Retrograde Saturn: June 4 – October 23

Retrograde Saturn

Retrograde Saturn 2022:

On the 4th of June, at 21:47 UT, Saturn turns Retrograde, in Aquarius. It will be Retrograde until 23rd of October, at 04:07 UT. As you probably know, Saturn is a difficult planet, and Retrograde Saturn can become even more so. But let’s see what Retrograde Saturn will bring in 2022.

Stressful long-term aspects of Retrograde Saturn:

Thankfully, other than Uranus, all the slow moving planets (Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto) are in a neutral alignment with the Retrograde Saturn. Therefore, there won’t be any months-long, or years-long stressful aspects (other than Saturn’s and Uranus’ square, of course). More over, there won’t be many periods when Retrograde Saturn receives stress from many planets. Thus, this year’s Retrograde Saturn is relatively gentle. For a Retrograde Saturn, that is.

Saturn’s and Uranus’ square:

Saturn is in a square with Uranus since 2020 and until January 2023. For now this aspect is as weak as it can get, thankfully. Now, as Saturn turns Retrograde and Uranus is still direct, this aspect will start gaining strengthen. Nonetheless, it won’t become significantly strong until the 24th of July. Furthermore, although this aspect won’t become accurate again, it will reach a near-accurate phase from the 16th of September and until the 23rd of October – the day Saturn turns Direct. During that period the square will have a deviation less than 1°. We’ve seen this square, time and time again, in our New Moon and Full Moon articles, when this square had significant strength, and we will see it again, when it will regain its strength.

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The most important thing we need to remember about this aspect is that it restrains our sense of freedom and reduces our flexibility.

When this square will become strong enough again, and until when it will stop acting, at least one of the planets will be Retrograde. Moreover, during its strongest period, both planets will be Retrograde. Because of this, its effects can be, or feel like they are, harsher.

Retrograde Saturn’s and Venus’s stressful aspects:

Although each of those are not very long term aspects, there are two of them. First, a square, while Venus will be in Taurus. The square will be active from the 11th of June and until the 27th of June. During that period, Saturn will be from practically stationary to very slow moving, making this square even more intense.

The second aspect is an opposition between the two planets, when Venus will be in Leo. This will occur from the 22nd of August and until the 5th of September. Although this aspect is actually stronger than the previous one, as both planets will be in normal speed it might seem to be less intense. Of course, Taurus will experience the first one more strongly, while Leo will experience the second one more strongly.

Incidently, not even ten days after the end of Retrograde Saturn period, a double square will start forming with Venus and the Sun, in Scorpio. Although Saturn will be Direct, then, it will be practically stationary to very slow moving, and it will be a double square, so this will also be a quite challenging aspect.

In any case, these aspects can stress our health, love life and friendships. They can bring forth problems and issues we might think we have overcome. In a very demanding way, too, in some cases. Even for the singles, issues and traumas that are still lurking in our souls – even if we turn a blind eye at them – can resurface and challenge our emotional condition. Heal as many of those before these aspects are formed and you’ll have an easier time when they are active.

The Sun’s opposition to Retrograde Saturn:

From the 6th of August and until the 24th of August, the Sun from Leo will be opposing the Retrograde Saturn. During that period, our stress levels might rise considerably, as well as we might feel disappointed with our condition. This can be even truer, as Mars’ square with Retrograde Saturn will be active, too, for most of the time and since before then. Moreover, during the Sun’s opposition to Retrograde Saturn, depending one our good luck is the wrong strategy.

Mars’ square with Retrograde Saturn:

Mars will be squaring Retrograde Saturn from the 25th June until the 22nd of August. Accurately so on the 7th of August. During the period of this square’s activity we need to keep our calm as much as possible. A conscious effort will be necessary, as it will be easy to get irritated and impatient. Be extra careful for accidents, too, during that period. Driving more carefully, being more careful while engaging in dangerous activities, or while around metal and fire is highly advisable. Bone, blood and sexual health also need a better care.

Beneficial long-term aspects of Retrograde Saturn:

Saturn’s triangle with Mars:

Although Mars and Saturn are two of the most difficult planets, when the two cooperate harmoniously might as well form the most promising aspects. Naturally, more so when both planets are Direct, but even when either, or both, are Retrograde.

