Full Moon in Libra – 28 March 2021

Full Moon in Libra

General Predictions for the Full Moon in Libra:

On March the 28th, at 18:49 UT the Moon, from Libra, accurately opposes the Sun, in Aries, forming the Full Moon. This Full Moon is also called Worm Moon.

During this waning Moon period, only Mercury changes its zodiac, entering Aries on the 4th of April. By doing that, it brings Aries to an energy peak, as 3 major planes (4 if we take into account Chiron, too) will be in the zodiac. When the Moon will pass through the zodiac, 4 major planets will be in Aries. This period of a maximum energy won’t last long, as two days after the coming new Moon, Venus will exit Aries, so dear Aries (and those of the other Fire signs) make the most use of it, as much as possible. Of course, Aries became quite strong during the waxing Moon period, when the Sun and Venus entered it, and it will remain strong until the 20th of April, when the Sun and Mercury will enter Taurus.

Contrary to 2020, a strong Aries is a mostly good thing for all zodiacs. Even Capricorn who will get stressed, will receive many blessings, too. Last year, the planets from Aries were forming many stressful aspects. Now, they are forming squares with only Pluto, but they are also forming hexagons with three important planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. So, the pros overwhelm the cons.

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The inauspicious influences of the Full Moon:

Saturn squares Uranus. This is a years-long lasting square, and we’ll only comment on it when it’s very strong. From the beginning of January and until the end of July it will be so. During the period of this square we will feel we are lacking freedom. Now that Saturn is in Aquarius, this lack of freedom might be more lax, objectively, but in a personal level we might experience it more intensively. Especially for a month before and after this aspect becomes accurate. The first time this happened was on the 17th of February. Now this square is heading towards its weakest point of the period (which will still be very strong), but, as Saturn receives plenty supportive influences, it will feel even weaker.

Also, Mercury squares Mars. This aspect is active since the 12th of March, and it will remain so until the 2nd of April. It became accurate on the 24th of March. This square can hindrance our communications. Some more patience is advisable. Don’t react hastily to whatever you listen. Also, driving needs some extra attention. Any dangerous activity, too. Running, in particular, and working out, in general, too need more attention.

Furthermore, Mars squares Neptune. This aspect will become accurate on the 9th of April and it is be active since the 23rd of March and until the Super Full Moon of the 27th of April. This aspect might bring some emotional conflict, both in the inside and at the outside. Our inner fears, bitter feelings, guilts, etc. can surface. Issues with friends, lovers and others, too, can become more apparent and feel more pressing. Try to not react, or act hastily. Healing of those issues should be your first priority, and this healing should come form the inside out, too, in most cases. Some things might not be in your control, and, sometimes, actual conflict might be unavoidable. Nonetheless, try to keep these to a minimum.

Also, Venus squares Pluto. Accurately so on the 12th of April, the day of the New Moon. This square will be active from the 4th of April and until the 20th of the month. This might bring some difficulties in love life and in our friendships. As Venus is in a very good mood during the whole period, it’s more likely that this square will make existing problems more apparent, rather than causing such problems to appear where there aren’t any. It might impact Taurus’ and Cancer’s love life a bit more strongly, though. Also, this is not a good period to experiment with your diet, your medication, or health supplements.. Of course, if your doctor advice you to make such changes, make them, but if it’s just your opinion, it might not be what you need right now.

The Sun, too, squares Pluto. Accurately so on the 16th of April. This square will be active from the 7th of April and until the 26th of the month, affecting mostly the coming waxing Moon period. Amongst else, this square can challenge our emotional condition and our optimism. It can also cause a reduction of motivation. As the square won’t be strong during this fortnight and the Sun is very bright, astrologically speaking, it’s unlikely we’ll feel this influence strongly, now. But, it’s a hint from the universe to not postpone things we want to do for a later time.

