A spell to invite a lover (or more than one)

A spell to invite a lover (or more than one)

Before starting explaining this spell, let me give you a warning. This spell is more well known for inviting sexual partners rather than long-lasting relationships. The latter is not impossible, though, just not the most probable result. Therefore, if what you need is a love affair, or you are certain you don’t want one, then this spell might not be the right for you.

With this in mind, let’s see the spell. This spell is done during 7 consecutive nights. Not days, but nights. For better results, start on a Wednesday night, during the time Mercury is ruling, and, from then on, continue each night either at the same hour, or, again, when Mercury is ruling, each night.

Can you cast this spell while Mercury is Retrograde? Yes, you can, especially when the kind of lover you are seeking is someone who you want to have qualities similar to some of your previous experiences. But even if this isn’t the case, you still can perform this spell.

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While performing this spell each night you should preferably do it naked, but, even if this isn’t what you prefer, make sure you are not wearing any piece of black clothing (including black parts on clothes of other colours) or any metals. Hairpins, chains, rings, glasses, clothes with zips, belts… It can be tricky, so make sure there is no metal on you.

Also, regardless what kind of altar you usually use, you need to perform this spell on a low table, or on the floor, as you’ll need to kneel and to have the setting at your eye sight.

So, what you’ll need:

Using the red magic ink, write on the piece of paper the qualities of the person, or persons, you want to draw to you. Don’t write any names, just the qualities this person should have to satisfy your needs and desires. As said, this spell works better with carnal attraction rather than emotional one. Therefore, writing the sexual desires you want this person, or persons, to fulfil will reinforce the spell.

‘Come to me’ oil. A favourite oil amongst the Enchanters and Enchantresses.
‘Come to me’ oil. A favourite oil amongst the Enchanters and Enchantresses.

You can write this during the first “ritual”, or prior to that, if you want to take your time to think what you should write. In the latter case, make sure, even when you are writing this, you are not wearing anything black, or any metal. Although there isn’t any warning about it, in my opinion your pen should not be made by metal, either. Also, if possible, do it during the hours of Mercury’s ruling.

My advice is that you’ll describe the qualities of the person, or persons, you want to attract by means of a plain pen, or pencil, on a plain piece of paper, and when you are satisfied with what you’ve written, you can use this note to copy it during the first night’s “ritual”. This way, you don’t need to mind the precautions while writing your wishes. Also, you don’t need to worry whether you make a mistake, change your opinion, or forget something important for you. A much safer approach, in my opinion.

Now! During the first night, using the blue ink, draw the symbol of Mercury (☿) on the white saucer, using the blue ink. Draw it as big as the saucer allows. Then, anoint, first the red candle and then the blue candle, with the Road Opener oil and, then, the Fast Luck oil. Fix the candles, in contact, on the saucer, inside the circle of Mercury’s symbol. To do that, you can either melt, a little, the bottom of the candles, or melt some white candle and fix the Red and Blue candles by means of this. Although the first method is better magic-wise, the second is safer to avoid accidents.

Using the dragon’s blood ink (or other magic ink of your choice), write your desires on the piece of paper and, then, anoint the paper with Road Opener oil and, then, Fast Luck oil. Place the piece of paper on the saucer, too, if possible. You can fold it as needed.

These are done only during the first night. The following you’ll be doing all seven nights.

Anoint your throat and chest with some Come to Me oil and, then, place the bottle next to the candles, on the saucer. Light the two candles as “simultaneously” as possible, starting from the Red candle. Kneel. If necessary, use a pillow under your knees, but make sure it’s not black and it doesn’t contain metal parts. Concentrate on the kind of person(s) you desire and make a wish that all obstacles for the manifestation of your wish will be removed and only good luck will be by your side. Visualise yourself enjoying sex with this kind of person(s).

If you can keep up on doing this for a whole hour, all the better, but don’t force yourself. If your posture becomes uncomfortable, or you get tired, stop. You don’t want these negative energies in the relationship, whether it will end up being a love affair, or a sexual affair.

Let the candles burn for an hour (since the time you’ve lighten them) and, then, blow them out. If possible, leave the altar untouched until the next night. On the seventh night, let the candles burn out completely.

Always take all fire safety precautions and never leave lighted candles unattended.

Take the piece of paper and carry it with you, all the time, while awake. Place it under your sheet, or in your pillow case, while sleeping. Use the remaining of the Come to Me oil daily by anointing your throat and chest.

In some cases, this spell produces results even before the end of the 7-night ritual. If that happens, complete the procedure, regardless.

That’s all! Have fun with this spell and enjoy your life! Oh! And play safe, of course!!!

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