From the 8th of September and until the 23rd of December, Saturn will be forming a triangle with Mars. The aspect will become accurate two times. For the first time, on the 28th of September, when Saturn will be Retrograde and Mars will be Direct. The second time, on the 28th of November, when Mars will be Retrograde, but Saturn will be Direct. This triangle is the longest beneficial aspect Saturn will be forming. Informatively, the triangle will be reactivated on 2023, but it won’t become accurate until late March, when Mars will be Direct in Cancer and Saturn will be Direct in Pisces.

During 2022, there will be only a few days when both planets will be Direct, but both of them will be almost stationary. That’s between the 23rd of October, when Saturn turns Direct and until the 31st of that month, when Mars turns Retrograde. Moreover, at that period the aspect will be relatively weak. Therefore, despite the very long period of this aspect’s activity, we won’t enjoy the best of its blessings, this year. It will still benefit us, nonetheless. After all, Saturn will be forming only one long-term stressful aspect at that time, the one with Uranus. Unfortunately, the later will be extremely strong.

On the bright side, when Saturn’s and Uranus’ square will be that strong, Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Venus and the Sun will be forming a few Grand Triangles of the Air. Therefore, by all means, we’ll receive this triangle’s, and the Grand Triangle’s blessings.

Saturn’s, Mars’ and the Sun’s Grand Triangle of Air:

Saturn’s and Mars’ triangle can help us achieve progress with all our goals. Of course, via (hard) work, more so than via the help of luck, although the later will also play a role, while the Grand Triangle with the Sun will be active. This will be from the 5th of October and until the 22nd of that month. But even without luck’s help, our efforts will be greatly supported, while our determination will be stronger.

Saturn’s, Mars’ and Mercury’s Grand Triangle of Air:

Saturn supports meditation, hypnosis, visualisation and magic, while Mars boosts Fire magic and sex magic. So, these means can also help us with achieving our goals. Especially so when the Grand Triangle with Mercury will be active. This will be from the 21st of October and until the 28th of the month. Moreover, this Grand Triangle will give an extra support to trade, studying and all kinds of teaching careers. Spiritual studies and researches, too, receive some extra help.

Saturn’s, Mars’, and Venus’ Grand Triangle of Air:

From the 10th of October and until the 22nd of the month, Saturn’s, Mars’ and Venus’ Grand Triangle of the Air will be active. This can support all kinds of healing, physical and emotional one. It can also help us heal and strengthen our personal relationships. Especially so romantic and sexual ones. It can also boost all kinds of beautification. Furthermore, it supports health, beautification and artistic careers.

Main areas of focus of the Grand Triangles, according to your Element:

Although Saturn’s and Mars’ triangle, as well as the Grand Triangles of Air will support us all Air zodiacs will be supported the most. Moreover, all kinds of goals and wishes will receive very strong support. Amongst the Air signs, Libra will be the luckiest one, then Gemini, then Aquarius.

For the zodiacs of the Earth, work, career and money related goals will receive the most help and support. Amongst the zodiacs of Earth, Capricorn will be the one receiving the most support, then Virgo, then Taurus.

For the zodiacs of Fire, any goal that has to do with other people receives the most help. This includes, but not limited to, healing and strengthening friendships and love relationships, expanding online and offline social circles, hiring personnel and advertising yourself, your services, your products and your business. Amongst the zodiacs of Fire, Aries will be receiving the most support. Then Sagittarius, then Leo.

Finally, for the zodiacs of Water, any goals that have to do with your inner and outer environment receive the most help. This includes, but not limited to, home repairs and renovations, selling property, or purchasing new one, fixing problems in the family, getting rid of emotional burden, reforming yourself from inside out. Magic and spirituality will be extra strong, too. Amongst the Water signs, Cancer will be the one receiving the most support. Then Pisces, then Scorpio.

Mars’ hexagon with the Retrograde Saturn:

A not equally strong, but of a similar nature, support we’ll receive from the hexagon Mars and the Retrograde Saturn form. This, too, will support our efforts to achieve our goals and wishes and strengthens our determination. But, although the support will be there, it’s unlikely the hexagon will bring external inspiration, motivation and help, on its own. It’s us the ones who should motivate ourselves and reach out for finding the help we need, if we need some.

The hexagon will be active from the 15th of June and until the 11th of July.

The Sun’s triangles with the Retrograde Saturn:

The Sun will be forming two triangles with the Retrograde Saturn. One, right after Saturn turns Retrograde. That’s from the 6th of June and until the 16th of June, while the Sun will be in Gemini. The second will be from the 3rd of October and until the 22nd of the month, a day before Saturn turns Direct.

