7 Signs that money is coming

7 Signs that money is coming

Money is energy and energy is also money. However, what a witch needs to understand is that money is just a symbol of energy not energy itself. This is why many witches find difficulties in manifesting money and abundance. They focus on the symbol. A Witch is trained (like in our School of Witchcraft) to spot the symbols and decode them. After that, a witch focuses on the feeling. But what are the 7 Signs that money is coming? Well we picked the most potent ones from all around the globe. The ones we also use.

Signs of alignment (green lights, less queues …)

Money is merely a symbol of energy and how energy flows within you and outside of you. This is exactly why when you are aligned with cosmos you attune with abundance. Hence, you will start  noticing less queues, more synchronicities, more green lights… literally and metaphorically.

Magic Key: Before you start your day – spend few moments visualising how you want your life to be the next day! Spend more time on how you feel rather that what’s actually happening!

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Repeating numbers and especially 8 

The following is considered one of the most potent 7 signs that money is coming. This is the number if you double the 4 elements of the Earth. This is a subtle symbol of abundance. If you repeatedly see 8 or numbers with repeating 8…  then the universe is watching over you and it knows what you are going through. However, it’s also a reminder that true power comes from within and that if your heart is pure you WILL manage to conquer all difficulties. 8 is the number of Strength in any tarot deck. It usually depicts a maiden who is managing to tame a lion only with her pure heart and soul. You need to have more faith in the higher forces. If – for any reasons – feel isolated from God(s) you need to refresh you relationship with the divine forces. Meditation is the key to your success! 

Magic Key: remember that the symbol of eternity is actually the number 8 rotated. Use this symbolism to imply that money endlessly run towards you! 

Dreams of being pregnant 

When you fall asleep you let your intuition conjures omens and signs from the other Realms in order to give you signs of what’s hidden. Even from very ancient years, dreams are believed to withhold prophetic powers. Some symbols are considered unmistakable. One of them is seeing yourself pregnant. This ‘doubling’ message probably means that you expand in the physical realm and you open yourself to abundance. Take for example the card of the Empress, she is a pregnant powerful woman. In Tarot, the Empress implies riches and physical powers. 

Magic Key: Use the picture of the Empress to draw riches in your life. Meditate daily on this image – visualizing what you wish to attract in your life.

You feel inspired 

Inspiration is the key to manifestation and creation. It’s the divine spark in us. When you feel inspired it means that the spark has been awakened and you align with cosmos and the physical realm. Use this feeling as the power to bring forth fortune towards you!

Magic Key: You can actually reproduce this feeling! When was the last time you felt inspired? Close you eyes and bring forth this moment. Trust this feeling. Let it take over your body. Give in to inspiration!

Animal omens: Ladybug, rabbit 

Both animals are considered messengers of Good Luck and abundance! Let’s read more from our all-time-classic article on animal omens:

Ladybug: More like Lady-Luck this wonderful creature is a symbolic synonym of Good Luck. Whenever they appear something good is going to happen as they symbolise the conquer of Life over Death. Good Luck will conquer Evil Magic and Good wins! Ladybug whenever appears tries to cheer us up and help us understand that no matter how hurt we feel, this should be a turning point and change our way of living. Ladybug is the messenger of Joy. Observe how kids (who are far more sensitive to spiritual forces) react when they see a ladybug. They instantly cheer up and start shouting that they found one! Yes, this is NOT a coincidence. Ladybugs are the spiritual forces of good news and good luck! Cheer up! Good wins!

Rabbit: These fluffy playful creatures symbolise Springtime itself as they appear after winter in large number.  Rabbits reproduce themselves easily and rapidly and this is why seeing a rabbit is considered to be an omen of fertility and abundance. They love play in the grass, digging and searching for precious food. Moreover, rabbits are believed to be really lucky as some believe to be fairies or good witches transformed. When a Rabbit crosses your path a change of luck is coming (mostly for the good) and the message is that you should trust Heavens.

Omens from the Sea (star fish – seaweeds) 

As the sea is vast and full of hidden treasures, anything that is related to the sea and the oceans is a symbol of abundance and Prosperity. Poseidon (Neptune) was considered one of the wealthiest Gods of the ancient World. Hence, if you spot a starfish, a shell or a seaweed, maybe an omen that your luck changes and prosperity is coming your way! 

Magic Key: You can conjure the blessings and abundance of the sea by decorating your house with the symbols of the Seas (shells, starfish etc).

Itchy palm 

There are two secondary chakras placed in the centers of your palms. These are the chakras of receiving and expressing energy. Hence, this is another way you magical physiology interacting with nature and the world around you. When these centers are blocked and they somehow, suddenly start working, they become itchy. Therefore, signs of unblocking of these important energy centers is itchy palms. 

Magic Key: You don’t need to wait for these centers to automatically unblock. You can do something about it. Clap your hands twice – making sound and rub them. Put your palms in the Mudra of prayer and meditate every morning in easy flow of money and prosperity. Spend 20’’ each morning. 

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