7 Nature Magic Spells to attract more money in 2022

7 Nature Magic Spells to attract more money in 2022

It’s no secret. We just love nature magic. Why? Because it simply works. Also it’s easy. And it’s affordable. So yes. We do love it! Money on the other hand, we all have a special relationship. Probably because our brain is taught wrong from a young age. We tend to have guilts every time we enjoy daydreaming of us being financially sufficient or rich. So please. Let’s begin. Repeat after me: “I am one with the World. I deserve abundance”. This should be something you repeat like a mantra, all year long. Now, let’s proceed to 7 Nature Magic Spells to attract more money in 2022.

7 Nature Magic Spells to attract more money in 2022

All our spells are extremely handy and easy to use. However, you need to be persistent. And keep on going. Repeat them. Daily if possible. Make them your routine!

1. Tea of Riches

All you need is chamomile with a pinch of peppermint and thyme honey. First you boil the water. Then remove the water from the fire. Wait 30” so the water cools off. Then you pour the water on dried chamomile (1ts) with a pinch of peppermint. Let the water prepare your magical infusion. Wait 3 minutes.

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Now, you take half a tablespoon of thyme honey and stir clockwise 7 times while saying.

Light is might, money is energy, I banish darkness, I enjoy prosperity“.

Magic of “Tea of Riches”. Chamomile is a common but extremely powerful herb. It is recognised as the herb of Gods – directly associated with the Realm of Divine powers. Also, chamomile corresponds to Gold and the Sun. Use of chamomile in money spells is tested for millennia. Also, we use a pinch of peppermint to gently banish all that keep us away from true happiness. Finally, we use Thyme honey, to give us the strength to embrace a bright new future.

2. Nodes of Moon Power

The Lunar Nodes, the cosmic portals of intense forces will join Taurus from January 18 2022. From this time hence, riches can come abundantly but we need to focus more on Earth and its Realm. So, what you need to do is create – even a tiny – magical garden. Wherever you feel like.

Essential pots: 

Apart from these pots and in case you can’t afford them, or you can’t take care of them, spot one tree you love and promise to take care of it. Water the tree, spend time with it. The clue is to establish connection with the Earth. As the Lunar Nodes pass in Taurus, the energy portals will be closer to Earth. The more time we spend with our planet and its forces, the more rich and healthy we become!

3. Green and Blue Candles

Let’s go shopping!

Green candles have always been associated with the abundance of Earth. As we’ve seen above, the Cosmic Portals of true Astral Power, move in Taurus. Hence, the magic of Earth is even more powerful from January 18 2022. So light your first green candle on Friday, when the Moon is Waxing!

Also, we need to get some blue candle too. Why? Because Jupiter is in Pisces guys (see here how your Zodiac Sign is affected)! Hence, to conjure the miracles Jupiter we need to take blue candle and inscribe the alchemical symbol of Jupiter. Light the first candle on Thursday, when the Moon is Waxing!

4. Carry one Green Stone!

As we’ve said above, the Magical Portal will be relocated in Taurus since January 18. This means that we need to connect more with the Earthly Realm. What’s is better than a stone which is also green?

Affordable green semi-precious stones (which will do the trick) is aventurine and amazonite. Also, jade, zoisite and malachite can help you. Or any stone with a green color! You don’t need to focus on their properties. Just connect more with Earth! 

5. Rune of Money

Runes are ancient portals from which magical forces can be conjured. Runes echo archetypical Magical forces and Elements of the universe. This is why nearly everything can be traced back and be associated with at least one Rune. Hence, we can use Runes for both divination and to alter our destiny.

The Rune of Money is Fehu. Actually is has additional powers, but here we will focus on prosperity. On Thursday, Jupiter’s Day, take a piece of paper and draw Fehu in red color. Keep it with you – in your wallet.

6. Make your Wallet a Money Portal

Let’s say once again that the Nodes of Power will be located in Taurus from January 18, 2022. Hence, we need to make our wallets a portal of Earthly abundant power! So, one way to attract more money in 2022 is to take a small chestnut (if you find it yourself it’s extra potent) and place it in your wallet. This is considered to be the nut of money! You can ‘anoint’ it with Prosperity oil or any other ritual oil you made yourself!

7. Rebirth of Money

If you feel that you are on a dead end you can try unblocking your path. So what you can do it make some Resurrection Water (see here the video). This is the water which comes from watering the Rose of Jericho.

Once you’ve made the Resurrection Water, sprinkle some on your doorstep (to unblock your way) and daily one drop on and in your Wallet! The Resurrection water will empower your money portal – your wallet. Hence, this is our last way to attract more money in 2022!

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