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Retrograde Mars: June 27 - August 27 2018
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Retrograde Mars: June 27 – August 27 2018

Retrograde Mars is one of the most challenging times of the year. Astrologers rarely talk about it and usually avoid analyzing the Zodiac Signs based on this aspect. This happens because most of the predictions are inauspicious which make the astrologer unpopular. However, here we are going to try to decipher the messages of Retrograde… Keep Reading

Other Celestial Bodies in Retrograde Phase
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Other Celestial Bodies in Retrograde Phase

Planets aren’t the only Celestial bodies to go through a retrograde phase. Asteroids and moons in the Solar system do too. You can find here more Retrograde Mercury, Saturn or Uranus. Chiron Retrograde – 01/07/17 to 05/12/17 During Chiron’s retrograde phase we attract the healing and guidance that we need. We are drawn to seek… Keep Reading

crystals for retrograde mercury
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Crystals & Retrograde Mercury

Mercury has into Retrograde for the next 21|(ish) days. The next few weeks are going to be tough on those who are sensitive to the energies, but there are ways to cope with this trying time. When we think about my favourite topics, Crystals, what can we use to help us through Mercury’s Retrograde phase?… Keep Reading

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Retrograde Uranus: Astrology and Magic

Retrograde Uranus? On the 2nd August 2017 Uranus will enter Retrograde and this will last until 1st January 2018, and this means it’s effects are going to play a part in our lives the latter half of the year. When Retrograde Uranus, expect great awakenings. This giant of an ice planet is the ruler of… Keep Reading

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