The auspicious influences of the Full Moon:

Neptune’s years-long hexagon with Pluto is, slowly, gaining even more power, by the day, as it is slowly closing up to its strongest point of the year, which will be in late June, right after Neptune turns Retrograde. As we’ve said, this blessing will remain – at least – quite strong until the end of the year. Furthermore, although this hexagon will be becoming stronger and weaker many times, without ever losing most of its strength, it won’t become accurate again until the 24th of July 2026. By then, though, both planets will have changed their zodiacs.

Amongst else, this hexagon empowers magic and help us heal our souls, and our relationships. Physical healing, and especially via traditional methods, also receives some help. Progress in medicine and pharmacology, in a global level can still happen, although not as fast now. Breakthroughs might be rarer, but not insignificant. As the hexagon will be much stronger from May to July, some greater progress, then, is expected.

Mars forms a triangle with Saturn. This aspect is active since the 2nd of March and it will remain so until the 10th of April. This triangle became accurate on the 22nd of March. This is a helpful period for making things happen. Meditative techniques can be more effective, too, but, also, acting towards our goals can produce quite good results.

Mars forms a triangle with Jupiter, too. This triangle was activated on the 24th of March and it will remain active until the 8th of May. By then Mars will be in Cancer. It will become accurate on the 17th of April. This triangle can help us manifest our wises in an mundane way. It supports and empowers all our efforts. It can also make us reckless and impatient. Watch out of these negative side effects and avoid them. If you want to make some kind of expansion happen, this is a good period. Once again, though, try to not overdo it. Proceed courageously, but wisely.

Also on the 17th of the month, Mars will be in an accurate hexagon with Mercury. This hexagon will be active from the 10th of April and until the 24th of the month, mostly affecting the coming waxing Moon period. This can also help our projects and dream manifestation. Especially whatever needs other people’s cooperation and our social life and activity. Dating – whether it’s serious, or simply sexual – can become more active, too. Enjoy it, but don’t get reckless, or impatient.

The Sun conjuncts Venus. This conjunction became accurate, in Aries, on the 26th of March. This conjunctions has been blessing us since the 28th of February, when both planets were in Pisces, and it will remain active until the 4th of May, when both planets will be in Taurus. Amongst else, this conjunction can bring good luck in love matters and love searching.

During this long period Venus will be forming other aspects, too, of course. Other times most of those aspects will be auspicious and other times most of those will be inauspicious. So, we might not feel this blessing very clearly all of the time. But it will be there. Talismans and regular visualisation can help this blessing support our lives even when Venus will be mostly stressed.

Furthermore, under the blessings of this aspect, health matters – mostly in personal level, rather than in global one – as well as the arts receive support. Creating art, nurturing artistic skills, as well as promoting it and making money from it, all receive support.

Mercury conjuncts Neptune. This aspect will be accurate on the 30th of March. It is active since the 23rd of March and it will remain active until the 5th of April. This is a good opportunity to heal and nurture our relationships, of any kind, especially so because the Mars-Neptune square makes such issues so pressing.

Also, Mercury is forming a hexagon with Pluto. Accurately so on the 2nd of April. This hexagon will be active from the day of this Full Moon and until the 7th of April. During this period, all magic receives an extra boosting. Everything that has to do with spirits and entities, other planes and also philtres and potions receives an even greater support. Also, pharmacology receives some help. In a personal level, therapies depending on medication, both of traditional and of alternative healing, as well as therapies depending on hypnotic, or meditative techniques can have very good results, too. The same is true for psychotherapy.

Mercury is forming a hexagon with Saturn, too. Accurately so on the 10th of April. This hexagon will be active from the 5th of April and until the 15th of the month. This hexagon, too, supports healing and especially so via meditative and hypnotic techniques. It also makes such techniques more capable for any other purpose, too. Furthermore, this hexagon can clear our minds and help us make wiser decisions.

