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Daily Predictions for Sunday 12 April 2020

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

General Daily Predictions: Today, the Moon, from Sagittarius, squares Neptune, in Pisces. It also forms a triangle with the Sun, in Aries. Furthermore, from 11:46 UT until 00:05 UT of the 13th, the Moon will be void of course.

So, this day will have its good and its stressful points.

Aries and, probably, Leo will be the luckiest zodiacs of the day. Pisces will be the one receiving the most stress.

Daily Predictions for Aries:

Mood and emotional condition might need some of your care and support, today. On the other hand, this is a good day for long-term planning and goal-setting. Studies, researches and the like, too, receive support.

Daily Predictions for Taurus:

Money transactions need some extra care, today. If not necessary, postpone them. Other than that this seems to be a satisfying and mostly successful day. Magic and spirituality are also strong, for you.

Daily Predictions for Gemini:

Business partners can cause you some stress. Legal matters – especially regarding work and businesses – can also stress you. Productivity, though is good, both personal and group one. Also, this is an auspicious day for job-hunting.

Daily Predictions for Cancer:

Health and especially emotional health and your mood need more attention and more of your care and support, today. On the other hand, work and business matters receive mostly beneficial energies.

Daily Predictions for Leo:

This day is mostly pleasant and lucky, for you, although some things might not be as satisfactory as you’d expect them to be, or some things might challenge your schedule. Love life, too, overall receives mostly good energies, but sex life needs some attention.

Daily Predictions for Virgo:

Your other half can cause you some stress, today. Parents, too, can play a similar role. Other than that this is going to be a mostly calm day. It’s also a good day for resting, relaxing and all kinds of healing.

Daily Predictions for Libra:

Health seems a bit sensitive, today. Work, too, can cause you some stress, but productivity is on good form. Friends and loved ones can make your day much brighter.

Daily Predictions for Scorpio:

Expenses need some better monitoring, today. Income, though, receives beneficial energies. Work, too, receives mostly supportive energies. Some good luck, too.

Daily Predictions for Sagittarius:

Home and family can cause you some stress, today. Other than that, though, this is a mostly pleasant and lucky day for you. Love and social life, too, receive some blessings.

Daily Predictions for Capricorn:

Your friends, cousins, siblings and relatives of a similar age can cause you some stress, today. Problems in your relationships with them can also become more clear. On the other hand, family and other relatives can be quite supportive and they can make your day a more pleasant one.

Daily Predictions for Aquarius:

Friends and acquaintances can make your day a better one. Online social activity, as well as managing and promoting professional web-pages and social media, receive support. Money, though, needs some better handling. Avoid, whenever possible, signing important contracts, today.

Daily Predictions for Pisces:

This is not an auspicious day for starting a new business, and for similar activities. Otherwise, though, work and business matters receive more good than stressful energies. Money also receives mostly supportive energies.

Astrology and Magic:

Cleansing, purification and reversing bad luck receive some extra support, today.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy your day!