Your Moon Sign’s Goddess & her Powers

Your Moon Sign's Goddess & her Powers

Let me begin by saying that we all have the Power in us. As we all come from the Divine Realm we all possess magical abilities. However, there are some amongst us who are literally destined to become a witch. They are somehow born with abilities, which make them understand how different they are amongst others. (Take a look at signs here you are born a natural witch)! But here are aspects on your Birth Chart which Astrologers predict a powerful source of magic coming through you: the Moon Sign’s Goddess and her Powers!

Birth Chart

When you are born, the place of starts predict the destiny of the baby. These influences can tell you more about who you are, who you were and who you are going to become! Hence, here we will examine the most potent astrological omen of what kind of Witch you were born to be. Your Moon Sign’s Goddess and her Powers!

So, before we continue, you need to cast your free birth chart. Do it here for free. Now. Come back in this article to see if you got these signs!

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Your Moon Sign’s Goddess and her Powers

Did you find where is your Moon? Which is your Moon sign! If yes, let’s continue!

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Moon in Aries: Goddess Demeter

Story of Goddess Demeter, tells of a loving mother who lost her daughter. Every Spring, her Daughter returns from the Underworld and nature blooms. This is the Power of Rejuvenation which is in you. You have the power to change the course of a project, and give the kiss of life to something there is no hope for. Hence, your enthusiasm is your most important asset which you should never neglect. You can win any battle, for you got the power of spring in you!

Powers: Rejuvenation, Rebirth

Moon in Taurus: Goddess Gaia

This is the Great Goddess, the Mother of All. She is the archetype of Earth and Mother Nature. You embody all kinds of Magical Powers, Life, Death and Rebirth, for Gaia holds all these within. The Power of Gaia can bring healing in your life and others’, prosperity and stability. She is the Mother of all, hence fertility is also amongst her powers! You can manifest anything you want as long as you connect with it!

Powers: Healing, Fertility, Prosperity

Moon in Gemini: Goddess Iris

Iris and Mercury are the messengers of the Gods. She flies at the speed of light (but much faster) jumping over rainbows. Also, she represents action and youthfulness. Hence,  you are born with the ability to receive all kinds of information, from any means possible. Intuition, telepathy, dreams, mind-reading to name few. Therefore, you somehow develop those ways since childhood and grow them especially in times of need! You can read any mind you want!

Powers: Telepathy, Mind-reading

Moon in Cancer: Goddess Selene

She is the Goddess Moon. As the Archetype of Selene she rules over waters and all psychic and magical powers. Selene blesses you with unimaginable powers, which if cultivated, you can become one of the greatest witches ever. However, these powers often become clear when your safety is threatened, yours or of the ones you love! You can become a great witch with many powers especially related to the Element of Water!

Powers: Protection, Fertility

Moon in Leo: Goddess Hera

Hera (Juno) is the mighty Queen of Gods and Goddesses. She reigns from Olympus and holds great power. Hence, you are a force to be reckoned. You are very loving and generous and capable for greatness. However, when you are angry you are a moving bomb, as your fury may burst, leaving everybody baffled. You can charm anyone or anything you want!

Powers: Charms, Ruling & commanding

Moon in Virgo: Goddess Athena

She is the Virgin goddess of Wisdom. Beautiful and wise, Athena is the patroness goddess of Athens, the Capital of Greece. She rules over all sciences and blesses you with amazing mind powers. Although prudent, she is also mighty so you don’t want to mess with her! You are blessed with a very powerful mind, which can find solutions and help anyone! Hence, you can possess any knowledge you desire!

Powers: Mind-reading, solutions, healing

Moon in Libra: Goddess Aphrodite

Goddess of Beauty, Love and Peace, she is not just fair but also extremely powerful. Her powers are venerated, but also feared by many, for she withholds the power of instincts. Hence, you are blessed with the power to wake up feelings in others’ hearts. Also, you are blessed by her divine charms and the power to restore peace, invoke love and affection and conjure beauty in and out! You can enchant anyone or anything !

Powers: Love, Beauty, Affection & Peace

Moon in Scorpio: Goddess Persephone

She is the Queen and Goddess of the Underworld. However, she is a lovely goddess who grants amazing powers to her followers. She is considered one of the most prosperous goddesses, a great mistress of magic and a loving wife. Hence, she is invoked for love, prosperity and healing (!) as she can make a disease die and free you. You can bring forth prosperity as long as you banish fear!

Powers: Prosperity, Healing & intense Magic!

Moon in Sagittarius: Hebe

Hebe is the Goddess of eternal youth. She embodies all qualities of youthfulness like honesty, pureness and liberty. If you have your Moon in Sagittarius, then you conjure magical forces from your inner child, your enthusiasm, your impulsiveness and your pure heart. Magic comes from within and when your want something very much it just manifests! You can have all the Good Luck you need as long as you stay connected with your inner child!

Powers: Good luck, instant magic

Moon in Capricorn: Rhea

She is the wife of Kronos (Saturn), second queen of Gods & Goddesses after Gaia and before Hera. Hence, she holds the power of time and primordial forces of the World. Her magic is ancient and profound. Although she may not act in an obvious way, she works steadily creating stability and success overtime. You can bring forth success in any goal you set!

Powers: Protection, success, prosperity

Moon in Aquarius: Artemis

She is the Goddess of the Moon, ever young, beautiful and free. Hence, she is the personification of liberty and independence. She lives in the wilds and she reigns in all animal kingdom. Her power is raw, untamed and she can connect with forces of nature. You can free yourself and other from any trouble you may ever encounter!

Powers: Animal magic, freedom, truth

Moon in Pisces: Nyx

She is the primordial goddess of the Night and mother of all magical creatures. This goddess is amongst the first ever described. Hence, she holds ancient and untold powers within, powers that many times are hidden. In your life, when things get crazy – or when not expected – something inside you awakens from darkness, and is manifested. This is the power of Nyx, Goddess of the night. You’ve got the power of all secrets of the World!

Powers: Illusions, empathy, intuition

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