In the very same day, the 10th of April, Venus forms an accurate hexagon with Jupiter. This one will be active from the 1st of April and until the 20th of the month. This hexagon can support creation, promotion and profit making from the arts. It will also give pleasant and lucky vibes on love life. It can also help us find new people, either potential friends, or potential loves. Although both planets are very auspicious, in nature, and some such developments might happen even without an effort, keep in mind that this is still a hexagon. Therefore, it mostly support our efforts, rather than moving the world to support us. So, we need to do our part to enjoy this blessing to its fullest.

Also, Venus is forming a hexagon with Saturn. Accurately so on the 30th of March. This hexagon became active on the 22nd of March and it will keep on blessing us until the 8th of April. This is a good period for healing of all kinds and for strengthening our health. It’s also a good period for healing and nurturing relationships, of all kinds. Regarding romantic ones, taking them to the next step, or making them more formal also receive help. Relationships with a significant age difference, as well as student-teacher kind of relationships receive this blessing more strongly. Do remember that a student-teacher kind of relationships doesn’t necessarily refers to an actual student and teacher, but to two people where the one is learning things from the other.

The Sun also forms a hexagon with Saturn. Accurately so on the 31st of March. This hexagon started affecting us on the 21st of March and it will continue doing so until the 11th of April. This is a very beneficial blessing, especially because of the very powerful Saturn-Uranus square. Along with the Venus-Saturn hexagon, the Sun-Saturn hexagon reliefs much of the stress Saturn has and produces. Furthermore, this hexagon brings some help to all our efforts.

The Sun forms a hexagon with Jupiter, too. The two lucky stars harmoniously cooperating is always a good omen. This hexagon will be accurate on the 15th of April. It will be active from the 4th (maybe 3rd) of April and until the Super Full Moon of the 27th of April. This hexagon can bring some good luck in to everything we want to achieve. It can help all kinds of expansions, too. If such things are in your plans, make them happen now. The 27th of April is also the end of the most easy-going period of 2021. Pluto will be turning Retrograde at that very same day, and not long after, an ecliptic period will start, Saturn will turn Retrograde and, then, Mercury, too.

Also, Venus is forming a hexagon with Mars. Accurately so on the 6th of April. This hexagon is active since the 21st of March and it will remain so until the 22nd of April. This hexagon can help love life, sex life and beautification, both the masculine and the feminine kind of it. Furthermore, as this hexagon will take place during the Mars-Neptune square it makes it even more feasible to avoid problems, if we act and react calmly and wisely.

The Sun, too, gives some light to Mars and its affairs, via a hexagon. This hexagon, too, got activated on the 21st of March and it will remain active until the 11th of May, when the Sun will be in Taurus and Mars will be in Cancer. The aspect becomes accurate on the 13th of April, though, the day after the coming New Moon, when the Sun will still be in Aries and Mars will still be in Gemini. Other than calming Mars’ stress, this aspect promotes creativity and productivity. It also brings some good luck in to all of our projects.

On a side note, the two strict teachers, Saturn and Chiron form a hexagon. This hexagon was accurate on the 9th of February, and it was extremely strong until the Equinox. It is still very strong, though, right now. In fact, this is a years-long aspect and it has been strong since March 2020 and it will remain so until late October. It won’t stop affecting us, though, until the end of December 2022.

On top of that, this Full Moon fuels this hexagon strongly. The Moon accurately opposes Chiron, less than an hour after the Full Moon. In the same time the Sun is in an almost perfect conjunction with Chiron during the Full Moon. The conjunction will become accurate on the 29th. Venus also conjuncts Chiron, during the Full Moon. And as we’ve seen, both the Sun and Venus bless and energise Saturn, too. This interference will give the Saturn-Chiron hexagon a strong boosting, but thankfully in a good way.

During the period of this aspect’s influence we can learn more about ourselves and about who we want to be and what we want to do. Or, maybe, who we are meant to be and what we are meant to do. As both these teachers aren’t kind, these lessons might not be pleasant ones. We might be forced to learn them the painful way. Once again, during this fortnight the odds are it will happen in an easier way.

