9 things to put under your pillow

9 things to put under your pillow

Sleep is essential. That has been known since the Dawn of Civilization. Hence, we see many gods and goddesses affiliated with sleep and dreams. Probably the most important story comes from ancient Greece where god of sleep and god of death (Hypnos and Thanatos) are triplet brothers, along with the god of Dreams (Oneiros). Gorgeous extremely handsome winged (angel-like) gods that no mortal could ever resist them. This is why all sleep, dream and eventually die. This however shows another thing. These winged gods imply that when you sleep or die, wings take you to another realm, higher. Hence, sleep is a magical ritual, one small death, that rejuvenates you. In order to make this ritual more conscious  an easy way is to employ small spells. Therefore, we create a list of 9 things to put under your pillow!

Every Sleep is a powerful Ritual

Sleeping is not just a habit. It’s so much more than this. As we fall in sleep, we actually slip away to another realm, the Realm of god Hypnos also known as the Dream World. Hence, Witches often utilize this force to bring forth blessings, manifest their desires, travel to the astral world and more!

Before we proceed to things you should place under your pillow we should first make it clear that you should not try them all simultaneously. Also, you will need a dream journal to write down your dreams and all things that may happen!

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9 things to put under your pillow

Get a blue sachet – organic fabric is great – to put those things, one at a time. Place the sachet inside the pillow or under it.

Against Nightmares: Amethyst pebble

This is one of the most powerful tools against dark arks. Just a plain amethyst pebble can create a protective bubble around you. Amethyst has many many correspondences. It’s just a powerful stone.

Success & prosperity: 7 Job’s tears for

Place inside the sachet 7 seeds (Job’s) tears for 7 nights during waxing moon. Allegedly this will bring success and prosperity. Job’s Tears are a common magical tool within the hoodoo tradition and community.

Awakening Powers: the ‘Magician’ Tarot Card

The Tarot Cards are not just tools for divination. These are actually magical portals which conjure powers from other Realms. In particular, the Magician connects us with Hermes (Mercury) a god which brings amazing magical powers and helps us be more aware of our magical powers!

Image of God or Goddess or Angel you want to call

Do you want to call a God, a Goddess or an Angel to talk to? Well, take an image of this deity, talk to him/her right before going to sleep, and  put it under your pillow. Write down what you dream of this night!

Photo or an item of a person you want to learn news about

Do you want to learn about a person that interests you and you worry about? Call him – say his/her name 3 times – before going to sleep, facing his/her photo, or a personal item. Then, put this item/photo under your pillow.

Fairy Powers: Holed Stone

A holed stones is believed to be a gateway between our world and the world of the fairies. Also called holeys, these stones are believed to possess unbelievable powers! Keep one under your pillow to connect with the fairies!

Against Sadness: Thyme

Thyme is the herb of courage. It helps us banish sadness and fortify our soul with the proper energy. Keep a pinch of thyme under your pillow to banish sadness and depression. Of course – if things persist always consult with your medical doctor!

Good Luck & Blessings: Peacock feather

Peacock is the Sacred animal of Hera (Juno), mighty queen of gods. A feather (willingly given – which means fallen – NEVER taken violently) kept under your pillow will stop bad vibes, banish nightmare but also conjure all kinds of blessings!

Dream of a Dead friend/soul: Wisteria

Wisteria is a powerful plant used by hoodoo community. Call the person your want to dream of – calling his/her name three time. Place a pinch of Wisteria under your pillow to invoke thee.




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