New Moon in Pisces March 2nd – Dreaming the Impossible Dream Davina Mackail

New Moon in Gemini June 6

New Moon in Pisces March 2nd: A powerful new moon arrives on March 2nd at 12 degrees Pisces.  We are collectively riding an evolutionary tsunami into the March equinox as we upgrade our energy bodies.  It isn’t always comfortable as we chase and resist change in equal measure. And the current speed of transformation has the dial set to warp factor plus.  

New Moon in Pisces March 2nd

With the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Neptune all partying in Pisces a huge portal of creative expansion is opening leading us into the grand Jupiter Neptune conjunction on April 12th. Jupiter the ancient ruler of the fishes is expanding and activating Neptune’s dreaming power.  Pisces carries deep wisdom and gently prods a deeper awakening of our consciousness. We are stepping out of what we have completed whilst at the same time aligning with the new energies that are propelling us into our future.  Create space for daydreaming during the coming weeks and keep a dream journal poised and ready for night-time downloads.  This cosmic activation is not for ordinary dreams but the impossible dream that is seeded deep within you. What is the highest possible vision you hold for all sentient life on Earth and beyond?  Miracles are possible when we have faith in their existence. These invisible dreams already exist in the morphogenetic field and this highly charged lunar portal offers direct access.  

Dreaming the Impossible Dream

The shadow of Pisces can reveal where we are exhausted, depleted and have lost faith in our dreams believing them to be delusional impossibilities. Global stress can overwhelm us with exhaustion and inertia.  Jupiter in Pisces wants us to inhale deeply on the pipe of hopium. What do we need to change to create ‘the more beautiful world we dream of’ for the next seven generations?  The more we dream into the future and seed the possibilities of positive transformations arising through our collective creativity the faster the external will change. We’re all sensing the new energies arising within us. Reminding us of our energetic essence beyond the hard, material realm.  We’re curling up the evolutionary spiral.  It feels uncomfortable because it’s new, strange and we have no reference point.  Daily self-care is vital.

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A golden cosmic egg of opportunity

Don’t miss this golden cosmic egg of opportunity. Do not get distracted by 3D dramas. Stop feeding them your energy of fear, powerlessness and despair. Unplug. Switch off.  Turn off and turn away. Tune in to this creative force field and ask a different question; ‘How can I be part of the solution?’. All the planets are currently clustered in the outer houses focussing us on the bigger picture.  They are embracing this huge Pisces dream.  With the other main cosmic focus centred in Capricorn we can earth these new dreams in a way that has not been possible before.  The goats strong earth is the container for our watery dreams to flow into physical manifestation.  Expect to experience strong bursts of wild creativity. Pisces rules the sacred dance of life and nobody dances quite like you. It’s time to honour, respect and give full permission for your unique expression.  Jupiter provides a spiritual bubble of protection that protects any new projects and ideas.  There’s something bigger than the human experience guiding us forward into truth, freedom and the future.  Expansive idealism, spiritual ascension and altered states are all part of the new cosmic order.

Unleash creativity

The unleashed creative expression issuing from this wise, watery energy allows us to speak our truth faster. Our current systems are designed to condition us to suppress our truth in favour of compliance.  Yet it has the reverse effect. If our authentic expression is locked within, it creates an internal war that manifests in external cognitive dissonance. Ironically in this post truth era the more we can express our internal truth the more peace we will bring to the planet.  Dishonesty within is what creates the energy of war. Truth telling sets us free.  Own the courage to speak what you need to say even if it feels contentious, terrifying and distinctly uncomfortable. It will be better received than you may imagine. Your truth delivered with compassion and kindness allows others to feel safe enough to express theirs.  It is a wildly contagious energy. It feels energising and liberating to ‘get it off our chest’.  Via this path of deep truth, we will invoke the global healing that we so desperately need.

New Moon’s Sabian Symbol

The Sabian symbol for this moon is “A sword used in many battles is now in a museum”.  The current planetary transformation has an energy of war – warring between people, governments and countries.  This moon is asking us what battles we need to put to rest.  Where do we need to lay down our weapons? Are we invested in being right more than serving the greater needs of the whole? The key is to focus internally on our personal needs.  What do you need to keep yourself sheltered and safe from the storm?  Take some space each day to release, restore and reset.  The more we resolve our internal battles the external ones will naturally dissipate.  

