Retrograde Saturn 2021 – Witch’s Tips

Retrograde Saturn 2021 - Witch's Tips

Saturn is the planet which have always been associated with Witchcraft and spirituality. This happened probably because of the hard and strict attitude of the Saturnian energies towards our lives. Moreover, this particular Retrograde Saturn 2021 in Aquarius – speaks of social and professional limitations, boundaries and obstacles we need to surpass with our patience and optimism. It also  affects how we interact with our communities, redefining what we stand for, our rights and our need for liberty!

General Tips when Saturn is Retrograde!

This happens usually by tough and unbearable means only to show us that all we need is ourselves. We are free from this world and we came here only to gather wisdom.

Retrograde Saturn is the master of introspection.

When he hits us our world turns upside down. Retrograde Saturn can be much worse. What you should know is that Saturn in Greek is called Kronos which bears similarity with the word Chronos (time).

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Saturn is the master of Time.

He teaches us to stay calm and observe. Time is endless and so is our wisdom. When Saturn is retrograde everything may come back even from previous lives. Let’s see in detail what happens: Saturn is the Lord of Time. Saturn slows down all activities.

When this happens it is usually accompanied with disappointments and all kinds of delays. We are usually furious seeing our goals delay. We thought we’ve planned everything right but we didn’t and Saturn has a great way to show us what is really important. Our activities are slowing down just to give us Time to see what we’ve been doing wrong all along. Search and review your actions. It’s a great time to ask guidance.

Retrograde Saturn is the Lord of Karma.

Karma is the law which in few words can be explained as “what goes around comes around”. Saturn – as a strict parent/teacher – points out our flaws – not in a gentle way. We are forced to review our mistakes and what we did wrong all this time. Moreover, Saturn will help us access our past (even if this means go back to another life). Click here to learn how to cleanse your Karma! 

Retrograde Saturn is the Lord of Patience.

Everything that happens during the retrograde course of Saturn tests our limits and our patience. Saturn want to reinforce our Will but what we perceive is an endless period of limitations and consecutive obstacles. We need to meditate and find our strength to act. Meditation is ruled by Saturn and the more we practice Meditation the more we are getting free from all this mess.

Fast Guide when Saturn is Retrograde.

We can speak for Hours about Retrograde Saturn but the truth is we may get confused with details or with the retrograde movement of other planets. So we’ve create a list of Things to Expect When Saturn is Retrograde:

  • Introspection
  • Delays in Growth
  • Debts are messed up
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