Both triangle will benefit us, and bring some good luck and support to our efforts. Especially those that have to do with our social life and external image, as well as whatever has to do with work. The first triangle we might not experience too strongly, as Saturn will be under enough stress, so it will practically mostly reduce the negative effects of the stressed Retrograde Saturn. The second one we will experience much more clearly. Especially during the period the Sun’s Grand Triangle of Air will be active.

Mercury’s triangles with the Retrograde Saturn:

Mercury will be forming two triangles with the Retrograde Saturn. The first will be from the 27th of June and until the 7th of July. During that period Mercury will be Direct, in Gemini. The second triangle will happen between the 17th and the 28th of October, while Mercury will be Direct, in Libra. Incidently, this triangle will become accurate on the 23rd of October, the day Saturn turns back into Direct motion, but about three hours before the change in direction happens. Also, as we’ve said before, during this triangle’s period of activity, Mercury will be forming a Grand Triangle of the Air.

Amongst the greatest, in my opinion, help these triangles provide is the strong support to meditative and hypnotic techniques, as, via them, we can support any and every aspect of our life. They can also help us improve and heal our interpersonal relationships and our social life. Keep in mind that these can happen in a form of “catharsis” which might feel unpleasant, but it’s still beneficial. Saturn is not very gentle, after all, and it will be Retrograde and stressed enough, in both cases. Moreover, rational thinking and decision making receive help from these triangles.

Venus’ triangles with the Retrograde Saturn:

Venus, too, will be forming two triangles with the Retrograde Saturn. The first will be from the 6th of July and until the 21st of the month, while Venus will be in Gemini. The second will take place from the 7th of October and until the 22nd of the month, a day before Saturn turns back to direct motion. Then, Venus will be in Libra. Moreover, as we’ve seen before, Venus will be forming a Grand Triangle of Air, during that period.

Amongst else, these triangles can help us heal our most important relationships, including our relationship with ourself. They can also help physical healing, beautification – especially anti-ageing – and also love relationships – especially with a significant age difference and those of the student-teacher kind. A reminder, an actual student and teacher are not necessary for such kinds of relationships. This refers to relationships where the one party learns much from the other party, whether this happens one way, or both ways. Furthermore, artistic careers, as well as careers related to health and beautification receive some support. They would receive more, were Saturn Direct.

Retrograde Saturn for each zodiac sign:

Saturn is not a gentle planet, unless it’s in a very good mood, and Retrograde Saturn can be more difficult to deal with. Even when it’s in a good mood, the lessons it gives us can come in a stressful and unpleasant way. Nonetheless, do remember, Saturn can be more generous than even Jupiter, in it own way. If we don’t try to ignore Saturn’s lessons, but use them to heal the problems they reveal, then Saturn promises us a long-term blessing in the affected fields of our lives.

As a general advise, when Retrograde Saturn is neither stressfully, nor beneficially charged, it’s a good period to better understand the problems and issues we need to work on. When it’s stressed it demands to heal these issues, or uproot the problems. Then, when it forms beneficial aspects, it’s time for us to actually work on making improvements. Once again, this is a general advise and it doesn’t mean we should not do what we need to do, when we need to do them.

So, here are some words of caution, more so than predictions, for each zodiac. Of course, although we mention the problems Retrograde Saturn might “cause” us, keep in mind that all of these can – and are meant to – be improved. Overall, though, this is not the most difficult Retrograde Saturn we’ve experienced, or going to experience, in the future, as it forms many long-term beneficial aspects, including the three Grand Triangles of the Air.


Retrograde Saturn will lead you to re-examine and re-evaluate your career and career plans. Whatever displeases you with your current condition, or problems existing, there, and you’ve been overlooking, or neglecting will become more apparent and more demanding of your attention. Especially whatever has to do with colleagues, employees and your interactions with the public. Internet based kind of business might get affected more strongly. Furthermore, in some cases, your other half’s problems with their job can somehow affect you. Or, of course, those problems can affect your relationship.

Also, Retrograde Saturn will test your friendships, personal relationships of any kind, and the social life as a whole. Not only it can help you to spot problems there, heal them, or uproot them, but it will also help you build a better and healthier social circle. This can even mean expanding your social circle. Keep in mind that, social life might not actually be very active, but you can make it more fulfilling, regardless.