Overviewing the Full Moon in Libra:

The Full Moon in Libra and its waning fortnight have more stressful aspects than the previous lunar month had. Nonetheless, the auspicious and supportive influences are still more. On top of that, Saturn is strongly blessed and, therefore, in a good mood. Thus, things are still good and pleasant, mostly, and there might be a greater sense of freedom and good luck. The most easy-going period of 2021 is slowly, but clearly now, is closing up to its end, so waste no time and work towards your goals. Even if the results come with a delay, what you do now will support the rest of the year for you.

Full Moon Predictions for Aries:

The energy that has started gathering in your zodiac is now getting even stronger. Your governor, Mars, is now strongly interact with the planet in your zodiac in a harmonious way, too, and it’s also blessed by Jupiter. Therefore, this is probably an all-together lucky and productive period for you. Work, career, business and financial matters are probably the main causes of stress. Things, in these fields of your life are getting a bit more challenging and need a better handling. In most cases, though, nothing that will get out of your hand, if you act wisely. In the same time your mind is quite clear to help you make important decisions regarding such matters.

Your mood, too, seems sensitive. Make sure to support it. The more you support your mood the greater your productivity will be and the greater your productivity is, the better your mood becomes. Other than starting a new business, this Full Moon and this waning fortnight is a very good period for starting any new project, too. Furthermore, it’s a good period for finding personnel, or people to help you with certain jobs and tasks. It’s also a good period for expanding your social circle, including social media audience and web-page viewers.

Full Moon Predictions for Taurus:

This is an important period for you, and if you do your best with it, the period the two next fortnights, especially, but the whole year ahead, too, will be much, much better. Your 12th house becomes as strong as it can be, hosting your ruler, too, and interacting beneficial with the ruler of your 12th house. This means, your spirituality gets stronger. Use it. Visualise how you want your life, what you want to achieve. Write down such things. Face your fears and restrictions and heal them. Your mood and your emotional condition receive much stress from this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Take this as constant hints of what you need to heal and correct.

This fortnight and the coming two fortnights are the period for you to form your life and your world. During this one, the work should be done on the inside. The better you do this, the more you’ll make of the next lunar month. Money receives much support, but expenses should be considered carefully. Obligations, too, can add some stress on your finances. Also, this isn’t the best period to start a new business, or a new career, but it is a very good period for making plans and preparations for such moves.

Full Moon Predictions for Gemini:

Investments, contracts and expenses of a significant cost all need much more attention and some restrain, under the influences of this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. It’s better to play safe and to focus on cutting expenses and loses, rather than making more. Investing in your current business is an exception, but even then, decide wisely. This is not a g good period for starting a new business, or starting a new career. Nonetheless, if that’s what you want to do, arrange it for after the 5th of April, if possible. From then on, the support on all work, career and business matters will overwhelm any difficulties.

Your productivity seems quite strong and capable, but you might luck motivation, or you might find your productivity not fulfilling, or rewarding enough. Regardless, continue doing your best and the satisfaction and rewards will follow. Social life, too seems important. There might be some tension there, to hint you which relationships are unhealthy, but, overall, things are pleasant. Of course, either heal, or cut off the unhealthy ones, depending on each individual case. It’s a good period to promote, advertise and work on social media and web pages, too, both for personal and for professional ones.

Full Moon Predictions for Cancer:

This Full Moon and this waning Moon period might feel harsher for you, than for the rest of the zodiacs, or than it really should feel. There is a great gathering of planets, and focus on them, in stressful alignment with you. The Sun and the Moon during the Full Moon will both be in such alignment, too. So, take things as easy and as possible. Watch your health and respect your need to rest and relax. Your mood, too, receives much stress. Some tension might arise in your work environment. If there is some, already, expect things to become more edgy. In most cases, though, this is a passing trend. So, be patient, be reasonable, and it will pass. Almost right after the coming New Moon, this scenery changes.

