Fingerprints Palmistry

Fingerprints Palmistry

Palmistry (or Chiromancy: from Greek Chira=χείρα & mancy=μαντεία) is the art of Foretelling the Future by “reading” the signs of one’s hands. Many people don’t know that in palmistry we don’t just read lines on palms. We also examine all parts of the hands. We also read the fingers. Hence, there is fingerprints palmistry.

Art of Palmistry

Palmistry can be found in many parts of the World although we can notice many variations depending on the cultural background. The Roots of Palmistry can be traced back to Hindu (Vedic) Astrology (Click here to read more about Vedic Astrology and exotic Spells from India) while others believe that comes from Egypt or ancient Persia. What is certain, is that palmistry goes a long way back to ancient times and that diviners didn’t only look at hands, but at the forehead too, in order to read the Karma of an individual.

Fingerprints Palmistry

Remember what we’ve learned in “how to wear rings according to what you pursue” that each finger is associate with a God / Goddess and Planet.

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  • The thumb holds and expresses the power of AphroditeVenus.
  • The index holds and expresses the power of ZeusJupiter.
  • The middle the power of Saturn.
  • The ring finger the power of ApolloSun
  • The pinky or little finger the power of HermesMercury.

Hence, what you need to do is see your Ring Finger, the finger of Apollo – which is considered to summerise the Prophecy for your life. As Apollo is the God of Prophecy and Divination, the finger associated with the God of Sun can give you valuable information about your life and your Destiny.

Fingerprints Palmistry Patterns

There are three main patterns. The Loops, the Whorls and the Arches. Each pattern is associated with one magical element.

The Loops – Element of Water

If your ring finger is dominated by the pattern of Loops, then Water prevails in your life. Hence, can overcome difficulties because your destiny’s energy can ‘flow’ and overcome any problems you may stumble upon. Due to the nature of your life-force you bear uncanny healing abilities which can help you help others and yourself. Hence, you can practice these abilities by unblocking your chakras.

However, you destiny lacks of stability and can change many times in your lifespan. This is not necessarily something bad. You need to embrace your nature and not try to stop the water – but ride the tides. Do not try to adapt to others around you. Embrace the duality of your nature but be true to your needs.

Gem of Power: Sapphire

The Whorls – Element of Fire

If your ring finger is dominated by the pattern of Whorls, then Fire prevails in your life. Hence, the spark of enlightenment is always in you. Only have you attune to yourself and refresh your inspiration and find purpose once again in your life. Fire is the most powerful element but requires constant attention as a single flame can turn out to become a forest wildfire.

Remember you need to tame yourself and find balance between yourself and the other around you. As some may recognise your as self-centered individual you need to become more aware about other people’s needs. However, this force inside you is a powerful force of nature which – if directed properly – you can shine line no other around you and achieve all the goals you can dream of. Some final thoughts, is that you need to regularly seek isolation in order to think clearly – away from parasitic energies.

Gem of Power: Ruby

The Arches – Element of Earth

If your ring finger is dominated by the pattern of Arches, then Earth prevails in your life. Hence, the power of Nature reside in your fingertips. Your destiny is stable and you can focus on your dreams. Although your path is not easy, you are extremely resourceful and you can grasp power like no  other. It’s very important to realise the power of Earth in you.

Others seek your help as you can find solutions and become the person other trust when in need and/or danger. As the Earth supports all, so you can be extremely fertile to your dreams and other people or barren like the desert when you get mad or disappointed. One word of warning though. Earth is very strong and supportive but it can kinda go pessimistic and you may feel ‘earth-bound’. When this happens, try our spells and summon inspiration and light.

Gem of Power: Emerald

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