Saturn is one of the spiritual planets and that’s even truer for you, as it rules your philosophy, religion and the way you see the world. Now that Saturn is Retrograde, it will practically demand you re-examine those and reform those. Whatever seems problematic, or isn’t serving you, should be rooted out. This might not be a pleasant thing, but it’s a good thing. More over, is your work and career path satisfactory? Is it what, or how you want it to be? Saturn will pester you with questions like those, by revealing problems and issues in this field of your life. Of course, if everything is as it should, this will be a rather satisfactory period, but, usually, not everything is perfect.

Nonetheless, Retrograde Saturn can help you promote career plans and dreams you’ve had put on hold. Especially so, under the influences of the triangles and Grand Triangles it will form. In fact, opportunities in this field of your life might occur, then. You need to work to get them, though.


Retrograde Saturn will be relatively easy for you. Not only Saturn is in a friendly zodiac, but, also, all the beneficial long-term aspects it makes, either include your zodiac, or have all planets in a friendly alignment with your zodiac. So, things won’t be too bad. The most difficult challenge Retrograde Saturn will give you is your own mind and soul. Negative thinking, unpleasant memories, regrets, insecurities and the like you have buried in your mind and soul can surface. This is an (unpleasant) opportunity Retrograde Saturn gives you to heal those and get rid of those. The better you succeed at that, the better these five months (and not only) will be.

Saturn’s and Mars’ triangle, as well as the three Grand Triangles of the Air will give you an opportunity to re-build yourself. Make the most of this opportunity. Its effects might not always come as a pleasant inspiration, of course. Nonetheless, these triangles will strongly support your efforts.


Love, important friendships, as well as your relationship with colleagues and partners will receive Retrograde Saturn’s testing. Existing love relationships can show their problems, either for you to correct them, or for you to realise this is not the kind of relationship you want. In some cases, relationships that you make can also “force” you understand what you don’t want. Nonetheless, Retrograde Saturn can also help you find what you’ve been searching for. You have, though, to have a clear understanding of what you want. Friendships can follow a similar pattern.

Saturn supports magic and spirituality, and this is truer for you this year. Use visualisation and other spiritual means to attract the qualities you want. Furthermore, use magical and spiritual means to help you get rid of whatever emotional “garbage” you are carrying. Of course, use more mundane means, too.


Health can be challenged by the Retrograde Saturn. Your heath related habits might need to be re-examined and change. Also, health issues you’ve been ignoring can become more pressing. Similarly, work can become more demanding and stressful, while co-workers, partners, associates, clients and other people, that affect your work and productivity can stress you, or give you some extra obstacles. Be extra cautious with any agreement and contract. Some times, you might need to chose between short-term, or long-term benefits. Also, contracts and deals you’ve made in the past might need a revision. Or problems and traps such things had, can become clear for you to see.

Love, friendships and acquaintances also receive a testing and a re-evaluation. Problems and issues in those relationships can become more obvious for you to see and heal. If you are single, or lacking friends, this longing can become stronger. At the same time, though, opportunities to satisfy this need can appear – via your effort. Make sure you know what you what, so you’ll bring exactly that in your life.


Retrograde Saturn will examine your everyday life and how happy you feel with it and with your life, in general. Everything that is wrong, or displeases you can become more obvious, or annoying. Similarly, if you tend to live for work, or for others, these tendencies can become even more intense. That’s one way Saturn is trying to let you see that’s not the way you should be living your life. Making sure you add some joy and some you-time in your daily routine is a good way to reduce the stress Retrograde Saturn will give you and make its blessings stronger and better.

Work and career wise, this Retrograde Saturn is mostly helpful. Of course, most of the times, Saturn’s help doesn’t come effortlessly, or stress-free. Therefore, it might not be an easy ride, but in these five-months-period, Saturn will give you the opportunity to progress in this field of your life. Plans you’ve made in the past can be realised, or those you had put in action can bring fruits. Just don’t forget yourself and your happiness, in the process.


Home, family and your environment, as well as whatever brings you joy and a sense of fulfilment receive Retrograde Saturn’s testing. That, of course, means that problems at home and in family can become more apparent and stressful. Some you hadn’t noticed, might appear as “newfound”, but Retrograde Saturn usually reveals problems routed in the past, more than new ones. Also, whatever keeps you from joy might become more oppressing. That’s Saturn’s “encouragement” to get rid of it, and replace it with whatever makes you happy.