In terms of the current Ukraine war the larger question is when will humanity realise it needs to evolve beyond the structure of conflict to resolve its issues.  War is an outmoded energy. When we assign our collective swords to the archives, we are able to tune into a higher intelligence and find genuine resolution that serves the greater needs of the collective.

Triggering Memories

Global events are also triggering memories and feelings in our ancestral codes that need purging and releasing.  We are shedding our old outdated selves.  To release we need to feel the old feelings. Making it feel we are going backwards, stuck in old selves and time loops.  Trust you are progressing.

The triple conjunction of Venus, Mars and Pluto at 27 degrees of Capricorn – the degree of exaltation brings focus and mastery of will power. Great for achievements and goal setting.  This passionate intensity can also lead to intense love affairs.  They might not make the long-term, but they are here for a reason.  They are gifting us a deep understanding of our own sacred alchemical marriage between the masculine and feminine within. This energy can bring in new ways of relating within our intimate relationships. It may even precipitate the arising of a very unconventional relationship, yet one that feels utterly aligned in cosmic perfection.

2022’s focus: Power

Power is the focus of 2022.  It is THE theme of the year.  Remembering that true power is not dominion over but relationship with. We are flipping from the reference of external power to the power we contain within as we move out of the victimisation of humanity. Contemplate what power means to you?  Do you feel empowered or disempowered?  Find your support network, remember your self-care.  This planetary storm is not disappearing any time soon. It affects our moods, thought processes and physical health. It’s here to teach us. If we can internalise our power, we birth our spiritual strength in fierce love and grace.  We step out of our victimisation into our peaceful warrior selves and remember our burning love for humanity.  We’re re-moulding ourselves. How do we live from an open heart when surrounded by conflict and warring agendas? We are discovering a new internal grounding within.  A new self-respect.  Grounded in the new frequencies.  Stepping more into what matters to us and our higher potentials.  However this manifests expect it to be very different than anything you have experienced before.  

To ride this cosmic tsunami, believe in yourself and more importantly stay focussed on your higher dreams.  Remember magic and miracles are real. Focus on your blessings and bring moment by moment awareness to allowing peace within. Peace is a practise.  We have to allow space for it.  Gift yourself that quiet moment each day to just be.  Come to neutral, drop into the belly and breathe. In these pauses we discover where we are experiencing dissonance.  Only from a place of internal peace can we own our true power. Find a practise that takes you into peace fast.  Is it tree bathing? A candlelit bath? Ocean breathing? Something else?  The path to authentic power is pausing for peace throughout your day.  Wishing you infinite new moon love.

New Moon Ritual – Creating Dream Solutions

Davina Mackail

Use this ritual to tap into the powerful Pisces dream energy activated by expansive Jupiter and intuitive Neptune.

Set an intention for a clear dream answer. Dreams respond to desire.

Step 1

Choose an issue that’s truly important to you and be ready to act on the answer you seek.

Ask a question you feel it is possible to get an answer to.

Consciously work on the problem for a few minutes. Either in your mind or mind map the issue on paper. Maybe illustrate it with pictures. How have you tried to solve this problem? What does this issue mean to you? For what purpose do you need to solve the problem? What will happen as a result of solving this? What will happen if you don’t solve it?

Step 2

Complete this process by encapsulating the issue in a single question. Be careful with this. Your dream will answer exactly what you ask, so ensure your request is as clear and unambiguous as possible. Write down the final question in your dream journal and date it.  You may like to sleep with it under your pillow!

Step 3

Go to sleep with minimal distractions and mull over the situation in question, feel what it would be like to get the perfect answer and believe that you will.

Repeat the dream question over and over in your mind as you drift off to sleep.

Step 4

If you wake during the night, write down any dreams, dream fragments, thoughts or feelings. Go back to sleep repeating the dream question.

In the morning, lie still, collect your dream thoughts then record everything you received.

Trust the information you receive.

In my experience of working with creative dreaming I find the solution appears over two to three nights of dreaming, with each dream adding to the one before it.

Know your unconscious responds with your absolute best interests at heart; it never gives you the wrong answer. If you get what seems to be the wrong answer, it’s because you didn’t ask the right question, or you don’t yet understand the answer you’ve received. Remember you can always go back and ask for clarification. 

Blessed be

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