Retrograde Uranus in Taurus: Astrology and Magic

Retrograde Uranus in Taurus: Astrology and Magic

Retrograde Uranus ? On August Uranus will enter Retrograde and this will last until January, and this means it’s effects are going to play a part in our lives the latter half of the year.

When Retrograde Uranus, expect great awakenings. This giant of an ice planet is the ruler of rebellion, freedom and change. Some planets hold a gentle and beneficial retrograde phase, when Retrograde Uranus, we have no such luck, it’s forceful and very abrupt. It will not capitulate until we face the changes that are needed in our life, there is no time-outs, or rest, it will make us see what isn’t working, and will make us face it, whether we are ready for change or not.


What to Expect in Retrograde Uranus

It will make us seek answers, answers to questions we may not realised we wanted to ask. Uranus in Retrogrades energy can build and build until it feels like the only option is an explosion of energy, it can be quite hard to navigate through.

There isn’t an area of our life that remains untouched by Retrograde Uranus, barriers and walls will fall and we have to face everything that we’re putting off. The restrictions we normally adhere to will be obliterated, gone. Nothing is out of bounds.

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The Retrograde phase of Uranus is may look at the patterns of our life, and we can look into the things we have done, the lessons we have learned that seem to be repeating over and over. Your curiosity won’t be satisfied until you fully understand their purpose. The phrase “(s)he’s like a dog with a bone” comes to mind.

No Excuses with Retrograde Uranus

There are no more excuses with this planet’s retrograde phase. We will be forced to see what we have allowed in our life, and why you keep allowing it. We can “fake” that we are okay in the surface but deep down, we know something is very wrong….this is what we will be forced to come face to face with, and Uranus won’t relent.

With the destructive powers of Retrograde Uranus, we can begin to take account and rebuild our lives. Just because we have become comfortable with life, doesn’t mean it is healthy, or that it is right. It’s time to embrace the drastic transformations that can come with this Retrograde. We shouldn’t let this opportunity pass us by. We have the chance to make the great changes, and to seek truths and understandings that have long eluded us. We all make mistakes, we are all made of darkness and light, he’ll we all mess up from time to time, but there is no need to fear these things, they are part of our living truth.

What to Do in Retrograde Uranus

It’s time to make a U-turn and reflect, then start the journey again, with the knowledge of what happens before. There is a great wisdom in making mistakes, because you know what can go wrong, and you can change it on the second run.

It may feel unnatural and uncomfortable right off the bat, but it won’t be that way forever.

Finding your inner truth, it takes time, and a lot of dreaming hard work. It can throw you curveball after curveball and it can be relentless, but it is worth all the pain, the late and sleepless nights, the confusion and the fear.

It does get easier…. Once you have found the path your feet are destined to follow.

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