How to do Telekinesis – a Practical Guide

How to do Telekinesis - a Practical Guide

Telekinesis is a very popular form of psychic ability. Once attributed specifically to witches, telekinesis has grown to be recognised as one ‘power’ that has no gender, ethnicity or religion. As numerous reports around the world document telekinesis, it’s now considered a fact.  Hence, developing this ability has become the Holy Grail of many scientists but also armies.

Telekinesis – the holy Grail of governments and armies.

As telepathy and remote viewing, telekinesis is considered a very powerful ability. But what exactly is it?

Telekinesis is the ability to move an object without using any physical means.

However, there are several ‘branches’ of telekinesis associated with each element.

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  • Telekinesis refers to the Element of Earth. Hence, the individual can move a solid object.
  • Pyrokinesis refers to the Element of Fire. Hence, the individual can start a fire.
  • Hydrokinesis refers to the Element of Water. Hence, the individual can manipulate water.
  • Aerokinesis refers to the Element of Air. Hence, the individual can call winds.

How to practice Telekinesis

There are some simple and proven steps you can follow. You need to find a quiet place where no one will interrupt you.

Step one: Belief

First of all you need to believe that you can. For some people can be easier than other – but EVERYONE is capable for telekinesis. After all everything is energy. There is no matter. Matter is only an illusion. You are energy. The chair you sit on is energy.

However, to make it easier for your mind to ‘move’ the object, decide on a ‘movable’ object first. A small box of matches? Something that it feels easier.

Step two: Breath

Breathe consciously. This will help you shift your consciousness to what you are about to do. Relax. Every breath helps you connect with the moment. Therefore breathing is extremely important as it helps you be aware.

You may want to meditate first.

Step three. Visualization

You need to create clear images in your mind. Don’t just imagine. Feel it. Make the visualization as dense as possible.

Visualize your magical energy flowing from your third eye to the object. Befriend with it. Connect with it as it’s an extension of you. You and this object are one. Hence, you can move it. Feel this connection. Don’t rush anything. Stay calm and still. Continue with energy flowing.

In a while you will start to sense the object’s energy matrix. What does it feel like? Does it have a color? Maybe a scent?

Step four: the Psychic Tunnel

This is the most important moment. Invest time and love in it.

Visualize a vortex in your third eye. From there, psychic energy flows which can make anything happen. Visualize this flow of energy like a spring of power. Your power.

Now – and this is the most important moment – you now need to create a psychic tunnel in your mind between the object and your eyes. Block everything else except you and the object.

Sense this object. As if you could smell, feel or even taste it. Connect with the object.

Step five: repeat as needed

Never doubt yourself and your powers. Keep a journal to right down your progress. Start with something small. Do take it easy and slowly work on bigger or heavier objects.

Comment in the post for your results!

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