Code of Goddess Flora – Choose a Flower Test

Code of Goddess Flora - Choose a Flower Test

Flowers have always been considered as a language that Mother Nature tries to speak to us. Hence in the past centuries, flowers have been used as secret signs and sacred symbols to notify the one who has been initiated to the mysteries of the Great Goddess. Even in the dark ages there was a secret code, Mystic language used by the ones who remembered or was taught the Old Ways. Gorgeous Flora is was an entity who personified all the flowers and plantation. This goddess inspired the Choose a Flower Test

Especially in May Day (Beltane), the secret Sabbath of the witches, flowers used to decorate houses and sacred altars and sites of the Old Religion. Flowers contain the essence of Mother Nature, Demeter and Gaia. Hence, the Use of blossoms and flowers was a perfect was to honor and channel the magical powers of the Goddess Flora and contact Mother Nature.

Test of the Goddess Flora – Choose a Flower Test

Each flower radiates a very special cosmic signal. Hands when a flower attracts us is actually an omen from the Great Goddess that we should take into consideration. Let’s try to get more in touch with these powers. Relax. And choose a flower!

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Poppy: I want to break Free!

If you have chosen this flower is the message is pretty clear. Poppies have always been associated with freedom and the burning need to break free from material bonds and troubles. Moreover, Poppies as grow everywhere, you should remember that as long as you carry the faith in yourself, you can achieve anything and survive even the most difficult circumstances.

Clearly, there is something that has been bothering you for a long long time. It may not be clear what exactly is it, but you thirst for freedom and experience new possibilities. What you’ve built in all your life should not be a burden, but a tool for you to feel happy and blessed.

Iris: I want to speak clearly.

This is the flower that actually represents Iris, a lesser goddess who like Hermes (Mercury) has been associated also with communication, transportation and secret messages of Witchcraft. What this flower tries to tell you is that you always need to speak your mind and more importantly, your heart.

Lies poison your aura and your soul. Hence, you need to align with your heart and your truest essence and not disguise your words. Being liked will not necessarily make you happy. However, being true to yourself will!

Narcissus: I want to start anew!

This flower takes its name from a very handsome man who actually feel in love with himself. Hence, this flower embodies burning need to surpass the difficulties that one may face, and start a new better version of himself/herself. Like Narcissus, you should focus on what makes you so great, and nurture this great qualities, while abolishing what may bring you down.

It is very important to reassemble yourself and your dreams, and aim towards greater goals. Are you listening? Mother nature wants to tell you how great you are. BELIEVE it! Start anew!

Carnation: I want to banish the heartache!

Everybody hurts. Also, Everybody has dark moments and experiences pain and loss. However this should never make us feel slaves to the pain and the past. You carry this burden for a long long time, and therefore now is the time to banish this darkness, and open yourself to the endless possibilities of this world.

Carnation is a symbol of the pain that is time to let go. Mother nature wants to remind you that love is all around you and happiness and wait for you as long as you are ready to see this truth. Great Goddess awaits for you to make the first step. Magic forces will support you!

Magnolia: I want to express my Magic!

Many years magical powers have been growing inside of you trying to find a way to express themselves. Mother nature tries to tell you that’s all you need to do is listen to your heart, attune to these powers, and express them towards yourself and the Cosmos.

Do not be afraid of these powers, do not be afraid of yourself. You’re a wise immortal creature, which holds within the divine spark. Acknowledge this, and cast a powerful power awakening spell.

Tulip: I want to express my Love!

This is the flower that mother nature created to express love and passion. If you have chosen this flower this means that your heart is full of burning love and lust which needs to be expressed. However, what you must need to do first, is to express this love towards yourself.

By loving yourself and acknowledging your greatest and most important qualities, open a Magical portal to the universe, conjuring divine and magical energies towards you. Also, you can start by expressing your love towards nature in nova creatures around you, as this act will manifest the flow of love into your life.

Lavender: I want to establish Peace!

This flower embodies the powers of nature which can bring peace and calmness. Its essence has long being used by witches and alchemists to promote peace and clear mind. Hence, your mind is probably full of troubling thoughts which need to be banished.

However, what do you need to do first, is embrace and acknowledge what is actually troubling you. By doing that you’re making the first step towards your happiness. You cannot win this fight unless you know who you’re fighting against. And what we soon fight against is just ourselves. So, embrace this dark parts of yourself and make a commitment to move forward and change your destiny!

Lily of the Valley: I want to feel like a Child again!

If you have chosen this flower, then probably the Goddess Flora is trying to remind you that you are a great, good and pure. Maybe you have chosen to focus towards material needs and issues with the notes easily help you get in touch with your inner child.

Children do not easily see boundaries and limitations. Hence what is missing from you is this sensation that everything and anything is possible as long as you want it. Embrace the endless possibilities of the world.

Orchids: I want to Manifest my desires!

Clearly there’s been many disappointments in the past regarding what you wish to draw towards you in life. Hence you may lost faith in you. Orchids embody fertility and material manifestation. Therefore if you have chosen this flower it means that there is still great potential in you to pursue these qualities.

First of all you need to meditate on what you have already achieved, and visualize your destiny as if boundaries and limitations do not exist. Then, visualize the orchid blooming is you give birth to your desires. Repeat this visualization daily for a whole lunar Circle. Goddess Flora will help you all the way.

Peony: I want a prosperous life!

If you think about it this is probably something that many people wish for. However you clearly seem to need this more than other people as if your happiness depends on a happy marriage and material abundance. Mother Nature is here to tell you that you don’t need them.

Happiness, love and abundance are already in you because you are a child of mother nature and you’ve inherited them in your birth! You are divine. All you need to do, is manifest these desires with no shame or regrets. It’s your birth right after all. That’s what Goddess Flora wants to tell you!


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