Daily Predictions for Friday 17 April 2020

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

General Daily Predictions: Today, the Moon from Aquarius, forms a hexagon with the Sun, in Aries. Furthermore, from 14:34 UT, until 18:29 UT, the Moon will be void of course.

So, this will be a mostly good day.

Aquarius and Aries will be the luckiest zodiacs of the day.

Daily Predictions for Aries:

This is a beneficial day for promoting yourself, your business and your services. Jobs of advertisement, too, receive supportive energies. Also, all your projects, personal and professional, can advance more easily.

Daily Predictions for Taurus:

Work, career and business matters receive some beneficial influences, today. Some good luck, too. Those trying to change their line of career, those trying to promote a hobby to a leaving-providing career, those seeking a new job and all similar cases will enjoy this good luck more than the rest.

Daily Predictions for Gemini:

Studies, researches and all occupations and avocations of intellectual and spiritual nature receive support, today. It’s also an auspicious day for online social engagement and for communicating with people who live afar.

Daily Predictions for Cancer:

Work, career and business matters receive beneficial energies, today. Successes in the field can happen. Also, your finances receive support and a little good luck. Not the gambling kind of it, though.

Daily Predictions for Leo:

Love life seems quite pleasant, today. Long distance relationships will enjoy these influences even more clearly. Also, this is a good day for all kinds of learning, as well as, for all group tasks. Studies, too, proceed nicely.

Daily Predictions for Virgo:

Work receives beneficial energies, today. Successes there are possible. Also health receives quite strengthening and healing energies. It’s an auspicious day for house cleansing, too, both literally and spiritually.

Daily Predictions for Libra:

Love life receives quite good and pleasant energies, today. Some good luck, too. Also, social life receives similar energies. Other than that, this is a relatively easy going and mostly pleasant day for you, in all aspects of it.

Daily Predictions for Scorpio:

Home and family can play a pleasant role in your day. Health, too, receives supportive energies and the same is true for your family’s health. Also, this is an auspicious day for all kinds of housework, as well as for repairs and small scale redecorations.

Daily Predictions for Sagittarius:

Love life receives mostly pleasant energies, today. Social life, too. Friends and loved ones can also inspire you, motivate you, or otherwise boost your productivity and creativity.

Daily Predictions for Capricorn:

Finances receive supportive and strengthening energies, today. It’s also an auspicious day for paying bills and debts. Investing money in your home also receives auspicious energies.

Daily Predictions for Aquarius:

This is quite a good and productive day for you. Friends can also make your day a more pleasant and a more productive one. Finding the right people for what you need is quite possible, too.

Daily Predictions for Pisces:

Finances receive good energies, today. Decisions regarding them, also receive support. Your mind, too, is more capable of seeing what is the best solution. Short term decisions and planning enjoys these beneficial energies more so than long term ones.

Astrology and Magic:

Reversing bad luck and strengthening good luck are quite strong practices, today.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy your day!