Remember that you are the zodiac that receives Saturn’s and Mars’ triangle’s blessings as well as the blessings of the three Grand Triangles of the Air more strongly than any other zodiac. Therefore, don’t get discouraged, and make the most out of these blessings. Also, studies, researches and the like can be quite productive. They can also advance well, especially when the beneficial aspects are active. Not effortlessly, though.


Home, family, relatives, friendships and your environment, in general can be challenged and challenge you, under the influences of the Retrograde Saturn. Problems in these areas of your life will become more obvious for you to see. Saturn expects you to heal those problems, of course. Trying to ignore them, or excuse them won’t help. In fact, it can make things worse. Therefore, work on them, as soon as possible, and as effectively as possible.

Your inner “environment” also needs some cleansing, and Retrograde Saturn will make this as clear as day. All the emotional “garbage” you are carrying will surface for you to face it and heal it, or get rid of it. Indeed, Saturn, Direct or Retrograde, doesn’t challenge what is good and healthy. Instead it strengthens those. It only challenge what it considers problematic, unhealthy, restrictive, or useless. Therefore, free yourself from these issues. In fact, the triangles Saturn will form, not only will help you achieve this freedom, but they can also help you utilise your past experience to build a stronger inner foundation.


Retrograde Saturn will examine your finances and the way you spend money. You might feel financially restricted, or lacking, at times, but, in most cases, this is a matter of handling. Correct the way you handle money and be wise with your expenses and things won’t be bad. Unless you’ve made significant mistakes in the past. Then, things, won’t be as easy, but, still, they are curable. While Retrograde Saturn receives support, your productivity is quite good. At times, exceptionally so. This might help you with finances, too.

Love and important friendships can also reveal hidden problems and issues. For healing those, though, Saturn will give you quite a helpful hand. Resisting Saturn’s help can be quite stressful, but accepting it will help you establish better friendships and love. If you re lacking friends, or a love relationship, Retrograde Saturn will help you better see what you are doing wrong and what you should do, to bring these in your life.


The ruler of your zodiac turning Retrograde can bring some extra difficulties and challenges in practically every aspect of your life. For those five months, whatever you want to do, take it a step at a time. It’s okay to dream big and have big goals, but “cut” them down to small steps and focus on the next step, without haste. Especially financial dealings, investments and the like, need some extra caution. Any mistake you’ve done in the handling of your financial affairs will become more clear for you to see. At the same time, there will be a tendency to make more such mistakes. So, once again, act cautiously.

Things won’t be bad – especially when the beneficial aspects are active – but need a more careful approach. In fact, Retrograde Saturn will lead you to a healthier financial condition, if you do act wisely. It can also help you establish a better work environment and a better daily routine.


Saturn turns Retrograde in your zodiac for the last time. Well, until it returns there in 2050, of course. Moreover, contrary to the previous two years, this time it won’t be too harsh, while it will bring give you a considerable help. Therefore, try to make the best of this – maybe unpleasant, but still beneficial – opportunity. Saturn always affects your emotional and mental condition, and when it turns Retrograde, it can awaken all the negative feelings and memories you are trying to suppress in your mind and soul. Face them, heal them and release yourself from them. By doing that, you’ll make yourself happier.

In fact, Saturn and the triangles that will make, actually will help you set the foundations of a happier life. If you do things right, your personal growth won’t be challenged again, from Saturn, until 2050, while your happiness will only be retested in 2030. Until then, Saturn will be rewarding the effort you put now.


Retrograde Saturn will challenge your emotional condition and balance. And this is probably the most difficult part. It’s worth the effort to support your mood consciously, in a daily bases, if possible. The better your mood, the easier and more productive these five months will be. Moreover, friendships, acquaintances and, also, family relationships will be put in a test. Problems in all those relationships will become more clear for you to see. Of course, that’s the way Retrograde Saturn is trying to make you heal such problems.

Social life might not be as active as you’d like, or you might feel you want to withdraw from it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as it can give you the opportunity to more objectively evaluate those relationships and find what’s wrong and what’s missing. Despite the difficulties, Retrograde Saturn is quite helpful to you, for healing all theses issues, including your emotional issues. Furthermore, your spirituality and your spiritual abilities receive a support.

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