Nostradamus Predictions for 2023

Nostradamus Predictions for 2023

Another year is about to end, and things are getting weird again. Covid madness is (unfortunately?) not the most notorious topic. It’s war. A war in Europe, Russia against Ukraine. The inhuman way of living due to restrictions seem to decrease although prices rose again. At the same time, poverty and wars threaten AGAIN to destabilise an already troubled and unstable world. But, hope shines anew as more people are awakened, charging magical currents, and shifting global consciousness. Let’s dive more into Nostradamus Predictions for 2023.

Nostradamus and Astrology

We have predicted a change like no other in our predictions for 2020. And we still predict that this weirdness will last, but will also give birth to hope. Right now, Jupiter in Pisces will make his best to bring all kinds of blessings and – at last – the good vibes we so desperately need!

But let’s focus on the most famous astrologer of all time. It seems that Magical Recipes Online‘s Mage and Alchemist are not the first who predicted this madness. Michel de Nostredame, born in December 1503, also known as Nostradamus, was a popular French astrologer, seer and physician. He is best known for his book Les Proph√©ties, a collection of 942 poetic prophecies about future events.

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What Nostradamus Predicted for 2022?

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Although poetic, his prophecies, most of the times, make perfect sense. Nostradamus wrote what he had seen in the stars and the astral plane – probably parallel universes, too. Sometime spirits give cryptic messages. At the same time, he was an Astrologer (!!!) in medieval dark times, in the royal court, surrounded by fanatics! So yes, we can excuse some poetry from this powerful seer! So let’s see some of his predictions!

take a look what we wrote for last year…

Death of a King (or like a king)

“The sudden death of the first character, he will be changed and they will put another in his kingdom.”

This, of course, signals the sudden death of a VERY important figure of this world. Some assume Joe Biden, or Queen Elizabeth.

  • WHAT REALLY HAPPENED: Queen Elizabeth II, died in 2022

War in Black Sea & Global Warming

“Like the sun, the head will seal the shining sea. The live fish of the Black Sea will almost boil.”

Black sea water’s temperature is rising – most assume due to bombing and war. The famous astrologer predicted Global Warming, probably as a result of an unparalleled Solar Storm! Either way he’s spot on right?

  • WHAT REALLY HAPPENED: Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022

Poverty rising and Starvation

“So high the price of wheat/That man is stirred/His fellow man to eat in his despair.”

Expensive energy, products, delays, empty market selves… We’ve already experienced an increase in the price of energy, gas and of many, many products in the Super Markets.

  • WHAT REALLY HAPPENED: due to Covid and War all prices were risen

Nostradamus Predictions for 2023

The truth is that for many reasons these predictions can actually traced back – like reverse engineering – after there are fulfilled. However some are pretty obvious like the ones above.

For some reason the quatrains refer to both 2022-2023 as if these years are somehow related and connected.

Economy fails more

“There are no abbots, monks, no novices to teach. Honey will cost much more than candle wax, the price of wheat will be high. Man will be agitated and eat his friend in despair.”

It has already began last year with war in Europe and Covid restrictions. According to Nostradamus, our finances will not see much better days in 2023. But actually will get worse. Hopefully, cannibalism is not part of 2023 schedule.

More War

“Seven months of great war, people die because of evil but Rouen, Evreux will not fall into the hands of the king.”

The war in Ukraine has already lasted more than 7 months. So if Nostradamus is correct we should expect a greatER war. Rouen and Evreux are two cities of France. They may also symbolically represent the Light.

Draught or Nuclear Winter?

“For forty years the rainbow will not be seen”

We certainly hope this is not about nuclear catastrophe and we are talking about something else. But climate change may indeed be part of the story. He already predicted that for last year.

Anticrist war?

“The antichrist very soon annihilates the three. Twenty-seven years his war will last.”

Well, you’ve read so many times about antichrist and apocalypse, that’s probably the hardest thing to believe. However, this may be a metaphor for a faithless leader and a war that lasts.

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