Moon Witch; signs and powers

Moon Witch; signs and powers

A moon witch is a practitioner of witchcraft who uses the energies and influences of the Moon in their magical work. They may use lunar cycles to time spells, meditations and rituals for greater potency, or draw upon the feminine archetype that is often associated with the Moon for guidance and insight. Nowadays, Moon witches typically practice solo. But can also join together in covens to perform rituals during particular times of strong lunar energy such as full moons or eclipses. After all, eclipse magic is probably the strongest form of Witchcraft.

History of being a Moon Witch

Being a Moon Witch is definitely not new. There are many cities of the ancient World who practiced powerful Moon magic. Ephesus was such a place in Ancient Greece (now modern Turkey). Actually, this was so powerful that apostle Paul wrote letters to Ephesians to turn to Christianity. But it was not easy, as the major problem in Ephesus was that it was a center for witchcraft back then. There was the temple of Artemis (Diana) Goddess of the Moon. Click here to check Which is your Moon Goddess based on there your Moon is in your Natal Chart!

It was believed that these priestesses were SO POWERFUL that could even draw down the Moon. In Witchcraft this was considered the most powerful form of Magic. ‘Drawing Down the Moon’ is a practice modern witches still cast – in many different form. However, these Witches were known to be the strongest, as common people could actually see the Witches draw down the Light, the essence of the Moon.

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Being a Moon Witch has a long and varied history that dates back to ancient times. Back then, they were known as powerful healers, protectors, and wise women and men. They were often consulted for their astrological knowledge – mostly based on the phases of the Moon.

Powers of a Moon Witch

Throughout history, moon witches have been said to be capable of controlling natural elements like the wind and the rain, healing illnesses, predicting the future through divination methods like tarot cards or crystal balls, casting spells on people or animals for protection, performing rituals during each moon cycle to connect with higher spiritual energies for guidance and personal growth. Today, many modern-day Pagans practice some form of moon witchcraft which is based upon traditional practices but adapted in order to fit into today’s world.

  • Moon witches are powerful magical practitioners who use the power of the moon to enhance and direct their magicks.
  • Through rituals, spells, and invocations they access the energy of lunar cycles to bring about desired changes in their lives.
  • Moon witches draw upon the different phases of the moon—new moon, waxing crescent, full moon, waning crescent—and employ a variety of corresponding tools such as crystals and herbs to manifest anything from protection charms to love potions.
  • By connecting with ancestral wisdom and tapping into universal energies around them, these mystics harness immense amounts of natural power that can affect both themselves and those around them.

Signs of a Moon Witch

There are many signs of a Witch. You can actually check your palms for Signs of Witchcraft based on the ancient art of Palmistry. Click here to read more!

1 . Nyctophiliac (lover of the Night)

You have a strong affinity for the night and feel more energized when the moon is out than during day time.

2. Always drawn by Moonstone

There are many crystals and almost all are used in magical practices. Moonstone in particular was always been associated with the great lady of the Night. Moon Witches are drawn by its energy and brings them good luck while enhances their magic.

3. Strange places attract you

You often dream of visiting unknown places or connecting with different kinds of creatures that live beyond our realm of understanding – they may appear as wolves, cats, dragons or even fairies!

4. Moon Cycles affect you

Have you noticed that you are usually sleep deprived during Full Moon? A Moon witch is affected by the moon cycles. Hence, you find yourself naturally drawn towards lunar cycles and phases, feeling inspired by each one’s unique vibration and energy it brings into your life.

5. Your inner voice speaks louder at night time

A Witch is know to have a strong inner voice. Hence, a Moon Witch’s inner voice speaks louder at night time. Often you can’t help but follow its guidance no matter what it tells you to do or not do…

6. Rituals since a child

Rituals are second nature to you; whether it’s setting up an altar outdoors under the stars or burning incense before every full moon – there’s something calming about these activities that just feels right in your bones!

7. Bond with forests

A deep connection exists between yourself & forests. After the persecution of Witchcraft, Witches and Priestesses of the Moon sought haven in Mother Nature, and to be more exact , in forests.

Remember the known accusation of women dancing naked in the woods under the Full Moon? These were the Priestesses and Witches who resisted!

For many centuries Witches practiced in the Woods. Some still are. This bond is unbreakable yet ever-changing depending on how much effort is put into nurturing its magic over time.

8. Natural Empath

Usually a Moon Witch is a natural empath. You somehow can feel the feelings of others. Maybe you can even hear their thoughts. Are you an empath? Check here!

9. You prefer Silver from Gold

Silver and the moon have been connected through mythology and folklore for centuries. The ancient Greeks believed that Selene, their goddess of the moon, rode her chariot across the sky every night drawn by two white horses with silver manes. In other cultures, a crescent moon made from silver is used to represent both lunar cycles and feminine power. Silver has also featured prominently in various religious texts, including references to its shimmering light being likened to a reflection of divine beauty.

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