not everything until she finally falls in love. At this time she realises what she was not seeing all this time. Her heart, is the source of all her power. Sagittarius always focuses on his/her next goals. Remember, your heart is the most precious thing you’ve got! 

Capricorn: Marie Laveau – Voodoo Queen (American Horror Story – Coven)

Marie Laveau is the legendary former Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. She actually doesn’t has less power than the Supreme Witch but she knows that it’s no use to fight for who’s more powerful. However, she is fearless pursuing what she really believes is important, her immortality. She doesn’t waste her time and energy for just fame. She wants to succeed in her own terms. 

Although she is practical and very ambitious, she is caught in the web she was weaving all this time. A typical Capricorn eventually succeeds in his/her goal but after that, it’s really common to realise that it’s really lonely to be on top! Moreover, they question his/her goal. Therefore my dear Capricorn, I know you can make it. But is this really what you want? 

Aquarius: Myrtle Snow (American Horror Story – Coven)

Myrtle Snow is a very unique and eccentric witch. Moreover, she is brutally honest ‘with a penchant for truth spells.’ She is the Head of the Witches’ Council, more like the Soul of the whole Coven. As a real team-player she is dedicated to the coven of the Salem descendants. However, although dedicated and trustworthy, she did support a rival when she believed in the cause. 

As a typical Aquarius she is a unique Witch in so many ways. Although she truly is a team-player supporting all witches of her Coven, she is also a tireless truth seeker. My dear Aquarius, you don’t have to lose yourself for others. You are so unique that all should respect and honor you either way. Embrace your uniqueness and let it shine through! 

Pisces: Phoebe (Charmed) 

Phoebe is the youngest of the Charmed ones, a very special witch who is always trying to find her way. She is lost many times and she even dates a demon. However, something inside her always saves her soul – even at last minute. This is her intuition which is her greatest power along with Empathy

My dear Pisces, you need to know that reality is truly an illusion. However as long as we breathe we should move according to the rules of this World. Keep dreaming and visualising your future, yet you always need to have a reality-check so that you don’t get lost or trapped by others who want to take advantage of your amazing powers. You are a born psychic and empath. 

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