Black Moon Lilith in Houses – Where is your Black hole?

Black Moon Lilith in Houses - Where is your Black hole?

Astrology is believed to be the Science and Art of the wise ancient ones. According to this ancient system, our destiny is written in the Stars. However, a Wise one “governs his starts” as there is a force stronger than your Destiny; your Will. But first, one should study the arts and then manifest the future s/he desires. Let’s talk about the Black Moon Lilith. Also sometimes called the dark moon, Lilith, is the point along the moon’s orbit when it’s farthest from Earth.

Astrology and how to govern your Stars!

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Dark Moon Lilith in Houses

There is a simple (hypothetical) point which is used in Astrology and can show you where is the trap in your heart. Where is a Black Hole – periodically – sucking your life force, leaving you empty, alone, scared and vulnerable. The lesson here is to learn and study this toxic energy and find a way to deal with it once and for all. BUT FIRST – CHECK WHERE DARK MOON LILITH IS HERE!

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Dark Moon Lilith in 1st house: the ‘Selfish’

Bear in mind that the closer Dark Moon Lilith is to the Ascendant, the more powerful is expressed. However, in any case, this aspect shows an intense personality, whose magnetism cannot be neglected easily. This person is formed by strong otherworldly energies creating a ‘proud’ person whose needs and will have to be expressed.

However, this sometimes creates a ‘selfish’ person, which always puts his/her priorities first. This is frowned upon other people. But the truth is that this person’s need is to stay independent because the past has not been easy. This is a person who’s been hurt and betrayed (or at least felt like this in the past).  You hate to be stepped over. This makes you misunderstood because your need to feel and look independent makes you say/do things that sound and look cruel. You need to work the way you express your feelings. You are not the only person who’s been hurt. Use this otherworldy energy to heal yourself and others.

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Dark Moon Lilith in 2nd house: the ‘Worthless’

The Dark Moon in the house of belongings forms a person whose earthly roots has been poisoned from the beginning of his/her life. It is common to experience feelings of guilt or shame regarding what you have lived, done and experiences acquired in your life. But there is a word you need to learn in this lifetime “boundaries”. Setting boundaries protects yourself, the ones you love and your belongings.

Probably, things you have encountered early in your life, filled your heart with feelings of shame. This is why you may feel worthless in your childhood or even in your adult life. People with this placement often need to become wealthy enough to validate themselves. But low self-confidence (?) is probably due to letting others tell you what you are. So let me tell you what you are. YOU ARE AMAZING and divine. That’s who you are. You are good enough. So what you need to do, is observe, experience but not adopt their opinions. You don’t need wealth to stand out. As you are already a magical being.

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Dark Moon Lilith in 3rd house: the ‘manipulator’

The placement here is one of the strongest. Dark Moon messes with the way you think and the way you communicate with others. You probably define yourself as a person with very strong thinking and feeling. This is probably why you turn inwards most of the time. Because you have been hurt many times by just expressing yourself. Troubles with friends and siblings are also very common with this placement along with problems with self-expression and accidents with all means of transportation.

The need to connect with others and feel like you belong somewhere is exalted. Therefore, consciously or not, you have developed a way to influence the energies of others around you. You can use this power to create powerful relationships and stand out. However, before that, you need to face your shadows which have to do with loneliness and abandonment. Self expression is vital but you need to make peace with the past.

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Dark Moon Lilith in 4th house: the ‘abused’

This is particularly painful placement as it implies a form of abuse in childhood or family. Either we talk about a toxic family environment or several troubles regarding childhood and bloodline, this placement is frequently experienced a painful and troublesome. Hence, this person feels lack of security and protection.

But what you need to understand, is that we are all children of the Sky and Earth. Remember our spell we publish a lot “Skies is my father, Earth is my mother”. There is a reason we keep publishing it so frequently. There are countless people out there who have suffered in childhood. This spell reminds us all that our biological parents do not define us. WE define us. So welcome fellow witch here. You are loved and respected here. Let us be your new family. A family with millions of magical siblings.

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Dark Moon Lilith in 5th house: the ‘hurt’

This is the house of love and joy especially connected with pleasures regarding your love life. However, with the Dark moon in this placement, this makes a person more hurt than rejoiced. Hence, if you have this placement you may have encountered several problems regarding your love life. Also, it means that your inner child is severely hurt. But why do you think you can find joy? What keeps you from being happy?

Well, that’s probably of some kind of betrayal you keep feeling since childhood. Especially early in life this person has tasted the ‘poison’ of other people’s words and actions. But let me tell you a secret. You are an eternal being. Hence, your inner child needs healing. Let this be a beginning to manifest a new bright future. Frequently meditate to heal your inner child. Let it feel secure and protected. Open yourself to love and joy.

