7 Signs you are a Shadow Empath

7 Signs you are a Shadow Empath

Only a few know about their existence although they were here for many centuries. Shadow Empath or Empath Supreme, is an elite group of empaths. These amazing people have been blessed with the empathic powers for many lifespans. Hence, they’ve felt so much for so long, they’ve developed additional powers. Not only they can feel what others feel but they can also project these emotions.

Everything is Energy

Everything is energy. Empaths (click here to see if you are one) are people who are very sensitive to the energies/vibrations that surround them, both thoughts and emotions, of other people, animals, plants and even that of spirits. This sensitivity seems to stem from the ancient belief that everything is connected therefore it is easier for some people to make this happen- tap into the energies that surround us and become one with them.

What’s the Difference between empath and shadow empath

Do not be mistaken by the name. A Shadow empath or empath supreme is not a bad empath. On the contrary s/he is extremely potent. An elite group of empaths, their leaders. However, due to reincarnation  they might neglect these powers and these guys should be reminded of their purpose!

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A Shadow Empath is the one who has finally embraced the whole capacity of being an empath, not being afraid of the power of his/her emotions. Hence, a shadow empath has embraced his/her shadow. As previously told many times in Magical Recipes Online, the shadow, is a vital and separate body (along with the physical, the astral etc).

Ancient sources tell us of these people, who connect in amazing ways with others. These powers of course can be used for both good or ill. However, those people are almost always dedicated to the benefit of mankind. They’ve been leaders, the high priests or priestesses, the sages and so much more. Before telling more about them, let’s see if you’ve got these signs! These signs stream from their power to project their emotions – on steroids!

1.Lies become reality

Have you ever told a lie which later become reality? This is one of the most clear signs! A shadow empath can project such a load of energy in the astral realm which can actively manifest. Of course at first, that might have scared you but with proper guidance, you will learn to manifest not just lies – but all your dreams!

2.People notice you when you enter a room

Everything is energy. Hence, when such a powerful being enters a room, other notice the change of energy currents. It doesn’t matter how you look, how old you are etc. Energy is energy. That’s what counts!

3.Emotions of others change around you

Have you noticed that the emotions of others change according to what you’re thinking? This is another very powerful sign that you are a shadow empath. As we’ve already told, these people have the ability to project their emotions hence change the energy matrix around them. Others empaths or not can feel it.

4. Your emotions can affect the weather

Have you ever noticed that when you’re angry or sad or happy or thrilled the weather changes where you go? A light breeze or a storm can also be a very clear sign

5.When angry electrical phenomena occur

Have you ever noticed that when you walk down the street by night with your mind filled with emotions and thoughts the lamps of the street flicker? Or maybe your computer or smart devices act crazy when you are anxious or angry.

6.Animas act weird around you

Have you noticed that animals around you act crazy or that you have the ability to attract them? Animals see the world in a different way than ours. Hence when they realize the presence of a powerful entity animals are drawn by them.

7.Others see you in their dreams!

Do others dream about you? If this happens a lot then you have already affected them and of course this results to these dreams. Especially if they keep seeing you more than one dream in a row!

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