Practical Magic – When you Want something to Happen

Practical Magic - When you Want something to Happen

There are so many important lessons to be taught in our School of Witchcraft. It goes without saying that Elemental Practical Magic would be a very important subject. Why? Because as its name implies, it’s Elemental, it’s a basic knowledge. Thus, ‘How to conjure each Element and Why’ is an effort to make things clear about each element and why is so important to know how to use them. More importantly, why!

Elemental & Practical Magic

So let’s take things again from the beginning. As many Witches before us have been taught, this world, the material world, is a manifestation of the 4 Elements. Air, Water, Earth and Fire. However, this Realm hides within the fifth Element, also called Aether, or more commonly, Spirit. The fifth Element is what holds the others in balance. As you can understand, due to the extended history of this fundamental wisdom – dating at least three thousand years ago, there are many legends, many stories and many meanings waiting to be discovered. 

To master all four elements, one needs extensive practice and devotion to the Magical Arts. Some magical Professions which try it is that Elemental Witch, the Alchemist and the Nature Witch amongst others. However, most Magical practitioners do ‘use’ and conjure the Elements and more commonly they all have a favourite element. 

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Although you can actually achieve almost anything with just one element, Witches know that each element has several advantages but also they should be approached differently as each has a will of its own. This is why a Witch may choose to follow the path of just one element. Thus, we have Earth Witches, Fire Witches, Water Witches and Air Witches. Most commonly, this happens because of their affiliation with a certain element. You can find yours here! 

Practical Magic - When you Want something to Happen

Let’s see how to conjure each element and why! 

Fire’s Practical Magic

We begin with fire because it’s considered the most powerful one, but it is also believed the most dangerous Element of all. As always, we should remind you that when dealing with fire, fire safety measures should be taken seriously. Fire magic is strong and acute but it doesn’t last long. If what you desire needs to last long you should choose another Element or combine it with another one. 

One may choose Fire: 

  • Because it’s the strongest Element. 
  • Also, it’s the fastest element of all. We use Fire when we want something to happen instantly. 
  • For Protection against the dark arts and exorcism. 
  • To Heal. 
  • For Sex spells. 

To Set something in Motion with Fire: 

  • Write it down on a piece of paper and burn it. 
  • Also, you can burn a candle – shaped as your desire (like money etc). 

TIP: All fire Witches consider the ashes sacred. Don’t throw the ashes to garbage. Bury them. 

Air’s Practical Magic

We continue with Air. This is an element which is liberating and helps us communicate with all creatures. Air is actually really powerful and can be distinguished in 4 major winds – each corresponding to the 4 directions of the compass. Read more about each wind here! Air magic does not require effort. However, it needs to be done when the time is right and repeat it. It’s fast but doesn’t last long. 

One may choose Air: 

  • For quick results. 
  • To break free from issues of the past and emotional stagnation. 
  • Also you can use Air to conjure Liberty in your life.

To set something in motion with Air: 

  • Write it on a piece of paper and hang it on a healthy tree. 
  • Whisper your wish on a dandelion seed and blow it away. 

Water’s Practical Magic

As the founder of Tao said “Water is the softest thing, yet it can penetrate mountains and earth. This shows clearly the principle of softness overcoming hardness.” Water is soothing, it’s soft and yielding. But it’s persistent and continuous. It’s healing and nurturing too. Water magic requires patience and repeating. It doesn’t need much effort as long as we repeat it often. 

One may choose Water: 

  • To slowly create a huge tide of energy.
  • For healing both emotions and physical issues. 
  • Also, Water is used for Dreams spells and to cross the borders of the Realm. 

To set something in motion with Water: 

  • Write it down on a piece of paper and drown it to the water. 
  • Speak your desire close to a glass of water and then drink it. 

TIP: The key is to repeat it at least for a whole Lunar Circle! 

Earth’s Practical Magic

Earth is the steadiest and most solid elements of all. Therefore, it creates security and prosperity to the ones who can master it. On earth we build, we create and nurture our future. Therefore, witches use this element when something takes time but it will flourish like a seed which patiently waits  spring. Earth magic is persistent, requires patience and effort, but it can last forever. 

One may choose Earth: 

  • To create prosperity and abundance. 
  • For fertility spells and bonds. 
  • If you want something to last forever. 

To set something in motion with Earth: 

  • Write down your wish on a piece of paper and bury it under a healthy plant or tree that corresponds to your desire. Water the plant regularly. Make this plant or tree your ally. Protect it and create a sacred bond. 


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