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Dark Moon Lilith in 6th house: the ‘miserable’

This is a placement which ‘kills dreams’. But let me explain. With these dark energies in the everyday life of this person (probably since young age), it has formed someone who is extremely scared of dreaming a bright future. This is something you need to acknowledge. You may have dreamt several times, frequently hanging on by this dream. And then failed.

This probably has poisoned your everyday life with fear and insecurity. It may have also affected your health and your wellbeing. This person might feel particularly vulnerable regarding his/her vitality. Also, you may probably been through a severe health issue in the past. But you made it through. Yoga can help you unlock your energy centers (click here) and feel whole again.

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Dark Moon Lilith in 7th house: the ‘abandoned’

Here, the dark moon messes with future cooperations, relationships and marriage. It brings troubles with all kinds of commitments and probably legal issues too. But the trouble probably begins with the burning need of this person to join forces with other. Why is that really? Frequently, this person feels powerless and not able to rule his/her future.

Needless to say that these people have been manipulated many times, betrayed even more. This happens because this person needs to feel whole. Only if you feel whole again, THEN and only then you can make the right choices. Outside forces tell you to embrace your amazing potential. Do that, and then you will attract amazing people to connect with and commit in any type of long lasting relationships.

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Dark Moon Lilith in 8th house: the ‘dead – inside’

This is a very tough placement for one’s chart as it suggests that this person has undergone several ‘deaths’ in his/her life. Hence, every following ‘rebirth’ has been marked by the will to move forward and surpass the difficulties that have been experienced. The famous proverb “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” suits you the best. These weird things that happened to you is a message though. It’s a notion to look beyond physical world. To what really counts. And that’s the eternal.

Confronting your fears is surely the first step but also embracing them cause that’s a step to move forward. You know that and this is why you always been fond of psychology and the occult arts. To be back in control. Your relationship with your  libido is also very intense as it speaks of a weird force that binds your vital energy. In other words. You are amongst the most powerful witches that live now. Because that’s the stuff that makes a witch powerful. Facing his/her fears and bringing forth rebirth!

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Dark Moon Lilith in 9th house: the ‘disappointed teacher’

This is a really unsuitable position of the Dark Moon as it conflicts with the expansive, optimistic energy of the 9th house which corresponds to fire and Jupiter. Hence, this energy may be compromised frequently in your life – regarding failed attempts from you to expand your wisdom, your travels and your success. However, it doesn’t mean that you won’t succeed eventually. It just means that your value system has been pressured through the decades, leaving an emptiness inside you.

Your studies and your teachers play a fundamentally peculiar role with you. Probably because of some attempts of yours to be taught something. Therefore this aspect may bring loss of optimism and mood-swings but the truth is that this aspect asks for you to do one simple thing. Make your own way towards wisdom, because it’s already there. In you.

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Dark Moon Lilith in 10th House: the ‘neglected child’

This placement suggests several troubles regarding the image you wish to project to the world. This is clearly a strong influence affecting your professional life and of course your relationship with those you work with – especially your bosses etc. Therefore, this is an indication that you should be more patient in your professional life as the challenges there may be indeed severe.

Moreover, the dark moon in your 10th house talks about a problematic situation in your family and growing up. It usually suggests an emotional unavailable father whose words or actions may have an abusive effect. You may also be a child of divorced parents. This creates a force in you to mend everything in your life – making you a perfectionist. But this world is not perfect, so it’s ok – for you not to be perfect. Take a deep breath and move forward!

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Dark Moon Lilith in 11th House: the ‘Loner’

This is a very strange placement for the dark moon as it indicates that this person is drawn by weird groups of people – sometimes outcasts. There are many of our followers with this placement because you cannot settle for boring relationships and conversations. No. You need something deep, you desire emotional and intellectual impact with every relationship. This sometimes raises your standards and keeps you alone.

Hence, this is the placement of a loner. A person who is ok by being alone. You actually prefer that than spending your time with people you get  bored. However, things that happen with your friends sadden you very much, as you value friendship more that anything. The problem is that others are not as committed as you. Expect betrayal and jealousy but also extremely rewarding moments. Being alone is not your destiny. You actually are exceptionally good at attracting the most interesting people.

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Dark Moon Lilith in 12th House: the ‘scared prophet’

This is a very powerful indication of a Witch (along with the placement in the 8th house) as it suggests a person who is exceptionally sensitive in magical currents and energies. This is a placement of a powerful witch. However, chances are that you do not easily understand that as the powerful energies that you attracted as a child may have scared you of from practicing magic. This is why you may have denied – several times – that you are interested in the occult. But that’s a lie. Isn’t it.

These people are very very powerful but also have been scared many many times. The magnetic aura of yours have attracted many times sinister forces, trying to keep you away from using your powers. Also, this is an indication of a powerful empath. You can feel what others are feeling cant you? What you need to do is find a way to express your powers and clean your chakras daily.

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