If you act wisely, and take good care of your health and mood, though, things are more likely to proceed, overall, well. Even work, career and business matters receive mostly supportive energies. Your magical and spiritual abilities are also very strong this fortnight, so, make good use of them to better your present and future. It’s a very strong period, for you, for road opening kind of spells. Money needs some wisdom, but receives less stress than recently, so you’ll probably feel more at ease regarding it. Enjoy this, but don’t get reckless.

Full Moon Predictions for Leo:

Work, career and business matters receive some stress from this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Probably things are a somewhat better than they used to be, but, maybe, they don’t feel this way, regardless. If there are some tensed relationships in your work environment, though, they can get a bit more tensed. Regardless the stress, though, progress is happening. Other obligations can also stress your everyday life. Health receives more supportive energies than stressful ones, but needs some care and attention. Make sure you rest properly. This is a good habit to build now, as you’ll be needing it the coming lunar month more so.

Studies and all kinds of acquiring knowledge receive support. It’s a good period for attending seminars and the like. Of spiritual nature, even more so. People from such seminars, as well as groups of people with whom you share similar intellectual and spiritual interests can play a pleasant and supportive role, in your life. You social life, in general receives some help, and expansion of your social circle is possible and feasible. Regarding your web pages’, or social media audience, even more so. Finally, love life, too, seems mostly pleasant. Those searching a relationship, though, should not proceed hastily.

Full Moon Predictions for Virgo:

Work, career and business matters receive the main focus of the energies of this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. There is some stress affecting those matters and some things might not go as you’ve planned them. Nonetheless, progress is happening and, after the 5th of April, the beneficial energies influencing those matters will overwhelm any stressful ones. Health, too, can worry you a bit. But, overall, now health seems better than it was during the previous two fortnights. Healing, too, receives a strong boosting, so if you are facing health issues, expect good developments. Regardless, driving carefully is highly advisable.

Love life, too, receives much of this fortnight’s attention and in a mostly beneficial way. Sex based relationships, both for those in such relationships and for those searching for such adventures, receive mostly stressful energies, so be extra careful with those. Other than these cases, though, love, both for those in a relationship and for those searching one, looks good and pleasant. Your friends can also play a pleasant role in your life, and so can do their love life. Finally, your magic gets extra strong, so use it. Road opening spells, purification and banishing spells receive an even stronger boosting.

Full Moon Predictions for Libra:

By all means, this is not a bad Full Moon and waning Moon period, but it might stress you quite a bit. At least three major planets are in a stressful alignment with your zodiac, which can reduce your energy reservoirs. On top of this your house of health, and it’s ruler, receive some stress, too. Therefore, take good care of your health. Overall, health is good enough and healing is quite strong, but, health is sensitive and, if you get irresponsible it can cause you problems. So, once again, be careful with it. Health issues in the family, though, are more likely to have good developments.

Love life is another subject this fortnight focuses on. Problematic and tensed relationships can get more tensed. Regardless, there is much support in love matters, so be understanding and patient and work towards solving any problems in your relationship and things will become better. Those in search for a new love, though, receive mostly supportive influences. There is an exception for those seeking plain sexual encounters. This is not a good period for such adventures. It actually isn’t a good year for such things. Finally, friends can play a more active and pleasant role in your life.

Full Moon Predictions for Scorpio:

Health receives some stress from this Full Moon and this waning Moon period, and needs some better care and attention. Being extra careful when on the streets, when driving, or when doing anything dangerous, is highly advisable. In the same time, healing seems strong, so if you are dealing with health issues and you take good care of your health you can expect good developments. Work, too, receives some stress, and it can also become overly demanding, at times. Nonetheless, things are getting done, and progress is happening. More difficultly, maybe, but you achieve what you need to achieve.

Home, family and your other half can also stress you a bit, but all those receive many more supportive energies, so things are basically, good, there. Housework, repairs, renovations, and redecorations receive auspicious energies, but, make sure you won’t overdo it, and you won’t spend more money than you should on those. Sex life receives some stress, until the 5th of April and so do sexual relationships. Love life, though, as we’ve said receives mostly beneficial influences and seems overall happy. Those in search of a new relationship are likely to experience only the beneficial influences. Social life, too, seems pleasant and, probably, quite active.

