Retrograde Planets 2022

Retrograde Planets 2022

What goes around, comes around. Everything in life is about circles. Circles of power, that can break or raise you. These forces the of nature of the Realm. And as long as we live in this Realm we need to be more and more aligned with what is coming from the Stars, just to know what to expect, what to gain and what to avoid. Here are the Retrograde Planets of 2022.

Mercury: Déjà vu all over again.

So, Déjà vu all over again. It’s that time of the year again when the planet of all communication and intellect slows down. Unfortunately as we all remember this does not go down smoothly and with this aspect, many of our usual habits are altered. This happens due to the fact that Retrograde Mercury affects all communication, transportation, commerce and education. So, Mercury is once again going retrograde. He does that to remind us what we need to fix and what we have to search and RE-search, in order to make things right. What is lost, can now be found and what we think we’ve found, now can be lost forever. Mercury’s games are endless and may test our sanity and integrity.


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Venus: Love, Peace & Money at stake

Let me put it this way. Maybe, for a long time, we try hard to find the proper way to talk to someone, worrying, or maybe fearing for his/her reaction. With Venus walking backwards, we just burst out and say what we’ve got. Retrograde Venus is a force of nature coming out of our heart’s volcanoes, shaped from the Lava of our most passionate emotions. We can become mighty, or even ruthless. Emotions. These are the fuel of our motifs. Unfortunately, during this time, Wars, terrorist or hate attacks and other world-wide quarrels may occur as the blessings of Aphrodite shift to another world.


  • December 19 (2021) – January 29 2022

Mars: Anger management

Retrograde Mars is one of the most challenging times of the year. Astrologers rarely talk about it and usually avoid analyzing the Zodiac Signs based on this aspect. This happens because most of the predictions are inauspicious which makes the astrologer unpopular. However, here we are going to try to decipher the messages of Retrograde Mars, as we are pretty sure that you can handle the truth! When Mars is in Retrograde course, these energies are no running so smoothly. Combine this with the fact that already Mars’s energy is pretty rough, you can understand why astrologers always advice for patience around this time. We wait, we think, we filter and then we act. Otherwise, things might get tricky…

  • October 30 – 2023

Jupiter: Growth can wait

Spiritually, the retrograde Jupiter asks us to look inside. It asks us to purify our souls and learn ourselves better. And, of course, to strengthen ourselves. Once again, not by acquiring more abilities, but by perfecting our existing ones. Have you had some abilities you think you don’t posses any more? If you want to awake these abilities once again, the retrograde Jupiter can help you with it. Age reversing magical techniques and non magical ones are also supported by the retrograde Jupiter. And in fact, this will become even more powerful when Saturn turns retrograde too.


  • July 28 – November 23

Saturn: Karmic bites

This happens usually by tough and unbearable means, only to show us that all we need is ourselves. We are free from this world and we came here only to gather wisdom. When his retrograde course hits us our world turns upside down. Retrograde Saturn can be much worse. What you should know is that Saturn in Greek is called Kronos which bears similarity with the word Chronos (time). See more here!


  • June 4 – October 23

Uranus: nothing is stable

When Retrograde Uranus, expect great awakenings. This giant of an ice planet is the ruler of rebellion, freedom and change. Some planets hold a gentle and beneficial retrograde phase. When Retrograde Uranus, we have no such luck, it’s forceful and… very abrupt. It will not capitulate until we face the changes that are needed in our life, there is no time-outs, or rest, it will make us see what isn’t working, and will make us face it, whether we are ready for change or not.


  • August 19 (2021) – January 18
  • August 24 – 2023

Neptune: no more illusions

When Neptune dances backwards there are plenty of opportunities and also things you should avoid according to the Ancient ones. See more here! 


  • June 28 – December 04

Pluto: With great power, comes great responsibility

Retrograde Pluto is actually the Shadow of Death and not Death himself. What is really going on is an imbalance between nature’s diverse forces. We all sense a hidden danger, like a plague, coming to test our virtues and love for each other. This is what Retrograde Pluto 2020 was all about. Therefore, trying to stick together and help each other has never been more essential. Indeed dark energies are on the loose. At the same time the Guardians of this Realm have also been awakened, trying to restore the balance that has been disrupted.


  • April 29 – October 8


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