Full Moon Predictions for Sagittarius:

Work receives some stress from this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. In most cases, less than it received during the previous two fortnights, though. It can become, though, more demanding. Make sure this won’t put a stress on your health and physical condition, which seem sensitive. Also, incoming money receives some support, expenses can easily become more than you’ve intended. Therefore, be a bit more careful at handling your finances.

Home, family and your other half can cause you a bit of stress, but the energies supporting these fields of your life are stronger, so things are mostly good, there. After the 5th of April the beneficial energies are more likely to overwhelm the stressful ones and things will get even better. It’s a good period for meeting new people, too. Also, productivity and creativity are quite strong and capable. Make the best use of those. Artistic creativity receives even greater support. It’s also a good period for hiring personnel.

Full Moon Predictions for Capricorn:

Work and money receive some stress from this Full Moon and this waning Moon period, but there is much support on those matters, so things are heading towards the right way, just a bit more difficultly. After the 5th of April things are more likely to get even better. Also, health receives some stress. The Full Moon and the Sun, along with Venus (and later Mercury, too) are in a stressful alignment with your zodiac and, therefore, you physical condition wouldn’t be great. On top of that, though, there are some stressful aspects affecting health, which can make things a bit more challenging. So, yes, take good care of your health. Resting properly can help a lot.

Healing seems good, so if you are facing health issues and take good care of yourself expect good developments. Health issues in the family, too, can have good developments. Your productivity is quite capable and this is a good period to make progress with your projects and, also, to initiate new ones. Furthermore, your friends can play a pleasant role in your life. Social life, in general, both online and offline one, seems more active and more pleasant.

Full Moon Predictions for Aquarius:

Your mood and your emotional condition receive some stress from this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Make sure you’ll support yourself. If you are dealing with mental health issues, or you have such a history, it would be wise to be a bit more watchful and, surely, more persistent at supporting yourself. Finances can also cause you some stress, but, not much of it, in most cases, and this stress will decline, or even vanish, after the 5th of April. After then, the supportive energies affecting money matters are becoming dominant. Even before then, though, are stronger than the stressful energies. Family can also cause you some stress, or restrict your freedom and free time, somewhat. Not too much so, though, in most cases.

Social life seems quite active and pleasant. Online social activity included, of course, and probably receives more support, too. Also, love life seems pleasant and somewhat lucky. Those in search for a new love will experience this more so than those already in a relationship. It’s a helpful period for turning a friendship, or acquaintance into a love affair. Also, your productivity and your creativity are quite strong and capable.

Full Moon Predictions for Pisces:

The gathering of power in your zodiac has started declining during the previous fortnight, and it will reduced even more so when Mercury will enter Aries, on the 4th of April, so make sure you’ll at least start whatever you want to achieve. It’s not too late. In May, Jupiter will enter your zodiac and will help your long-term plans advance and the seeds you sow now to flourish. So, even if it’s just a little bit something, what you can do now, do it. Your mood and your emotional condition receive some stress, but, not as much as during the previous two fortnights, so things are probably better. Your close environment, too, can cause you some stress, but not much of it, either. Also money receives some stress.

In most cases, income receives mostly supportive energies. It’s the expenses and obligations the ones that cause the stress. Manage them wisely, for they don’t seem to be beyond your capabilities. You need to worry about mistakes in your finances more so than for bad luck, or disastrous events. In fact, finances will get even better once Mercury enters Aries. This is also a good period for finding your inner health, and balance. Do that now. The Ecliptic Period is not far away, and the better it finds you, the easier it will be. Finally, your mind is in a very good condition for making long-term decisions about any subject and, especially, for finances.

Astrology and Magic:

Magic is quite strong, under the influences of this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Meditation and visualisation, too. Employ those techniques in your spell-casting and you’ll have even better results.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy this Full Moon and this waning Moon period!

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